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The way this works is to aid the memory by showing the first letter of each word in the Bible verse being memorized. As you look at the first letter it helps to set in the mind the actual words of familiar passages. If not sure, simply look to the right and the full passage is shown there.

As one becomes more familiar with the passage being memorized, the first letter becomes a trigger to the mind in remembering, and often in figuring out, how the passage is actually worded.

In addition there are a few additional symbols in this first-letter approach which aid in memorization. These aids are described in the boxes below.
The Rules
Proper names are Capitalized
"Amen" or "AMEN" are capitalized
"God" is capitalized
"Holy Ghost" is "H G"
"Holy Spirit" is "H S"
L = "LORD" or "Lord"
X = Christ
G = "GOD"
"=" indicates an equality word: equal, equally, equity, equals
Symbol Usage
& = and
↑ = An "up" word: up, upwards, upright, etc.
↓ = Any word beginning with "down"
# = number: number thy days would be # t d
♥ = any word beginning with "heart"
Δ = therefore
÷ = a division word: divide, divided, divideth, divides ..
@ = at