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Visiting Speakers
Date Speaker From (Class) Title
03/17/2019 Br. Steve Jeuck Orlando A Man with a Burden + The Contextual Harmony of the Ransom for All
01/27/2019 Br. Ernie Kuenzli Orlando I Will Fill this House with Glory + Healing Mankind from the Infection of Sin
03/18/2018 Br. Steve Jeuck Orlando The Parable of the Pounds
08/21/2016 Br. Ed Blicharz Orlando Three Things
06/17/2016 Br. Jonathan Freer Sacramento Who are My Brethren and What is My Responsibility to Them
02/14/2016 Br. Ernie Kuenzli Orlando The Way to Jerusalem + India Trip
10/18/2015 Br. Rick Sconyers Orlando If You Could Choose Just One Thing
10/18/2015 Br. Mike Balko Orlando Come and See
11/8/2015 Br. Ed Blicharz Orlando Study - Psa. 89:13-27
11/8/2015 Br. Ed Blicharz Orlando God is Our Defense