Ruth and Naomi - Women of the Bible
Study for October 12, 2014 in Atlanta
Br. Ed Blicharz

(Originally) – Orlando Bible Students Special Study
August 24, 2014

References: Book of Ruth; Reprints, page R3110, & R4089
Question References
1 a Why did Naomi, her husband Elimelech, and 2 sons go to the country of Moab? Ruth 1:1-2; Jeremiah 5:22-24; 1 Kings 8:33-36
b What did they lose when they left Bethlehem? Ex 20:1-4; Deut 11:26-28; Psa 52:8-9
  2 What happened during those 10 years in Moab? Ruth 1:3-4
3 a Now, it was Naomi�s turn to make some decisions, What did she decide to do, and, how was her example of great faith in Jehovah, reflected in her 2 daughters in law? Ruth 1:7-14; Luke 14:28-33.
  b What was Ruth�s decision?

Our decision?
vs 16-17; 2 Chronicles 15:2

Luke 5:11; 1 Tim 4:10-12; Eph 5:8-10
4 a When Naomi returned to Bethlehem, she was well received; How did she respond? vs 19-21
  b How do we respond when chastened of the LORD? Job 5:17; Acts 14:22; Heb 12:5-11.
5 a How was Ruth�s noble character and faith rewarded? Ruth 1:22; 2:1-10
  b Was Boaz a generous person? Ruth 2:11-12,15-17
6 a What was the custom of a �kinsman�? Ruth 2:1; Deuteronomy 25:5-10.
  b What action did Boaz take to get Ruth for his wife? Ruth 4:1-11.
  7 Ruth, a Gentile woman, became one of the mothers in Israel; How was Ruth honored of God, in the link of our Lord�s ancestry? Matt 1:1-16
  8 What is the lesson for us in Ruth�s conversion, and, her decision to go with Naomi? Ruth 1:16-17; Psa 45:10-11; Matt 6:33; 2 Cor 5:17; Heb 10:20; Malachi 3:16