Asked recently to express his candid opinion of the meeting of the expenses and the giving to himself of "baseball evangelist," Pastor Russell made some kindly certain collections for himself and his troupe. If the but pungent remarks on "Billy" Sunday, "the most Gospel must be sold, it is better to have it done in the noted preacher of our day," open rather than in the name of the heathen, the The Pastor would not depart from his custom and the Bible rule, "Speak evil of no man." His remarks merely appertained to "Billy's" preaching of the Gospel.

"Billy" Sunday catches the public eye and ear by the novelty of his methods.

Some go to hear him lambaste the preachers on the platform behind him, and to watch their faces and see them smile as though it were a good joke when he tells them that their preaching has made the churches cold storage places with little storage, or when he likens them to the Scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites, of old, or when he tells them that they are leading their congregations straight down to Hell.

These things told in the newspapers seem so astounding that people must see and hear for themselves.


Others go to hear "Billy" because it is the "fad." Business men and electric and steam railway managers realize that thousands will come to town as they would to a circus. They bring pressure to bear upon the poorpreachers; for "Billy" wisely insists that he will not come and save the citizens from Hell if there is any competition in the business-insists that all the churches close down. Under the pressure the preachers cannot help themselves and try to make the best of it, hoping that people will not take "Billy" seriously as respects their hypocrisy, etc., and assured that he will divide the spoils evenly amongst all the churches-not the financial spoils, but the souls for "cold storage" or to be let down to Hell. Others attend to see "Billy's" acrobatic feats, jumping onto a table or smashing a chair; others because they have been invited to be of the large choir; others to say that they have heard "Billy" Sunday. The worldly adage is, "Nothing succeeds like success;" and every time "Billy" succeeds he has more success. Amongst Billy's virtues we should not forget the fearless way in which he attacks the social customs and sins which assail the family and the community, the fearless way in which he tells the preachers what he really thinks of them and what the masses of the publicthink of them, and the above-board manner in which he bargains the result of his efforts for cold cash-the collectors getting the most.

To the extent that "Billy" Sunday seeks to defend the Bible against the Higher Critics, to the extent that he really shows up the coldness, formalism, hypocrisy, of the Church of Laodicea (Rev. 3:14-17), to the extent that he encourages righteousness of life and discourages drunkenness and lewdness, we can surely wish him Godspeed, and trust that some good is accomplished by him, in awakening the people to do some thinking for themselves along religious lines.


The Pastor said that if the reports that "Billy" prayed to God most irreverently, and addressed the Redeemer as "Old Pal," were true, then "Billy's" influence on the public would lead on in the direction in which the world is now rapidly moving anyway-toward irreverence. He hoped that "Billy" would become more reverent, and believes that this result would follow a better knowledge of God. He could scarcely reconcile with honesty Billy's attempt to tie up all the souls he saved, in the churches which he declared were cold storage plants leading down to Hell. He wished that "Billy" would reconcile these opposites.

He was pleased to note that "Billy" Sunday's last sermon in each place was usually on the Second Coming of Christ; and that "Billy" apparently recognizes the present and last stage of the Church, typified in Laodicea. This caused him all the more to wonder why "Billy" would help people into the Laodicean Church which the Bible styles Babylon, and declares that God spues out of His mouth. (Rev. 3:16) Next Sunday the Pastor will discuss the Second Coming of Christ, viewing that great event and Messiah's Kingdom from a somewhat different angle from Billy's.

The Pastor declared that it makes his blood boil with righteous indignation to find Billy's preaching a practical endorsement of the God-dishonoring theory that the great mass of humanity are to suffer eternal torment because they were born in sin, misshapen in iniquity (Psalm 51:5), and then failed to live saintly lives. True, "Billy" does not explain Hell. Like most preachers he probably hides his true thought on this [HG692] subject, while allowing the common people to think that he believes in a Hell of eternal tortures. The Pastor could not believe that Mr. Sunday or any other intelligent man of our day really believes this invention of the Dark Ages, which antagonizes the Bible as well as common sense.

Mr. Sunday and all other preachers who realize the fallacy of this great "doctrine of devils" (1 Tim. 4:1) owe it to the people, who trust them and who make up their collections, to tell them the truth. More than this they owe it to God that this foul stain upon the Divine character be denounced. They owe it to themselves as men to stand for and speak out the truth and to assist in opening the eyes of the poor, deluded world.

The Pastor hopes that Mr. Sunday will yet realize that no one can long maintain a moral standard higher than that which he attributes to his God. The injustice and persecution of centuries is largely attributable to the false doctrines which represent the Creator as a demon who unjustly and unlovingly created our race with the knowledge and intention that 999 out of every 1000 would endure an eternity of torture.

WHAT IS A CHRISTIAN? WHAT ARE HIS STANDARDS? Our Civilization Unchristian'" Christendom" not Christlike

This article was republished in the Overland Monthly, pp. OM356-OM360, entitled, "What Is a Christian? What His Standards?"

Clergy Often Angered by the Truth-Hungry

Repeatedly we meet with people inquiring for the Bread of Life. These seem to know that there is something radically wrong with the preaching of the nominal churches. They tell that they are importuned for money; but that when they ask for soul-food they meet with evasion and subterfuge from many of the great and learned, who appear to have lost sight of the Bible and heart-conversion.

Or, on the other hand, they are met by the Salvation Army, with traditions as indigestible as a stone, to anybody of ordinary intelligence. They are told with all seriousness that God created our race, with knowledge and intention that nearly all of them would spend eternity in torture. They are told that to be saved from that awful fate they should become Salvationists, and storm the slums for Jews.

Their experiences remind one of Jesus' words respecting a father who, asked for bread, would give his son a stone; who, asked for fish, would give him a serpent.

It is our hope that this article may minister comfort to some of these hungry souls.

We propose to give them no human theories or speculations-nor would we compromise the Truth nor dodge the question. We shall endeavor to make the way to God so plain that a wayfaring man need not err therein; not by wisdom of our own but by presenting God's arrangement and quoting God's Word.


No doubt those who invented the theory of eternal torture thought that they were taking the proper steps to drive the whole human family to God. But, on the contrary, it seems to drive away from God and the Bible the most intelligent people of every land, who have naturally a more reasonable and just conception of the Creator than the one presented in the church creeds. Instinctively they are repelled with the thought that the Creator would pursue a course which would be beneath the most degraded.

Undoubtedly the Bible is true in declaring such fallacies "doctrines of demons." (1 Tim. 4:1) From this Bible viewpoint we can see that it was a master stroke on the part of Satan and his subordinates to misrepresent the teachings of the Bible so as to repel those who might be "feeling after God." [HG693]


To tell the truth to the people, even on so simple a subject, means the angering of the clergy: Why, do you ask? Because it proves them to be in the wrong, and proves that they have not been feeding the people with the Bread of Heaven.

Instead of building up the House of God, the Church, they have been building meeting-houses-seeking for numbers and popularity, rather than to instruct the People in God's Word. Remarkably few church members of any denomination know what they believe. They give evidence that, if Christians at all, they are the merest babes in Christ. None is able to judge another's heart, but all should be able to judge of each other's lives-fruits. "By their fruits ye shall know them," said the Master. Matt. 7:20 If the majority of Christians have the fruits of the Holy Spirit, they keep them hidden; and surely many of them manifest the fruits of the Evil Spirit- "anger, malice, hatred, envy, strife, bitterness, dander," etc.-which the Apostles style works of the flesh and of the Devil. Eph. 4:31 Gal. 5:19-21; 1 John 3:8

We would not be misunderstood; we are not complaining that there are not nice People connected with all the churches. On the contrary, we compliment them on their education, their refinement, their wealth, their influence. Moreover, we compliment them on their humanitarian sympathies, as represented in hospitals, asylums and other benevolences. But all these things are Shared evenly by people who are not members of churches. A participation in good works is by no means a proof that one is a Christian. A Christian is a person who has come into a very special relationship to God through Christ; and this relationship exists not in respect to education, wealth, color or sex.

With the popularizing of Christianity came such a modification of teachings as invited all decent worldly people into the Church, and made them think that they were consecrated saints of God and heirs of the blessings promised in the Scriptures. By inference, rather than by direct statement, the theory has gone forth that the penalty for tin will be visited only upon those who neglect to say, "God forgive me," a few moments before they die. Notwithstanding the plain statements of the creeds, every funeral discourse lands the dead in Heaven, so far as the auditors can understand. A misinterpretation of the Savior's words to the dying thief is made the basis for this absurdity.

With all kindness toward those who are deceiving Themselves and others, it is apparent that the vast majority of church members and of preachers are not Christians at all, according to the Bible standards.

This does not mean that the Bible condemns them to eternal torment. Thank God, no! It does mean, however, that These self-deceived ones will have neither part nor lot in the wonderful blessing provided for God's elect Church. It means, further, chat God's Church is separate from all human institutions; that only saintly persons, regardless of denominational line, are members of the true Church, "whose names are written in Heaven."


According to the Bible, no human being is fit for Divine fellowship or eternal life.

The reason is given that all are sinners. The explanation of the sin is that it was committed by Father Adam when he was perfect, in God's image; and that, cut off from God, the race deteriorated, passing imperfections of mind, morals and body from parent to child. (Psalm 51:5) Imperfect beings would be quite out of place amongst the perfect; and so long as imperfection continues sin will continue, and with it, necessarily, sorrow, pain and death, sin's consequences.

God declares His sympathy for the sinner, and that He has made provision for man's recovery from his present deplorable state. Not only so, but a time has been set for the recovery; and the Bible tells us how it will be accomplished-by Messiah and His Millennial Kingdom. We pray, "Thy Kingdom come," not with the thought that God will neglect His promise to establish that Kingdom, but by way of giving acknowledgment to the fact that that Kingdom is the hope of the world and of the Church.

The Church's hope in the Kingdom is that of becoming sharers with Christ in the glory, honor and work of that Kingdom-for the blessing and uplifting of humanity out of sin and death. There is no attempt being made at the present time on God's part to convert the world. Few now hear the Gospel Message, and still fewer believe it. They are deluded by the Adversary into thinking that God has been trying to convert the world for six thousand years and has been making a miserable failure of it all along; and that whatever is done we must do for ourselves.

Nevertheless, the Lord declares, "My Word that has gone forth out of My mouth shall not return unto Me void; but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it." (Isa. 55:11) God's Word was sent forth to invite a very special class of humanity-a class loving righteousness and hating iniquity, weary and heavy-laden with sin, ignorance and superstition, and desirous of coming back into harmony with God.

For nearly nineteen centuries the Message has been going hither and Hither, quietly, unostentatiously. [HG694] The world and the nominal churches would say that it had accomplished nothing-that everything great had been accomplished by them. But we prefer to stand by the Bible and to recognize that God's consecrated ones have indeed lifted up a light which the world has hated-a light on account of which they have frequently been put to death, or have had "their names cast out as evil," or have been boycotted, socially or otherwise.

If their hopes were merely in the present life, these would be making a miserable failure of their opportunities. But not so; they are waiting for their reward in the future-at the Second Coming of Jesus-by a share in the First Resurrection. And even now their joy, peace and fellowship with God more than offset all their trials, difficulties and ostracism. Besides, "To them it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God."


The trials and difficulties of life pressing many today are giving them a hearing ear for the Great Shepherd's words, "Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." He does not say, "Go to the Lutheran Church; go to the Presbyterian Church; go to the Methodist Church; go to the Roman Catholic Church"; or "Go to any other Church"; He says, "Come unto Me."

It is the privilege of whoever hears this Message to go immediately to the Lord, direct. True, he cannot go to the Heavenly Father direct; for as we read, "God heareth not sinners." But he can go to Jesus, because Him hath God set forth to be our Savior, our Redeemer. Thus Jesus said, "No man cometh unto the Father but by Me." (John 14:6) He did not say, "No man can come unto Me except through a preacher, or a priest, or a bishop, or a pope."

But when we desire to come to the Father, and learn that we must come through Jesus, what shall we say to Him? We have only one alternative; namely, to ask Him upon what terms He will introduce us to the Heavenly Father, and thus bring us back from the condition of condemnation into the family of God. When we suggest that Jesus would raise conditions the proposition seems astounding to some. They have somehow gotten the impression that the Heavenly Father and Jesus are in great distress because so few people desire to become members of the Church; and that they would be ready to receive anything and anybody on any terms, simply to have another name added. How absurd, when we come to think of ill We call to mind the teaching of the Master. He did not say, "So many of you as wish to hit the sawdust trail can go to Heaven!" He did not say, "Seek to excite the people and get them to do something that they would not afterward fully understand and appreciate." He did the reverse: He said, "Sit down first and count the cost," before complying with the terms of discipleship. Do nothing rashly.

Some of us can count more rapidly than others. Many of the poor ones who are weary and heavy-laden through sin are ready to say, "I know the cost of sin in my personal experiences. The cost of being disciples of Jesus cannot be greater than the cost of being rebels against the Divine Law." Such are frequently ready to decide quickly and take their stand firmly on the Lord's side.


It should not require long to count how much more we shall receive than we give.

We give a condemned and dying existence; we give mental, moral and physical imperfections-we have no more except as our Savior, by imputing His merit, makes our sacrifice of value in God's sight. But in exchange we receive riches of grace in the present life-peace, joy, blessing of heart, which the world can neither give nor take away-and in the life to come, "glory, honor, and immortality," joint-heirship with our Savior in the Heavenly Kingdom which shall dominate the world for the thousand years, for its blessing and uplift.

Really, after counting the cost, there is a danger that we would feel so ashamed of the littleness of our offering that we would fear to come to the Lord with it. We gain courage to present our bodies only by a knowledge of the Lord's Word, and a realization of the mercy and favor which has prompted His kind invitation for an exchange of something of little value for great things of inestimable value. The covenant with the Lord is the beginning, and to each covenantor comes "grace to help in time of need." Jesus said, "Without Me ye can do nothing."

But, says one, Surely this is not the only way of coming into God's family Yea, we answer, it is the only way. "There is none other Name given under Heaven or amongst men whereby we must be saved" from our condition of condemnation, and be brought back into the family of God.

Have you ever heard the limitations and obligations of the Christian so Scripturally defined before? Have not the facts been hidden from you by the clergy? Have they not rather sought to set aside the words of Jesus because they conflict with their theories? Is not this really why so many have been unable to find the satisfying "meat in due season" in the nominal churches? We believe it is; and we urge all-ministers, everybody-to return to the Bible simplicity of a fully [HG695] consecrated Church of Christ, and then a restitutionary blessing for mankind through Christ's Millennial Kingdom.

The blessing upon the world will be earthly restitution to human nature, instead of a change to the Divine nature, as promised to the Church. All who refuse both the Call of the present time and the opportunity of the future Restitution will die the Second Death, which St. Peter describes as like that of the natural brute beast. Acts 3:19-23; 2 Pet. 2:12


This article can be found in its entirety in the Newspaper Sermons, entitled, "The Length and Breadth, Height and Depth, of Christ's Love."


"He that Sitteth Upon the Throne said, Behold, I Make all Things New."

This article was republished in the Overland Monthly, pp. 348-51, entitled, "The New Day Dawns."


For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ; for it Is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth." Rom. 1:16

Everybody knows that the word Gospel signifies Good Tidings, as in the angel's Message at the birth of Jesus- "Behold, I bring you Good Tidings of great joy, which shall be unto all people!" Who is responsible for the fact that this Message of Joy to all people has been turned completely around to mean bad tidings of great misery to all people-except to an elect handful? The fact is that no person deliberately plotted this turning of God's Word upside down. It is the work of the Devil, who gradually foisted it upon the Church as well as upon the heathen world, with the view to turning people away from God and the Bible.

St. Peter and St. Paul both predicted the falling away of the Church and the success of the doctrines of demons. "The god of this world (Satan) hath blinded the minds" of all unbelievers. If it were not for these delusions of Satan, the whole world might speedily be brought to know, to admire, to love, the true God. The Apostle continues, telling us why Satan blinds men- "lest the light of the knowledge of the glory of God should shine into their hearts." Wherever the true knowledge of God shines into the human heart it presents the Almighty in such glorious character as to demand the reverence of His creatures. Hence Satan's endeavor to blind men's minds through false doctrines which misrepresent the Almighty's character and Plan.

But while we Scripturally hold that Satan had chief responsibility in the matter it is not for us to say that the clerics of the Dark Ages did not more or less connive at the error, trusting that it would make the people subservient to the clergy, through whom they might hope to escape future tortures. But leaving the past and its responsibilities, we may surely say that great and grave responsibility rests upon the preachers of today for their perpetuation of this great deception-this fraud upon the people, slander upon the Almighty and opposition to the Truth. Of the degree of this wickedness only God is capable of judging correctly; but it is wicked to keep the people in darkness on the subject, and it is slanderous blasphemy against the Divine character.

There is no question that nearly all ministers [HG696] privately confess that they do not believe these slanders, while publicly they continue to speak words which give the opposite thought. The time when such horrible assassination of the Divine reputation can prosper is surely short.

Messiah's glorious Reign will make an end of all such lies; as it is written, "I will lay justice to the line, and righteousness to the plummet; and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies."


All God's work is perfect. (Deut. 32:4) Man originally was perfect, in the Creator's likeness. Disobedience brought upon man not a penalty of eternal torment, but a death penalty- "Dying, thou shalt die." "The wages of sin is death."

For six thousand years the world has been undergoing this sentence. Cut off by sin from fellowship with God, man has degraded himself. Satan has contributed to this reign of Sin and Death by deceiving mankind, fostering errors, misrepresenting God, etc.

God has the situation fully in hand. He purposed to permit both angels and men to see one great illustration of the effect of sin, leading on to disease and death, mental, moral and physical. Meantime the Creator has gracious purposes for man.

His experiences with sin and death will not be fruitless. He will have opportunity of learning valuable lessons, profitable for eternity. The first trial as to his worthiness of eternal life or of everlasting death was through one man; and his disobedience settled the matter for the race-the death sentence was the penalty.

As a basis for man's recovery, the Son of God died for man's sin-not to get mankind out of eternal torment nor to keep them from going to eternal torment or to Purgatory, but to save them from extinction, "that whosoever believeth on Him might not perish." (John 3:16) Their recovery from sin and death is Scripturally styled the resurrection of the dead. Thus the Church of true believers are represented as "risen with Christ" to "walk in newness of life," and are promised an actual resurrection-the First, the Chief Resurrection.

Next comes the world's resurrection. The Truth will be made known to them.

Instead of being confused and hampered with superstition, lies, doctrines of devils, the true light of the knowledge of the glory of God will shine upon them.

Gradually the willing and obedient of the world will rise-mentally, morally, physically-to perfection; whereas the Church, which is to get the spirit nature, will be perfected by an instantaneous resurrection.

This is the Gospel which St. Paul preached-that the dead sleep in Hades, Sheol, the Bible Hell, the tomb, awaiting the establishment of Messiah's Kingdom which will bring glorious blessings. St. Paul declared that if there be no resurrection of the dead all faith is vain. all preaching is vain, all hope of forgiveness of sins is vain. We might as well eat and drink, and consider that when we die we perish.

But, he declares, there is to be such a resurrection; and the fact that Jesus died and rose again is God's guarantee to all believers that all who sleep in Jesus shall be brought from the dead by and through Him and His power.

"There's a wideness in God's mercy Like the wideness of the sea."

Volume 6, Number 11

THE RICH MAN IN HELL; LAZARUS IN ABRAHAM'S BOSOM Greatly Misunderstood Parable Made Plain

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Volume 6, Number 12 WEEPING ALL NIGHT

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Volume 7, Number 2 OUR LORD'S RETURN

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Volume 7, Number 5


The Baltimore Sun and various other papers of the country report the resignation of a well-known Reader and Practitioner from the Christian Science Movement, with a full text of his reasons, which we believe should appeal to other Scientists who have a sacred regard for the Bible as a Divine revelation. We publish an extract of the report, as follows: "A sensation has been aroused in religious circles in this city by the resignation of Mr. Frederick W. Placnker, first reader and practitioner of the Christian Science Church of Cumberland. The announcement of Mr. Placnker's withdrawal, coming suddenly, as it did, was something of a shock to the members of his flock, but there was nothing for them to do but accept it, as their leader was determined upon severing his every connection with Mother Eddy's church, at the same time rejecting all its tenets absolutely. The fact that Mr. Plaenker has been one of the strongest and most active workers of the Christian Science church in the city, has made his complete rejection of all of Mother Eddy's teachings quite remarkable and startling.

"For over five years Mr. Plaenker has been an earnest supporter of Mrs. Eddy and Christian Science. He studied in Baltimore, having relinquished a career at the bar to do so, being a graduate of law at the University of Maryland, '05. Hence, from being one of the most loyal advocates of Christian Science, Mr. Plaenker now becomes one who totally rejects the teachings of that faith, for the following stated reasons:

1. "A careful perusal of Pastor Russell's STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES has shed more light upon the entire Bible than Science and Health has shed upon a single chapter during my five years of close study and practice; notwithstanding the Christian Science textbook, by Mrs. Mary G. Baker Eddy, bears the title of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

2. "Since I understand the Bible to be an expression of God's Plan, I more and more realize that Christian Science not only fails to reveal that Plan, but even conceals it.

3. "By its denial that Adam was originally perfect and subsequently fell from that perfection, Christian Science consequently denies:

(a) The necessity of a Ransom-price.

(b) That our only hope of everlasting life is in our [HG700] acceptance of the Redeemer, Christ, in obedience to His commandments. Acts 4:10 12

(c) That there will be "times of restitution of all things spoken," because man could not be restored to something he never yet enjoyed. Acts 3:21

(d) That Adam "was not deceived," sinning willfully. 1 Tim. 2:14

4. "By teaching death to be merely an avenue to another plane of consciousness, Christian Science aids Satan in perpetuating his first falsehood, "thou shalt not surely die" (Gen. 3:4), thus making it impossible for the Scientist to understand Christ to be "the resurrection and the life," as set forth in the Bible (John 11:25), and that Jesus suffered death as a substitute for Adam and his race, "a ransom for all." 1 Tim. 2:6

"All my reasons for rejecting Christian Science may be briefly summarized thus: If the Bible is true, many principles of Christian Science are utterly false, and I must recognize that either the one or the other must be rejected. I therefore reject Christian Science, and in obedience to candid conviction and conscience I accept the Bible as the inspired Word of God, the Revelation of the Divine Plan of the Ages. My purpose in thus stating my position is not to berate Mrs. Eddy nor to infer that she willfully sought to deceive mankind, but to assist Christian Scientists and others who are sincerely seeking after Truth and righteousness."


We received, recently, a very interesting communication from Mr. Henry Lincoln Case, well-known soloist and composer of sacred music, which we here publish for the benefit of our readers: "102 W. 84th St., New York City, May 3, 1915 "International Bible Students Ass'n.

"Brooklyn, New York "Dear Brethren in Christ: "For several years a Trustee of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, New York City, as well as musical director of the choir, I naturally became conversant with many phases of Christian Science in addition to those familiar to the average member or trained student. The inconsistencies, both of doctrine and of practice, which came to my notice during the eight years of my membership (1892 to 1900), forced me to choose between withdrawing or stifling my conscience. I left the church, not knowing where to go. For several years thereafter, I was 'without Christ, a stranger from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world. '(Eph. 2:12\) But how different is everything to me now! I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude to God 'who hath called me out of darkness into His marvelous light. '1 Pet. 2:9 "I must tell you, briefly, how this came about. It was through witnessing your Photo-Drama, 'CREATION, 'at the New York City TEMPLE, recently, that my faith in the Bible was awakened. I became so deeply interested in the Drama's portrayal of the Bible's teaching that I inquired for further doctrinal information.

Being advised of Pastor Russell's works, 'STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES, 'I procured them immediately. Too much praise cannot be spoken or written concerning these books! A knowledge of the Truth, God's great Plan for humanity, as pointed out so lucidly by these volumes, has completely revolutionized my mind and my life. In the clear light of the true Gospel everything takes on a new aspect. Faith is bestowed. How I wish every Christian Scientist, and all others, could know the real teaching of the Bible! With the knowledge I have gained through Pastor Russell's writings, I have learned to fervently love God-an entirely new experience for me. "Believing you would be pleased to have this testimony, I remain, "Gratefully yours, "HENRY LINCOLN CASE" FORMER C. S. READER AND PRACTITIONER VOICES APPROVAL "308 E. 20th St., Baltimore, Md.

"Mr. C. J. Woodworth, "Maplewood, N. J.

"Dear Mr. Woodworth: "I have examined with interest your article, 'Christian Science Unscientific and Unchristian, 'as published in THE BIBLE STUDENTS MONTHLY, Vol. II., No. 5, which I note is a reprint from the Scranton (Pa.) Times of some years ago. I am also glad [HG701] of the privilege of noting the criticisms of this article, as offered by Mr. Robert S. Ross, chairman of the Christian Science Publication Committee of New York, and to submit my candid opinion relative thereto.

"The objections which Mr. Ross raises to your letter are but another evidence, to my mind, that no person can understand Christian Science properly until his reasoning faculties are liberated from the distorting influences of its self-denying theory.

"After five years of close application of each principle of Christian Science, as a Practitioner and Reader and earnest worker, I finally found myself in this predicament: Well, what am I here for? I have rented this office, have arranged for telephone service, arc., and have set myself apart for-what purpose ? For no purpose other than to enable others to tell me they are suffering and that they wish me to relieve them. But whence come the patients? Is there any sickness in spirit?

Is there any pain in perfection? Am I in spirit? Christian Science says that I am.

But do I believe that God is all in all? I do. Then am I a consistent practitioner when I encourage myself to believe that there is any sufferer, any one needing my services? No! Then the time has come for me to be honest with myself, and acknowledge that my so-called patients are themselves the objects of my own false sense, according to the entire theory upon which I have built. Should I not rather practice upon myself, on the basis of Mrs. Eddy's own statement: 'The substance, life, intelligence, truth and love, which constitute Deity, are reflected by His creation; and we (not our patients) shall see this true likeness and reflection everywhere when we subordinate the false testimony of the corporeal senses to the facts in spirit. '(Science and Health, p. 516, edition of 1903.)

"With all due respect for Mrs. Eddy, I indeed must recognize the inconsistency of her attempt, through Science and Health, to 'bear consolation to the sorrowing, and healing to the sick, 'instead of at once proceeding upon the basis of Christian Science herself, to 'subordinate the false testimony of the corporeal senses' which deceived her into believing that 'God Who suffers not a woman to teach in the Church-1 Tim. 2:12] called her to proclaim His Gospel to this Age: 'whereas God Himself (Principle), according to Christian Science, had no sense of any need of a Christian Science Gospel, or any other.

"I now thank our personal, intelligent Creator, JEHOVAH, that He did know our need of redemption from actual sin and death, and sent Jesus to preach a Gospel consistent with itself, with reason, and with His own all-important mission of atonement, by the blood of His cross. I thank God for the works of Pastor Russell, the careful perusal of which has opened to me the great plan of God, has made me acquainted with my Maker, and has given me the joy and blessedness of a consistent Christian, an experience which Christian Science can neither give nor take away.

"Your article, to which Mr. Ross objects, I approve as logical, truthful and in every way fair to the presentations of Mrs. Eddy, in Science and Health, and elsewhere.

"Yours very sincerely, "FRED'K WM. PLAENKER."


"Come, let us Reason Together," saith the Lord This article was republished in Overland Monthly, Pages OM371-OM375, entitled, "Is Christian Science Reasonable?"


"Wages of Sin is Death" "Soul that Sinneth Shall Die. " This article was republished in Overland Monthly, Pages OM376-OM377, entitled, "Is Christian Science Scriptural?"



This article can be found in the Addendum following the Bible Student Monthly series in this book, entitled, "Christian Science Unscientific and Unchristian."


This article is the same material as Bible Student Monthly, Volume 5, No. 11, entitled, "Cultivate Appreciation of the Principles of Divine Law"


Following the appearance of a letter by C. J. Woodworth, published in THE BIBLE STUDENTS MONTHLY, Vol. II, No. 5, under the caption "Christian Science Unscientific and Unchristian," as clipped from the Scranton (Pa.) Times of several years ago, we have received various protests from Mr. Robert S. Ross, chairman of the Christian Science Committee on Publication, New York City, asking that the article in question be suppressed. That our readers may have full benefit of the points at issue, we are publishing the protest and the author's reply, as well as a reprint of the controverted article. [See article, Christian Science, Unscientific, Unchristian]


Mr. Ross' complaint follows: "In regard to the article in Vol. II, No. 5, by Clayton J. Woodworth, permit me to state:

"1. There is nothing in the teachings of Jesus to indicate that they were not intended to be understood by all mankind. If the teachings of Christian Science have, in some cases, been adopted by learned and cultured people, it is indicative of their reasonableness. Anybody who is familiar with the makeup of Christian Science congregations knows that the teachings of Christian Science have appealed to both the rich and poor, the high and the low. Love is no respecter of persons.

"2. Mr. Woodworth refers to the growth of Christian Science, infers that it is the work of the devil, and then quotes several passages from the Scriptures to back up his zpse dzxit.

"3. Mr. Woodworth refers to the financial prosperity of the Christian Science Movement, infers that this is also a sign of evil, and again quotes passages from the Bible to substantiate his opinion, quite overlooking the words of the Psalmist, 'Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly; . . . he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. 'It is quite natural that an organization which is made up of people who are trying to do rightly should be as prosperous, as a collective body, as the individuals who make up that body.

"4. Mr. Woodworth quotes Science and Health as stating, 'Jehovah is not a person. God is principle. 'There is no such passage in Science and Health. Mr. Woodworth also attributes several other quotations to Mrs. Eddy which do not appear in her writings, and declares most unjustly that Mrs. Eddy believed herself to be God. She never claimed to be more than the discoverer of an eternal Science.

"5. The quotation, 'Not the death of the cross, but the cross-bearing deathless life, that Jesus left for the [HG703] example of mankind, ransoms from sin all who follow it, 'is presumably from page 271 of Science and Health, the exact wording of which is, 'When the Science of Christianity appears it will lead you into all truth. The Sermon on the Mount is the essence of this Science; and the eternal life, not the death of Jesus, is its outcome. 'The foregoing comparison is a fair example of how carelessly our critic has quoted from Science and Health.

"Finally, Mr. Woodworth attributes to Science and Health meanings of several names which Mrs. Eddy never gave to them, and which do not appear in any of her writings. For instance, he states that the meaning of Eve is 'Evil'; Israel 'Is real'; Mary 'Sweet, 'etc., all of which are misrepresentations. Time will not permit me to refer to Mrs. Eddy's definitions of these words, but in cases where she does define names you will find them in the Glossary of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

"I have pointed out enough errors in Mr. Woodworth's article to prove beyond cavil that he evidently wrote to misrepresent Christian Science merely because its teachings differ from his own theological views. It is very easy for an advocate of one system to see in other systems various types of so-called heretical teachings, and to point to certain passages from the Scriptures to verify his conclusions. I do not desire to challenge your statement that the author of this article is ia Christian man of the highest ideals. 'There are a great many sincere religionists who are zealous to do right in most of their dealings with their fellowmen; but when it comes to the matter of doctrine oftentimes they throw truth to the winds and resort to methods that are less cruel than those of the Middle Ages only because civilization has so far advanced that the dungeon and the scaffold, as means of settling doctrinal differences, are frowned upon by society.

"As a matter of justice both to Christian Science and to your readers, I feel you should not only stop immediately the circulation of the copy of THE BIBLE STUDENTS MONTHLY containing the erroneous article entitled 'Christian Science Unscientific and Unchristian, 'but that you should publish this communication, which I feel you will be glad to do."


Upon receipt of the foregoing communication we immediately forwarded it to Mr. C. J. Woodworth, who corresponded direct with the writer, sending copies to us, from which we quote:


Mr. Woodworth said: "Mr. Robert S. Ross, "Christian Science Committee on Publication, New York City "Dear Sir: "The Secretary of the International Bible Students Association has handed me your communication of February 13th, in which you make further protests against my letter published in the Scranton (Pa.) Times, some ten years ago, and republished later by the I. B. S. A.

"I am extremely busy and can hardly devote the necessary time to the work, but as you seem to feel badly about the repeated appearances of this article I have made a re-examination of the original sources from which I drew my data, and am now able to give you the citations which you have called in question. Doubtless you have been sincere in questioning my truthfulness, because you were not sufficiently familiar with the past history of your movement. But you should realize that it places you in a very embarrassing position to accuse a gentleman of untruthfulness, and have him afterwards confront you with abundant evidence that his statements were based upon authorized Christian Science publications. It is your place, not mine, to stand sponsor for what Mrs. Eddy has written.

"You say, 'Mr. Woodworth quotes Science and Health as stating "Jehovah is not a person. God is principle." There is no such passage in Science and Health. 'Now, having in mind that my article was written several years ago and was based upon your literature of a still earlier date, will you refer to your edition of Science and Health when it was published in two volumes, and note page 167, Vol. I, where the statement Is made in the exact form above quoted!

"You say, 'The quotation, "Not the death of the cross, but the cross-bearing deathless life, that Jesus left for the example of mankind, ransoms from sin all who follow it," is presumably from page 271 of Science and Health, the exact wording of which is, "When the Science of Christianity appears it will lead you into all truth. The Sermon on the Mount is the essence of this Science, and the eternal life, not the death of Jesus, is its outcome." 'And then you add, 'The foregoing comparison is a fair example of how carelessly our critic has quoted from Science and Health. 'But what will you now say when I show you that the quotation you have rejected as carelessly made is to be found word for word in that work! Please see Science and Health, Vol. II, pp. 185, 186, heading Atonement.

"You say, 'Mr. Woodworth also attributes several other quotations to Mrs. Eddy which do not appear in [HG704] her writings, and declares most unjustly that Mrs. Eddy believed herself to be God. 'It is impossible to answer this charge fully without knowing which quotations are claimed as inaccurate, but to give you no ground for this statement I will quote a paragraph from my article, and give the references to Science and Health: The fourth point Rev. Tomlinson makes is that Christian Science does not deny the personality of God. Hear Mrs. Eddy on this point: Jehovah is not a person, but a Principle. 'Principle is 'life, truth, love, substance and intelligence. '[Science and Health, Vol. 1, p. 167] 'In divine science God and man are Inseparable, as principle and its idea.... Woman is the highest term for man. '[Science and Health, Vol. II. p. 197] I joined these four statements logically, in the conclusion that follows irresistibly-if those statements are true. But please note that the quotations are correct, and it is the statements themselves, not my deductions, that are open to question: "1. If Jehovah is not a person, but a principle; "2. If God and man are inseparable, as principle and its idea;

"3. If woman is the highest term for man; and if Mrs. Eddy stands pre-eminent above other women, as the discoverer of these 'truths. 'I fail to see why her votaries should object to the conclusion as I expressed it, 1. e., that 'Mrs. Eddy is God! She has proved ill' "You say further, 'Mr. Woodworth attributes to Science and Health meanings of several names which Mrs. Eddy never gave to them, and which do not appear in any of her writings. 'If you will re-examine my article in The Times you will see I do not claim the quotations are all from Science and Health. However, of the five illustrations given therein, I have succeeded thus far in locating three (all from Mrs. Eddy's writings), and search for the others is still going on.

"1. 'God . . . Good, or Principle. 'See Science and Health, Vol. II, p. 80,'I can do more for you than God (Good) has done. 'And again, Vol. I, p. 167, 'God is Principle. '"2. 'Adam . . . A-damn, or Error. 'See Science and Health, Vol. II, pp. 80, 81, 'The history of Adam (or Error) is a dream without a dreamer . . . the word Adam, divided into two syllables and reading Adamn, indicates more closely the character and curse of the divine spirit. '"3. 'Eve . . . Evil. 'In Science and Health, pp. 584, 585 (1903 edition), you define as follows: "DEVIL . . . . . Evil; Error "EVE. . . . . . . Error "You will certainly agree to the old-established axiom that 'Things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. 'If 'Error' is a correct definition of both 'Devil' and 'Eve, 'if follows that they are substantially one and the same; and if 'Devil' means Evil I fail to see wherein Christian Science is in any way slandered by the conclusion that Eve means Evil, according to Mrs. Eddy, as set forth in my article.

"I may further say that Mr. F. W. Placnker, of Baltimore, Md., who for many years was First Reader in one of your assemblies, and a practitioner amongst you, has, at my request, carefully examined my article to which you take exceptions, and assures me that every statement therein made is correct. (Copy of Mr. Placnker's letter is appended hereto.) In view of his familiarity with the subject, and your evident unfamiliarity with it, I am bound to accept his statement as truthful.

"It seems to me that the whole foundation of Christian Science rests on the wrong principle set forth in the following sentence, 'This difficulty is overcome only by teaching the student the metaphysical meaning of terms in common use. '(Science and Health, Vol. I, p. 12) Surely any teaching that must rest on special meanings placed on 'terms in common use' should arouse the suspicions of those who are sincere and pure in heart. The Master did not find it necessary to employ so questionable a course, but so taught that 'the common people heard him gladly. 'Indeed, Mr. Ross, I feel certain that a gentleman who could write a letter giving expression to the high principles voiced in your note would not continue to advocate Christian Science at all if he were thoroughly acquainted with its teachings, and with the Bible.

"Now please turn to your Glossary (Science and Health, 1903 edition, p. 579), while I endeavor to show you what I mean. Of the contents of this chapter the opening paragraph says: 'It contains the metaphysical interpretation of Bible terms-giving their spiritual sense, which is also their original meaning. '"I have before me the two most valuable Greek and Hebrew concordances ever published, Prof. Young's Analytical Concordance and Prof. Strong's Exhaustive Concordance; the one a great Presbyterian scholar, the other a great Methodist scholar, both thoroughly familiar with the original tongues in which the Scriptures were written, and therefore with the 'original meaning' of the words which have come down to us in English versions. Let us make some comparisons: [HG705]

Watchfulness; self-offering; surrendering to the Creator the early fruits of experience. Emptiness or vanity; figuratively something transitory and unsatisfactory. From habal, a primitive root, meaning to be vain in act, word or expectation. Transitoriness.
Fidelity; faith in the divine Life and eternal Principle of being. Father of a multitude. From ah, a primitive word meaning father. Father of a multitude.
Error; a falsity; the belief "in original sin," sickness and death; evil; the opposite of good- God and His creation; a curse; a belief in intelligent matter, finiteness and mortality; "dust to dust;" red sandstone, etc. A human being; from Adam, meaning to show blood in the face, to flush, to turn rosy, to be ruddy. Of the ground, firm.
(Here Strong and Young appear to differ, but not actually, Adam was originally "of the ground," and became "a human being," animated, of ruddy countenance.)
God's thoughts passing to man; spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect; the inspiration of goodness, purity and immortality, counteracting all evil, sensuality and mortality. From Malak; an unused root meaning to dispatch as a deputy; a messenger, specially of God, i. e., an angel. Aggelos Malak; Aggelos; messenger; agent. Young

(Note the Bible mentions evil angels as well as righteous ones [2 Pet. 2:4], a fact quite contrary to Mrs. Eddy's definition of angel.)

"I have not the time to carry the matter further, but the mixture of truth and error in Christian Science doctrine is so palpable to me that I cannot ask the International Bible Students Association to discontinue reprinting the article which offends you, sorry as I am to offend anybody. Truth is truth, and in defense of the truth I would not hesitate to take my stand, kindly but firmly, even though I should have to stand alone.

"Very truly yours, "C. J. WOODWORTH"

O THOU of tattle faith, why cost thou fear The tempest hath no power when I am near;


Volume 7, Number 6


A Candid Statement of the Facts at Issue

The Hon. J. F. Rutherford, of New York City Bar, has recently issued a little pamphlet which sells for the nominal sum of ten cents; it is entitled "A GREAT BATTLE IN THE ECCLESIASTICAL HEAVENS." In an interesting manner it describes the great hubbub that is raging in ecclesiastical circles because the preachers all fear the period of approaching dissolution of their systems, hence the loss of their income and of the glory and honor of men, which some of them have never merited. The "Judge," as Mr. Rutherford is familiarly called, points out that the clergy of. all denominations in all civilized lands, and missionaries in foreign lands, are battling against Pastor Russell. Fearful of the truths which he is giving to the people, they are making common cause against him. Not having knowledge of a theological kind to preach to their people that the latter would sit for, the preachers of late have been ignoring their doctrines and differences, and merely preaching civic righteousness, worldly morality, politics, etc., with an occasional dab of science and literature.

Pastor Russell, more than forty years ago, began to preach the doctrines of the Bible and to attack the creedal errors of the Dark Ages, which so grossly misrepresent the Bible and its Divine Author. During those forty years he has been both a student and a teacher of God's Word, with such success that his expositions of the Bible are now circulating in more than thirty languages. Bible Study Classes, with Pastor Russell's books as text-books, are studying the Bible every night in the week all over the earth. Such Bible study, such knowledge of what the Bible does teach, brings to the preachers of all denominations questions and answers such as they have never before heard or thought of.

For a time they ignored Pastor Russell, affecting a superiority and giving the impression that their questioners were stupid and unable to understand the subjects. However, the Bible students have been increasing in numbers and influence and in skill in handling the Word of God all these years; and now the preachers feel that the entire bottom is about to drop out of their institutions, because the public are becoming aware of the Truth-that the Bible does not teach the unreasonable things declared by the creeds, and that the Bible does teach a gracious, loving God, who has purposed and promised a blessing for every member of the race during Messiah's Kingdom.


The contrast between the God whom Pastor Russell teaches and the God of the creeds, who delights in a plan of roasting for all eternity all of the heathen, all of the Jews, and nearly everybody else, is so marked that the public is taking notice.

Pastor Russell's expositions of the Bible show a God of Wisdom, who knew what He was doing from the very beginning-a God of Justice, who thoroughly conforms His action to the principle of the Golden Rule-a God of Love, who purposed from before the foundation of the world gracious blessings for humanity, and who delights in the good of His creatures and not in tormenting them-a God of Power, too, One who is able to carry into execution the wise, just, loving things which He has purposed for His creatures. This God whom Pastor Russell portrays has an attraction for the hearts and the heads of all honest people, who wonder why they never saw such beauties in the Bible before.

Pastor Russell explains, and gives Bible proof, that present light is coming to God's consecrated people because we are in the dawning time of the New Dispensation, ever since October, 1874. He points out that in this time, not only has the greater light been shining upon the pathway of God's consecrated people, the true followers of the Lamb, but light has been shining over the entire world, bringing blessings [HG707] and conveniences such as were not dreamed of before. Pastor Russell points out that in the Scriptures these things are foretold as due to begin at the Second Presence of the Redeemer, when He shall come to be glorified in His saints and to be admired by all people-for all will believe during that Day when the knowledge of the Lord shall fill the whole earth.

Pastor Russell's Bible Studies and Sermons, published in hundreds of newspapers in many languages, but especially in the English, are lifting the veil from before the minds of the people, showing them wherein some of our Bible translations are at fault and how several interpolations were made during the Dark Ages. He does not set these things forth as new, but proves that they are known to all educated clergymen and available to everybody capable of reading the English language.

Under the guidance of Pastor Russell's pen, the parables and dark sayings of Jesus become luminous. He points out that God's people, coming out of the darker time, have brought with them prejudices which hinder many of them from understanding even the simplest texts of the Bible. He cites as an illustration the Bible statement that "God so loved the world, that He gave His Only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him might not perish." (John 3:16) He notes the fact that, plainly as this is stated, we read into the simple word "perish," eternal torment, fire, devils, etc. He notes to us the Bible declaration, "The soul that sinneth, it shall DIE"-NOT live at all; again, the Bible declaration, "All the wicked will God DESTROY"-not keep them alive in torture nor anywhere. Again St. Peter illustrates that those who will finally die the Second Death will perish like natural brute beasts. 2 Pet. 2:12


Educated preachers do not believe in an eternal torment of fire, and have not so believed for a long time. Indeed, probably nine out of ten of all city preachers who have been educated at college do not believe in the Bible at all, but are, according to their own private expressions, in full harmony with the college professors in claiming that Higher Criticism has proven that the Bible is not the inspired Word of God, but merely a human production and unreliable. Probably more than one-half of the preachers are Evolutionists, and do not believe the Bible story that man was created in God's image and fell from it into sin and death. Not believing in the Fall, they, of course, do not believe in a redemption from the Fall.

Neither do they believe in the coming "Times of Restitution," of which "God hath spoken by the mouth of all His holy Prophets," as St. Peter says. (Acts 3:19-21) They do not believe in a Millennium at all. They do not believe in a Messianic Kingdom, which the Bible describes and which our Lord taught us to pray for, "Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth, even as it is done in Heaven."

Notwithstanding all this unbelief, these preachers have been taking good money from their trusting flocks and keeping them in ignorance-in ignorance of their own unbelief and in ignorance of what the Bible does teach. These preachers are terribly afraid of Pastor Russell's teaching-and no wonder! They have nothing to oppose to his presentations that intelligent people would sit to hear.

Under these circumstances and conditions, what are the preachers to do? The proper thing for them to do would be to come to the people with the truth of the matter and say, "We will no longer deceive. We do not believe the Bible to be God's inspired Word. We have been shamming for these many years, but now we are smoked out and obliged to confess the truth. If you want to have some preacher serve you and give you every Sunday a rehash of the creeds formulated in the Dark Ages, you must send off to some country place and find illiterate, uneducated preachers. But if you want us to continue with you, we will address you weekly as a social club and seek to inculcate good morals and try to make the Church as entertaining as possible by giving smokers, suppers, etc., with lectures, good music, and, for week nights, gymnasia, pool, billiards, etc."

If this course were taken, the preachers would get a fine lot of people. They would be more honest and could work better their social uplift, civic righteousness, etc., than now. However, such a statement would come as a great shock to some of the saintly people who have long been deceived on these matters. Many of these, getting their eyes of understanding a little bit open, would be led of the Holy Spirit to the Light, as preached by Pastor Russell and associates of the International Bible Students Association. However, this honest course is too radical for the preachers. They will not take it. What will they do instead?


What the preachers are doing is but slightly discerned by the public, who give them credit for piety and honesty. What they are doing is this: They announce that they will preach about Pastor Russell's doctrines. Their thoughts and schemes are the very reverse of what they announce. They desire to misrepresent Pastor Russell's teachings, so that the people will not read them. Not content with this effort of misrepresentation of his teachings, while claiming [HG708] to expound them, they malign his character and seek to make him odious with all people of character and decency. Bit by bit, they have systematically woven a mass of charges against Pastor Russell which, if they were one-tenth true, would have landed him in the penitentiary. But notwithstanding all this scheming, falsifying, slandering, boycotting, "roasting" on the platform and in the press, gibbeting with thieves and adulterers-notwithstanding all, the ministers are astonished that they are not making headway-that the Pastor's message continues to go forward!

Indeed, some of the more intelligent people see through the falsehoods and slanders and world-wide attack upon One Man and ask themselves, What is at the bottom of this? Then they come in contact with some of the Pastor's books and are astonished at the falsification and misrepresentation that was poured into their minds by the man whom they had paid to preach the Gospel to them. They go a little further and become convinced of the reasonableness of Pastor Russell's teachings and of the unreasonableness of all the creeds of the Dark Ages. Their next step is to withdraw from the Babylon of Sectarianism and to stand for God, for the Truth and for the Bible as God gave it-rightly translated. This, of course, excites the preachers all the more, until some of them have been heard to insinuate veiled threats against Pastor Russell's life. But to his friends Pastor Russell says: "Be not fearful on my account. I expect some such denouncement, but it cannot come until God shall permit. When it comes, I trust that I shall have the grace and the faith to welcome it."


We have already referred to Judge Rutherford's pamphlet, which contains numerous full-page illustrations and is intensely interesting. He takes up Pastor Russell's matters in detail, reviewing the various charges and showing, not only their fallacies, but also the evil, bitter spirit which prompted them, which still backs them up, and which is involving ministers of all denominations in a manner that must be as appalling to God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the holy angels, as it is despicable in the sight of good, true men and women conversant with the facts.

Judge Rutherford's pamphlet, we believe, will have an immense circulation; for it is put at the very small price of ten cents, postage included. Orders should be sent to J. F. Rutherford, Box 51, New York City.

Briefly here we will say that Pastor Russell's course from childhood to the present time has been truthful, honest, honorable. Perhaps no other man living has ever brought so many people to a condition of full consecration to the Lord. He accepts the slander and vilification heaped upon him as so much of suffering for righteousness' sake, for the Truth's sake-because of his faithfulness and loyalty to the Lord and to the Bible-because of his honesty in telling to the people the Truth and exposing the doctrinal errors of all the creeds. Pastor Russell never indulges in personalities.

Pastor Russell has been charged with buying some ordinary wheat abroad, bringing it here and selling it as a superior article at a dollar a pound and thus committing a fraud upon his fellow-countrymen. But nobody ever found any of these defrauded people. The whole matter is a hoax, gotten up, like other things, to injure the Pastor-in order to hinder people from reading his sermons and from reading his books. Following we publish an extract from Judge Rutherford's pamphlet which gives the facts of the case in brief form. We are sure that it will interest many of our readers.


"Pastor Russell's enemies charge that he sold a great quantity of ordinary seed wheat under the name of "Miracle Wheat," at one dollar per pound, or sixty dollars per bushel, and realized therefrom an enormous sum of money which he appropriated to his own use. This is not only an exaggeration, but a glaring falsehood.

"In the year 1911, J. A. Bohnet, of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and Samuel J. Fleming, of Wabash, Indiana, each having a quantity of Miracle Wheat, together presented to the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY the aggregate of about 30 bushels with the proposition on their part that the wheat should be sold at $1.00 per pound and all the proceeds arising from the sale thereof should be received by the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY as a donation from them, to be used by said Society in its religious work. The wheat was received and sent out by the Society, and the gross receipts therefrom were $1,800. Pastor Russell did not get a penny of this. His connection therewith was this, that he published a statement in his journal, THE WATCH TOWER, giving notice that this wheat had been contributed and could be had for a dollar a pound. He did not discover the wheat, nor did he name it, nor did he receive any personal benefit therefrom. Nor was the Society of which he is president guilty of the slightest misconduct.

"Had this same transaction occurred with some Catholic or Protestant church, no one would ever have thought of making any fuss about it. Pastor Russell's enemies seized upon it as another means of persecuting him. [HG709]


"The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, which, for some time prior thereto, had manifested much antipathy to Pastor Russell, presumably because of the influence of certain ministers, published a libelous cartoon and words in connection therewith concerning Pastor Russell's connection with Miracle Wheat. He sued that paper for damages. The facts given here are taken from the record of the trial of that cause in the Supreme Court of Kings County, New York. Figures appearing in parenthesis, thus (For. 774, etc.), refer to folios of the printed record of the case now on file in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York.

"The chief issue raised by the pleadings in this case was, whether or not the wheat in question was superior to ordinary wheat. Eleven witnesses testified to its superior quality over other wheat. Following are the names and addresses of the witnesses: Kent B. Stoner, Fincastle, Virginia; Joseph I. Knight, Sr., 1067 88th Street, Brooklyn, New York; Isaac L. Frey, Lower Mt. Bethel, Pennsylvania; Frederick Widener, Belvidere, N. J.; Henry D. Ayre, Cleveland, Tenessee; William Pray, Mansfield, N. J.; William I. Tomlinson, Kirkwood, N. J.; Edward W. Hunt, Stratford, N. J.; Dr. Joseph A. Carlton, Palmetto, Georgia; J. A. Bohnet, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; Samuel J. Fleming, Wabash, Indiana. The eight first named never heard of Pastor Russell or his religious teachings prior to the trial of this case, but had been experimenting with Miracle Wheat and found it far superior to any other wheat.


"The testimony showed that in the year 1904 Mr. K. B. Stoner, noticed growing in his land in Fincastle, Virginia, an unusual plant which at first he mistook for a kind of grass, known as parlor grass, but which, upon further observation, proved to be wheat. The plant had one hundred and forty-two stalks, each stalk bearing a head of fully matured wheat. Mr. Stoner had never prior to that seen a wheat plant bearing more than five heads. The unusual yield from this single plant prompted him to save the grain, which he planted the following Fall. (fols. 73-75) For several seasons he continued producing this grain, and in 1906, about two years after discovering it, because of its remarkable producing qualities, he named it Miracle Wheat. (For. 81) In 1908 or 1909, Mr. Stoner called the attention of the witness, J. I. Knight, to the unusual qualities of the wheat and it was arranged that they should grow the wheat on shares and market it after accumulating a sufficient supply. (Fols. 86, 127, 129) Mr. Knight received a forty-five percent (45%) interest in the wheat. They agreed to withhold the wheat from the market until 1912 (for. 128), but subsequently decided to sell in august 1911. (For. 128, 125) After making his arrangement with Mr. Stoner, Mr. Knight went to Europe and exhibited the wheat in the agricultural departments of various countries. (For. 129, 131) Neither Mr. Knight or Mr. Stoner had ever corresponded with Pastor Russell, nor had any acquaintance with him or with any of his associates prior to the time of the trial. (Fols. 82, 154) Prior to his meeting Mr. Knight, Mr. Stoner had sold some of the wheat, always at 11.25 a pound. (For. 80, 83) In 1908 he sold four pounds at $1.25 a pound to Joseph A. Carlton, a dentist of Palmetto, Georgia, the owner of a 256-acre farm (for. 162). In 1909 he sold two pounds to Frederick S. Widener, of Belvidere, N. J., for from somewhere between two and five dollars (for. 396). Mr. Widener gave some of this to Isaac L. Frey, a farmer of Lower Mt. Bethel. Neither he nor Mr. Frey had any connection with Pastor Russell's work (fols. 395, 387, 383).

"William I. Tomlinson and Edward Hunt, farmers of New Jersey, also experimented with this wheat.

"All of these persons who thus bought their wheat directly or indirectly from Stoner, the discoverer of the wheat, or from Knight, his partner, found it to have remarkable reproducing qualities (fols. 385-392, 396, 470, 1, 478-480).

"The first plant found by Stoner had over 4,000 grains to the stool. In the Fall of 1904 he planted 1,800 grains, and each grain yielded on an average of 250 grains.

The average return from ordinary wheat in this country was about ten grains for each grain of seed (fols. 75-78). He found that a peck to the acre, that is 15 pounds of Miracle Wheat produced over forty bushels (for. 88). He has raised as high as 80 bushels of Miracle Wheat to the acre (for. 92). Thus it is seen that Miracle Wheat produced twenty-five times as much as ordinary wheat in proportion to the amount sown. He had experimented with Red Wonder, Fuldz and Old Mediterranean Wheats. The productiveness of Miracle Wheat was found to be due to its large stooling qualities (for. 95). For these stooling qualities it needs more room than the average wheat, requiring 16 inches between the rows, and about four times the space of ordinary wheat. If sown like ordinary wheat, Miracle was a failure, for room was essential (fols. 9799, 104). A four by four-inch space, such as the Government allows, is too small to allow for the normal stooling of Miracle Wheat (for. 104). When he has observed common wheat planted in competition with Miracle, the spaces between Miracle planting had been about four times the space between the other wheat plantings. This was as he recommended (for. 155). Widener, when he sowed [HG710] Miracle counted 22 to 28 stalks to the grain (fols. 396397). Mr. Frey raised a bushel and a half of wheat from a quart of grain (for. 383), and the following year, 1911, raised 108 bushels from 16 to 22 quarts of seed. He seeded about 15 pounds to the acre (fols. 383392).

"Mr. Henry A. Ayre, a farmer of Cleveland, Tennessee, with thirty-five years experience, bought some Stoner (Miracle) Wheat, in the fall of 1909 or 1910. He sowed one-half bushel to a scant seven-eights of an acre and reaped a little over twenty-six bushels per acre. His is a poor wheat section where the yield of ordinary wheat is about 8 bushels per acre. He found Miracle Wheat hardier than ordinary wheat, standing the winters better and stooling more than any other wheat he ever saw. It stood a freezing winter where rye had frozen out (for. 299-402). He had the surrounding farmers raise this wheat for him under contract (for 407). He raised as large as 64 stools from one plant of this wheat. It took first prize for him in the fall of 1910, at the Appalachian Exposition, for Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina, and also took first prize at the State Fair in Tennessee, and at his county fair (for. 406). He grew Exhibit 6, a stool of Miracle containing 49 stalks (for. 480, 943).

"William Pray, a farmer of Mansfield Township, N J., who was unacquainted with plaintiff in any way, raised Stoner or Miracle Wheat for three years. He grew Exhibit 30, containing over 80 stalks grown from a single grain. He had been a farmer for twenty-five years. An acre of ordinary wheat which he sowed with two bushels, yielded 17 bushels, whereas an adjoining acre which he sowed with a half bushel of Miracle yielded 25 bushels. He never saw any wheat stool as Miracle Wheat did. To this is due its superior producing qualities (fols. 464-466).

The usual practice of farmers in his section is to sow two bushels of ordinary wheat to the acre, and he knows of no way of getting better results (fols. 467, 468).

"William I. Tomlinson, who had been a farmer for nine years, in Kirkwood, N. J., in 1909 planted Miracle Wheat in competition with ordinary wheat, 16 acres with Miracle Wheat at a half bushel to the acre, which yielded 32 bushels to the acre, and 20 acres of ordinary wheat at one and a half bushels to the acre, which yielded 21 bushels to the acre. He is not a follower of Pastor Russell, nor a believer in any of his doctrines (fols. 470, 471).

"Edward W. Hunt, a farmer of Stratford, N. J. for many years, who does not know Pastor Russell and was not connected with him in any way, experimented with Miracle Wheat. He first sowed a bushel of seed to an acre and a half, which produced 56 bushels, part of the crop having been destroyed. In 1911 and 1912, he planted Miracle in competition with Amber Wheat. He planted 10 acres with Miracle, three pecks to the acre, and the yield averaged 34 bushels per acre, or 345 bushels in all. He planted 18 acres with Amber Wheat, a bushel and a half to the acre, and the yield was 325 bushels in all, or a little more than 12 bushels to the acre. Both fields were alike, stood side by side, and the conditions were the same.

"The original plant of Miracle Wheat, discovered and named by Mr. Stoner, contained 142 heads of well matured seed, grown from one grain (for. 74). A bunch of wheat grown near Los Angeles, California, of the same Miracle Wheat, was exhibited before the Jury and put in evidence (for. 158). It contained 118 stalks and as many heads of well-developed wheat standing more than six feet tall, all grown from one grain.

"On November 23, 1907, H. A. Miller, Assistant Agriculturist of the United States Government, filed in the Department of Agriculture at Washington, D. C., a report upon the wheat being grown upon Mr. Stoner's farm, highly commending said wheat (fols. 1185, 1188). The public press throughout the country at the time took notice of this report. Pastor Russell's attention was called to it, and on March 15, 1908, he published in his journal, THE WATCH TOWER, some press comments and extracts from the aforementioned government report. This was Pastor Russell's first knowledge of Miracle Wheat, which wheat Mr. Stoner and others had been experimenting with for three years or more.

Dr. Joseph A. Carlton, of Palmetto, Georgia, reading in Pastor Russell's WATCH TOWER the aforementioned notice, purchased from Mr. Stoner four pounds of this wheat for which he paid Stoner $1.25 per pound, or $75 per bushel (for. 169).

He planted a pound and three-quarters to one-fifth of an acre, took accurate account of the yield, and found that it was eight bushels and 24 pounds, or 504 pounds. Georgia is not a wheat State (for. 162, 163). Yield of ordinary wheat in that State is from 5 to 20 bushels to the acre (for. 164). In 1910 Dr. Carlton reaped 62l bushels of Miracle Wheat from a little over two acres (for. 165). From one single grain in his field, 71 stalks were grown (for. 168).

"Mr. Bohnet got a peck of this wheat from Dr. Carlton. He sowed 14 pounds to one-half an acre and reaped 8 bushels. One-half of this he sent to Mr. Kuesthardt, of Port Clinton, Ohio, editor of the Ottawa Zeztung, a German county newspaper.

Samuel J. Fleming, of Wabash, Indiana, got five pounds of seed from Bohnet and 20 pounds from Kuesthardt, and sowed 25 pounds to about one acre of land, and although it was late in the season, his yield was 34 [HG711] bushels. Average yield of ordinary wheat in that section sowed a bushel and a half to the acre being about 20 bushels (fo. 234).

"Thus the testimony showed that ordinary wheat sown at the rate of six pecks to the acre produces on an average 20 bushels, whereas Miracle Wheat sown at the rate of one peck to the acre, produces from 40 to 80 bushels to the acre, showing that Miracle Wheat yields from 12 to 20 times more than ordinary wheat.

"The Brooklyn Eagle, to offset all this testimony of practical farmers and wheat raisers, produced but a single witness, namely, Mr. Ball, of the Agricultural Department of the United States Government, who was neither a farmer nor wheat raiser. Mr. Ball testified that he was "connected with the U. S. Government with the Department of Agriculture as an Agronomist and Acting Cerealist in charge of cereal investigations" (fo. 732). His imposing title was about his only recommendation. He produced a memoranda of experiments with Miracle Wheat, supposed to have been made at the Government station, by persons whom he was unable to name.

"There was absolutely no testimony in the case showing that Pastor Russell had induced a single person to purchase Miracle Wheat. Not a word tending to show that anyone was defrauded. On the contrary, shortly after the publication of the libel by the Brooklyn Eagle, the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIET published broadcast over the country and sent to each purchaser a notice that if anyone was dissatisfied with his purchase, he might have his money returned, and the identical money arising from the sale of said wheat was held for a year for the purpose of refunding. Not a single person asked to have his money refunded.

"Upon the trial of this case, counsel for the Brooklyn Eagle severely ridiculed the religious teaching of Pastor Russell, and the Jury, being largely composed of en of strong religious prejudices, and at least one of them an atheist, disregarded the testimony of the 11 practical farmers and wheat raisers, and the several exhibits of Miracle Wheat actually produced and shown to them, and decided the case in favor of the Brooklyn Eagle, upon the unsupported testimony of the one Government official who never raised a grain of wheat in his life. The case was at once appealed.

"Much ado has been made about the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY, of which Pastor Russell is president, disposing of a small quantity of seed Miracle Wheat at one dollar per pound, which had been donated and the price fixed by the donors, whereas the evidence conclusively shows that Messrs.

Stoner, Knight, Carlton and others had been selling the same wheat at $1.25 per pound, which was not only considered legitimate, but a very reasonable price in view of the extraordinary quality of the wheat and the small quantity in existence.

"It cannot be conceived how anyone can honestly hold up Pastor Russell to ridicule for the connection that he had with Miracle Wheat. Neither he nor the WATCH TOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY, did anything in the slightest manner reprehensible, but on the contrary, their conduct was open and above board and entirely proper in every way."


Another little secret may as well be mentioned. The preachers found that nearly two thousand newspapers were publishing Pastor Russell's sermons, sermonettes and orderly treatises on the Sunday School lessons. In various cities the preachers went to the Editors and publishers'sometimes singly, sometimes in groups of three to five, and sometimes through a representative who spoke for the entire Ministerial Association of the city. They demanded that the publication of these sermons, etc., be discontinued. The Editors were surprised. They said they saw nothing in them wrong, vicious, and asked for particulars. They got no particulars as to anything wrong, but they received the intimation that the preachers exercised a great influence and would use it as a boycott against the papers publishing the sermons of Pastor Russell. Many Editors and publishers, not knowing how little real influence the preachers have, even with their own congregations, which are small, were fearful of losing their business. Occasionally some dropped out of the publishing of the sermons -later, perhaps, to resume their publication upon request received from their readers.

Finding that this plan did not succeed well, the next step taken was announced by the publicity man of the Church Federation, Mr. Wm. T. Ellis, religious Editor of the North American . That step was asserted to be that all ministers and churches hereafter would cooperate with the newspapers; that they would not ask for anything to be published free, but would pay at advertising rates. The object of this resolution, which was published by the newspapers all over the country, was not that they wished to publish some of their teachings and pay for them at advertising rates, but they thought that this would lead the newspapers to stop publishing Pastor Russell's sermons unless they were paid for at advertising rates, and that his teachings would be excluded from hundreds of papers. Few of the Preachers would desire to prepare copy for the newspapers every week; for they well know that they have nothing on religious lines that the public would care for!

And they well know that if they dip [HG712] into scientific problems they are overmatched by the magazine writers, and discredited.

The newspapers of the smaller cities continued to publish Pastor Russell's sermons, paying for them at the usual rates of the American Press Association, twenty-five cents per column for stereoplates. The metropolitan papers would not publish any man's sermons regularly, not wishing to discriminate. Especially none would feature a sermon if it appeared in other papers of the same city. In view of these things, the Bible Students set apart a large sum of money to pay for Pastor Russell's sermons in the principal journals of the largest cities. But as these began to appear the preachers got buy with their slanders and threats, being grieved that Pastor Russell should thus teach the people, even as were the Pharisees of old grieved by the teaching of the Apostles. (Acts 4:1-3) They threatened some papers with boycott and induced them to give up publishing the sermons as advertising matter at advertising rates, although they made no objection to advertisements of liquors, tobacco, palmistry, fortune-telling, etc. Several large papers, thus intimidated, yielded to the pressure and refused these sermons at advertising rates.

What would their readers think of that? What has become of the freedom of speech and freedom of religion in this, our boasted day and favored land? What would not these ministers do if the Dark Ages were to come upon us again?


Again has Judge Rutherford well outlined the matter: "The Public Press exercises a mighty power. Often such power is used for good, but many times for evil. When the Press is used by selfish and designing men as an instrument for the destruction of the good name of a fellow man it then becomes a power for evil.

"A true and sincere Minister of the Gospel of Christ occupies a most honorable position. A good man in such place is a power for good, but when a clergyman uses the garb of his sacred of lice to accomplish a selfish purpose, or to vent his spleen against one with whom he differs, he violates his obligation to God, degrades himself and dishonors the cause of Christianity.

"Satan is the author of falsehood, misrepresentation and abuse. God is the Author of Truth and goodness. Every person serves one or the other of these Masters. "Ye are the servants of him whom ye obey." "If any man have not the spirit of Christ, he is none of His." Every clergyman is presumed to be a Christian. Their fruits oft-times show that such is a vile presumption. Plainly God's Word says to Christians, "Speak evil of no man"; "Who art thou that judgest another"; "Thou shalt not bear false witness"; "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, saith the Lord." Sad indeed it is when we see, in our day, so many professed Christian Ministers ignoring the plain teaching of the Bible and resorting to slander, misrepresentation and vilification of a Christian gentleman who is giving his life to teaching the people to follow Christ. If the charges were true, no servant of God would be justified in repeating them, but when the charges are made in utter disregard of truth and honesty, and with the avowed purpose of doing injury, are such ministers the servants of God or of Satan?

"There is a reason for every willful act. Jesus said, "Darkness hates the light."

Error abides in darkness. The brilliancy of a light attracts blinded bugs-big bugs as well as lesser ones-which vainly try to destroy the light.

"Every great man and every good cause has mortal enemies. Great truths are dearly bought. Great reformations have had to fight every inch of the way to triumph. For nearly a half a century, Pastor Charles T. Russell has been a shining light in the world, battling for good, that the eyes of men might be opened to a realization of the goodness of God manifested in His Plan concerning mankind.

He has fearlessly held forth the light of Biblical Truth and as it has shone with increased brilliancy his assailants have become more ferocious. As this light has led thousands of honest Christians away from error, out from darkness and from the bondage of the various man-made church systems, some of the supporters of these systems have exhibited greater venom toward Pastor Russell and the Truth of the Scriptures. With charity we assume that many of these are blinded.

"Catholics and Protestants in this campaign of persecution have become bedfellows-strange bedfellows these! Engaged in this unholy warfare are doubtless some honest persons who, being blinded to the Truth, verily believe they are doing God service by throwing stones at this great light bearer.

"Unscrupulous newspapers, always willing to be used as instruments for the promulgation of sensational and scandalous matter, have joined the alliance and taken up the cudgel against Pastor Russell The vulgar and the scandal-monger are performing their part in the ranks.

"Back of all this motley brigade, and constituting the real brains thereof, are certain keen, intellectual, far-seeing and designing men, who, without authority from the Lord, have taken the title of Reverend, Doctor of Divinity, or Priest.

Long have they rested in ease and comfort, as the prophet describes them (Isa. 56:10, 11), while their poor parishioners have fed upon husks until they are famished. (Amos 8:11, 12) [HG713] Long have these designing men kept their flocks in bondage by keeping them in the dark. God's day of reckoning is at hand. His light is shining forth. Seeing their berths of comfort and popularity endangered, the walls of the Babylonish systems crumbling and many of their former supporters fleeing therefrom, these men, without regard to religious belief, in sheer desperation have joined hands, summoning to their aid all whom they can induce, coerce or cajole, to try to stem the tide of Truth rapidly arising against them, and save their positions of ease.

This unholy alliance is straining every nerve and sinew to destroy Pastor Russell and his work. It is the same old game of the Pharisees. It is history repeating itself.

"The same class assaulted St. Paul and persecuted him to the death. Martin Luther and other great reformers were victims of a like element. The great and good John Wesley was another victim, and his own wife joined has traducers. It was the same Pharisaical class that defamed the Lord Jesus when He was on earth. They called in question the legitimacy of His birth, applied all manner of vile epithets to Him, denounced Him as an enemy of the Government and finally caused His crucifixion. Having this class in mind, Jesus said, "The servant is not greater than His Lord. If they have persecuted Me, they will persecute you also." Now is Pastor Russell's turn. One of these reverend gentlemen was recently heard to say,

"I would like to be one of a committee to skin Russell alive, salt his hide and tack it on a barn door." What master does he serve?

"Unable to successfully combat the shafts of Bible truths shot forth by this modern religious reformer, the enemies of Pastor Russell have resorted to the old device of throwing sand in the people's eyes, by attacking his private life and business methods. If a bad man reforms and becomes a preacher for the Nominal Systems his evil deeds are forgotten and his name is heralded as a great hero in their cause. But when a good man, such as Pastor Russell, who has a clean private life, boldly proclaims the faith once delivered to the saints by our Master, and exposes the errors of the Dark Ages, all conceivable charges are trumped up, and these magnified, with the manifest purpose of preventing the people from seeing the Truths he is teaching. "


But the days of Babylon are numbered. "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin," is the handwriting on the wall. Soon-quickly-great Babylon will be cast as a mighty millstone into the sea, to the astonishment of the world and to the liberation of some honest souls now in bondage to her. Already the waters of the Euphrates are being dried up. The people and their money no longer are flowing as formerly toward ecclesiastical coffers. But, thank God! the passing away of the present ecclesiastical heavens is merely preparatory to the establishment of the new heavens-the Church in glory-the Messianic Kingdom. What a great Day of Blessing that will be when the shackles of ignorance and superstition shall fall off, when the hidden things of darkness shall be brought to light, and when the servants of God will be discerned as different from the boastful, self-seeking shepherds of Babylon, who look out for their own interests and fail to feed the flock of God with the spiritual truths which are now duel In answer to the query, "Pastor Russell, how will you get your revenge on these preachers by and by, if you should be one of the Elect, joint-heir in Heavenly glory and power with the Lord?" the Pastor's reply was, "I am sorry for them.

They will shortly find themselves in shame and contempt, as the Bible declares. (Dan. 12:2) I shall greatly enjoy the blessed privilege of helping them up and getting them back to a condition of acceptance with God. It is fortunate for the preachers, as well as for the majority of mankind, that Divine mercy does not end with the preset life-that there is a Millennium of hope where, under more favorable conditions, those who are too weak to tread the upward path in the footsteps of the Redeemer may have assistance rendered them, if they will. (Acts 15:14-17; Isa. 35:5-8) It is not mine to judge the hearts of any, but out of their own mouths very many have already condemned themselves. Honest preachers who do not see better than their creeds are today singularly neglected by the Lord, for He promised, 'Ye, brethren, are not in darkness that that Day should overtake you as a thief, 'though it shall come upon all the world as a snare and as a thief, and they shall not escape." 1 Thess. 5:1-6

"The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whose putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe." Prov. 29:25.

"Whoever of a loyal obedient heart can exercise faith has thus provided for himself strength and grace for every time of need, for every hour of trial, for every difficulty and perplexity and for all the affairs of life-the ballast which will give equilibrium and enable us to profit by all of life's experiences, the bitter as well as the sweet." R3545, c. 1, top.