How This Site is Organized

This site uses Frames to split the Browser screen into two sections. On the Left is the Navigation section. Access to the primary groupings throughout this site is gained by using the buttons located there.

A word about linked scripture references. As much as possible the scripture references used on this site, including those from within the various books and other treatises, are linked into the Bible. When one wants to look up the references all they need to do is 'click' on it and they will be taken to that scripture.

Every such reference will take the user not just to the single verse, but into that Bible chapter. From there they may examine the context, view the Expanded Bible Comments or navigate anywhere in the Bible.

This is done because we believe in the importance of:

  1. Context -- No one likes to be quoted out of context.
  2. Putting it to the test -- We are to "Try the spirits."

Manna, Precious Promises, Songs in the Night, Weekly Manna, Morning Resolve, The Vow - are all found on this page.

Scripture Studies

This is the primary access to the "Volumes." There is an index of the books and from those books there is access to the various chapters.

All the scripture references are linked to the Bible. To "turn" to the referenced scripture one only has to click the scriptural reference.


The Watch Tower Reprints from 1879 to 1916 with scripture, volume, reprint, and other links included.

Within the Tower Reprints themselves we have attempted to link all scriptures. Other features are included and continue to be updated. These include the linking of references to the "volumes" as well as references made to previous articles.

For an example of this "backward reference" please see R821:6. There you will find the following: "(Matt. 24:3,15. See TOWER of January, 1885)." Both the scripture and the Tower article are linked [i.e., they are linked there, but not here].

Another feature we continue to work on is using a different font (currently default is Green color) showing quotations from others (non Bible students) as well as articles from other publications that are being quoted in the Towers. This is a gradual process and is not likely to be completed soon.

Bible (with Comments)

Navigation to any Bible chapter can be done from this page. Also included is the option to view the Expanded Bible Comments for any chapter. These comments have references that are linked.**

**The links to the Reprints are, in most cases, only going to get you close to the actual paragraph from where the comment was taken. This is due to the fact that the Reprint references given do not follow the standard pattern as that of other references.

For example: A238:2 refers to Volume 1 [A] page 238 the 2nd paragraph [:2]. However, the reprint reference R3055:3 is not making reference to the 3rd paragraph on Reprint page 3055. Instead the pages were broken down into sections. Sections 1,2,3 refer to the top, middle, and bottom of column one of any given page while sections 4,5,6 refer to the top, middle and bottom of column 2.

Additionally, the text used was not that of the "Reprints" but was, instead, that of the original Towers. Thus Reprint references will rarely point to the exact paragraph for the comment.

There are some Reprint references that are correct because we have come across them in our own studies and have corrected them on this site. These are mostly (as of 1/23/2006) found in Revelation.

When in a bible chapter, to find a linked list of references to any verse, simply click on the verse number and another window will appear with a list of the references - naturally, all are linked to the correct paragraphs.

Bible Student Books

These include books like Pastor Russell's Sermons, Overland Monthly, Question Book, etc. Additionally there are compilations of Pastor Russell's works in book form that have been included here, such as; Character Development [the Berean Studies found in the Towers in 1905 and 1906], Memorial Meditations, Our Most Holy Faith.

Bible Topics

Various Bible Topics are found here. These range in their examination from brief examinations of certain usages in scripture to more thorough examinations. This area will likely be updated the most in the future.

Bible Student Webs

A listing of available Bible Student Web Sites.