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1 Now Peter and John went up together into the temple at the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour. Into the temple – The one place where the soul might feel especially near to God. R5503:6

Expecting to find there some opportunity for testifying to the truth. R1421:3, 5838:3

Ninth hour – Three o'clock in the afternoon. R2933:1

2 And a certain man lame from his mother's womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful, to ask alms of them that entered into the temple; A certain man lame – At that time homes and hospitals for the afflicted were not thought of. R2095:2

3 Who seeing Peter and John about to go into the temple asked an alms. Who – The beggar knew Peter and John in advance of his healing. R2933:2

Asked an alms – He looked at the apostles expecting to receive some money. R1998:2

In view of present arrangements for caring for the poor, it is as wrong to encourage public begging now as it was right to respond to it then. R2933:3

4 And Peter, fastening his eyes upon him with John, said, Look on us. Look on us – Thus directing his attention to the apostle John as well as himself. R2095:3

Peter and John did not pray with the man nor fix his attention on mind healers nor medicine. R1998:2

They were not exercising any hypnotic influence. R4313:2

5 And he gave heed unto them, expecting to receive something of them. He gave heed unto them – The cure was effected as soon as the man made the effort to obey the command of the Lord Jesus through Peter. R1421:3

6 Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. Then Peter said – Two special gifts were exercised by Peter; the gift of faith and the gift of healing. R1422:5, 2095:3

Have I none – None to give. The means which the Lord has put into our hands, he intends us to transform in the main into spiritual food and clothing and strength and help. R2933:3,4

As I have give I thee – What the apostle gave was more valuable than money. R2933:3

So today; of the spiritual blessings we are willing to give liberally, without price. (Isa. 55:1) R2933:4

We can give a word of encouragement, a kindly look, a helping hand over difficulties. R2933:5

In the name of Jesus Christ – As a means of calling the attention of the people to the fact of his resurrection and power. R1421:3

"Jesus" his personal name and "Christ" the Anointed, the official name, applicable to him as the Head, and to the whole Church, as his body. R2818:1

It was Jesus, whose power had healed. R2933:5, 2095:3

These things were done by his authority. R61:6*

Rise up and walk – Not a mental healing, not a faith cure, but a bona-fide miracle. R4316:2, 1422:4

Not a case of "prayer-cure" nor being anointed with oil. R2095:3, 1422:4

Perceived that the lame man had faith--he made an effort to obey because he had faith. R5838:3

The gift of healing, here illustrated, "Vanished away," as foretold. (1 Cor. 13:8) R1998:3

7 And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength. By the right hand – Illustrating the propriety of permitting the influence of our faith to reach others in a natural and helpful manner. R2095:3

Received strength – Not a prayer-cure, faith-cure, or mind-cure. R1422:4, 4216:2; R2095:3

A complete soundness of the lame ankle. R1422:5

8 And he leaping up stood, and walked, and entered with them into the temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God. Praising God – The poor cripple was not an imposter. R2095:4

A living witness to the power of the risen Lord Jesus. R1421:6

9 And all the people saw him walking and praising God: All the people saw him – The healings which were done were performed for signs for those about. R4314:5

10 And they knew that it was he which sat for alms at the Beautiful gate of the temple: and they were filled with wonder and amazement at that which had happened unto him.

11 And as the lame man which was healed held Peter and John, all the people ran together unto them in the porch that is called Solomon's, greatly wondering. Held Peter and John – We are not to be ashamed of those whom the Lord may use in connection with our spiritual healing. R2933:6

People ran together – Show that the miracle had the desired effect of drawing the attention of the people to the Apostle's teaching. R1421:6

When we obtain the attention of men, it is to be used for preaching the good tidings. R2934:1

12 And when Peter saw it, he answered unto the people, Ye men of Israel, why marvel ye at this? or why look ye so earnestly on us, as though by our own power or holiness we had made this man to walk? He answered unto the people – There is no disposition now for Peter to deny the Lord: he fearlessly stands before the people. R1421:6

Ye men of Israel – The whole twelve tribes. C252, C293; R1341:1

As though by our own power – The true messengers of God always seek to give the honor unto God, and decline it for themselves. R1634:6

We are merely the instruments of God, and this is a manifestation of God's mercy through Jesus. R5838:6

13 The God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God of our fathers, hath glorified his Son Jesus; whom ye delivered up, and denied him in the presence of Pilate, when he was determined to let him go.
14 But ye denied the Holy One and the Just, and desired a murderer to be granted unto you; Desired a murderer – "There was no sightliness that we should be desirous of him." (Isa. 53:2, Douay) We found not in him R574:3

15 And killed the Prince of life, whom God hath raised from the dead; whereof we are witnesses. And killed – The nation of Israel were the real crucifiers of God's dear Son, even when a Roman governor found no fault in him and desired to set him at liberty. R2095:5

It was the Jews that killed Jesus. Peter did not mention the Roman soldiers at all. Q380:5, 368:T

The Prince of life – The life-giving Prince, the One through whom everlasting life is to come. CR430:4; R2095:6

Messiah, Savior, life-giver. In the Syriac version the word "life-giver" is used where the English word "Saviour" occurs. R2095:6

"Ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes." (Psa. 82:7)-- Prince Jesus. F724

Whom God hath raised – By the Father's power. R4174:6

Jesus could never have raised himself, because it was the soul that died, not merely the body. R2795:2

As a reward for his obedience. Q433:2

He ascended on high (Eph. 4:8) and appeared in the presen Q433:2

A re-creation of the same being; he is still the first and the last of the creation of God, the Only-begotten of the Father. (Rev. 1:11,17,18) R1005:5

From the dead – This refers to our Lord's three days in the tomb. "Thou wilt not leave my soul in hell." (Psa. 16:10) R2599:3

Whereof we – The eleven apostles. E212, E213

16 And his name through faith in his name hath made this man strong, whom ye see and know: yea, the faith which is by him hath given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all. Faith in his name – It was a miracle of Jesus, proving that Jesus was risen. R2095:6

17 And now, brethren, I wot that through ignorance ye did it, as did also your rulers. Ignorance ye did it – Unwittingly. F629, OV73:2; SM630:2

The Jews did not know whom they were crucifying, and were not a bit more to be blamed than was Paul for assisting in the killing of Stephen. Q368:T

The Pharisees knew not what they did. R2471:1; CR492:6

Conscientious conviction that they were doing right. R3052:1

We can suppose that some of the Scribes and Pharisees were murderers at heart and in deed. HG437:5

They were the blinded servants of Satan, though if their hearts had been true and humble, they would have been able to see. R5719:5, 5512:2, 5418:4, 4308:3, 1985:5

Without Satan's blinding influence the Jewish rulers would not have crucified our Lord. HG433:1

We are not to think those Jews as being specially wicked and reprehensible. OV43:1

Partly excusable ignorance, because it was the result of prejudice, which is a fruit of selfishness. R2786:3, 5577:6

We may entertain a measure of hope for some of the most violent opposers of the Truth, less in the case of those who have been enlightened by the Present Truth. F629

They saw the glories, not the sufferings. R4710:3

"Had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory." (1 Cor. 2:8) R5512:2, 5315:5, 5234:6, 5172:6, 5075:5, 4710:3, 4452:4, 4308:3; OV194:4; PT41:4; SM630:2

They merely fulfilled the divine intention. R5315:5, 5234:6

There would be divine forgiveness for the unintentional trespasses and transgressions which they have committed. R5751:4; HG147:6

In a measure extenuating their sin of crucifying the Messiah. R5964:5

Their national blinding was for a purpose, and is to be removed. (Rom. 11:25-27) R2116:5

The Jews who crucified Christ sinned against light and had great responsibility. R5452:2

If any begotten of the holy Spirit should join in any similar crime, the penalty would be the Second Death. R5452:2

The Lord kept secret from the Jews in general his identity. R4452:4

Intended to encourage any who began to realize their national sin, by showing that their sin might be forgiven. R1421:6

Ignorance and blindness of heart and mind is at the bottom of all the sufferings of Christ--both Head and body. R5872:2, 5642:6, 3895:2

This fact should not cause us to hate our opponents. R5872:2

So many of God's children who teach falsely, and thus exercise an injurious influence on the world, do it unintentionally. R1072:5, 5145:3

The majority of those who perpetrate evil do so because ignorant of the principles involved. R5260:4, 4607:6, 451:1*

When the church systems shall be raised up, all who stand for the plan of God will be evil spoken of, evil thought of and although offenders may be of the household of faith, we must feel kindly toward them. R5568:1

Also your rulers – None of the chief rulers believed Jesus was the Messiah. R2745:6; SM750:2

18 But those things, which God before had showed by the mouth of all his prophets, that Christ should suffer, he hath so fulfilled. That Christ should suffer – In order to enter into his glory. Without such suffering he never could be the King of Glory, with power to bless and restore humanity. R5416:3

19 Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord; Repent ye therefore – Repentance (change of mind) precedes conversion. R4246:2*; PT390:5, 7

Of personal as well as national sins. R5839:1

There is not forgiving on God's part without repentance. R1694:5

A change of mind, conduct, or both. R4246:1

The first stage of justification. PT390:6*

A prerequisite of salvation. R1437:2

And be converted – Turned around. R377:2, 5839:1, 4246:2

A radical change of thought or conduct. R2968:3

Indicating a progression in justification. PT390:7*

Receive now the covering of your sins through Christ, by faith, and have as a result the divine favor and instruction in righteousness. R2295:2, 5839:1

May be blotted out – Completely and forever removed. R2194:5, 5839:1, 4272:5, 3322:2, 2195:3, 2028:3

Our original sin was not blotted out; only "covered." R2667:1

It is one thing to have our sins forgiven, and quite another to have them blotted out. CR186:6; R3261:1

So long as the believer is blemished physically, mentally and morally, his sins are not blotted out. R2970:5

Our sins will be blotted out when we receive our new perfect bodies. R3314:6, 5839:1, 4659:1, 3802:4, 3261:2, 2970:5, 1654:2

For the Church, instantaneously: "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump." (1Cor. 15:52) R4659:5, 3729:6, 2970:5

In due time; at the second advent of Christ. F668, F116; R4272:5, 3802:4, 2970:5, 1654:2; NS475:4

With the glorious change of the first resurrection. (1 Cor. 15:43,44) R5839:1

Only believers have escaped from the condemnation that is still upon the world. R1229:4

When, at the close of this Christian Age, the work of election is consummated, then God's Free grace will be extended to all the remainder of mankind. Election now and Free Grace then. Q788:2

To the world this blotting out of sins will come gradually, during the Millennial age. R2970:6, 2028:3

Then sins will be actually blotted out, to be no more forever--no trace of them will longer remain. NS136:6

Full reconciliation of so many as will accept God's grace in Christ under the New Covenant. R2563:2, 3106:6, 2000:3; NS290:4

Because ransomed and bought from sin with the precious blood of Christ. R93:6; A162

Uplifting the world to all those glorious qualities of heart, mind and body which were Adam's when he was in the image of God. R4659:5; OV377:1, 346:3; NS182:1

Human weakness and imperfections, the marks of sin, will not be fully blotted out until toward the close of Messiah's reign. R1654:2; CR186:6

The return of favor to the Jews will be when God "shall take away their sins." (Rom. 11:27) B211

When the times – Greek, kairos; fixed times, as in "Times of the Gentiles" (Luke 21:24) B78[B78] Seasons. Q795:2

Years; or, thousand years. R5925:3, 412:6; SM152:T, 617:1; OV44:1

That fixes a definite time when the blessings of liberty from sin and death shall begin to be actually realized. R1494:5

Of refreshing – Recovery of breath. NS136:5

Making new. R741:5, 1494:3

Greenness--springtime. R4996:6

Times, or years, of restitution. SM617:1; C125; R278:1, 3106:6, OV148:2

The Millennial age, in the which he will judge the world. ( Acts 17:31) C125; HG187:2

Lifting up from sin and degradation back to human perfection. R4914:3; Q461:4; SM617:1

Of regenerating the world. R5141:5

All the dead in trespasses and sins will be revived. R3755:3

The rolling away of the curse during the thousand years of Christ's reign. A73, A222, A241; E360; R5141:5, 4776:4, 3755:3, 1248:5, 278:1, 271:5

Blessings upon all the families of the earth, including the ten scattered tribes. A154; C292; R1630:2, 4965:4; PT258:1; NS649:6

The return of favor to the Jews will be when God "Shall take away their sins." (Rom. 11:27) B211

The Jews will be first to participate in the blessings of the Messianic Kingdom. R4902:2

Under the New Covenant with Israel at the end of this Gospel age. R4659:2, 904:6; OV69:1

As a result of the second advent of Jesus, the Messiah. SM49:1; 436:5

Speedily to follow the great time of trouble. HG458:5

"He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass." (Psa. 72:6) R1414:6

Of blessing also the physical earth, the footstool of God. SM617:1

From the presence – Greek, prosopon; out from the face of, as a mark of favor. B188; R1414:3

Of the Lord – Jehovah; from his favor, as indicated by the figure of his face turned toward us. R1414:3, 4137:3, 2584:2; B188; NS90:6

20 And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you: And he shall send – At this appointed due time of refreshing. R1414:3, 4103:3

Messiah--at the second advent. NS194:6, 541:3, 716:3; HG143:4; 186:2; 232:5; OV289:5, 295:1; SM263:2

The times of refreshing or restitution are due at his return. R1422:1; NS527:3

Jesus Christ – Who will mediate between God and the world. Q451:7

He will then be the owner of the world and prepared to deal with them and effect restitution for as many as will obey him. R4555:1; PT243:2

The world's Prophet, Priest, King, Judge and Mediator. R4881:4, 4640:4, 4428:1, 3951:3; HG272:6

Which before – Who before. A89

21 Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the age began. Must receive – Must retain. R5517:4, 4996:6, 4623:1, 4137:3, 2295:2, 2096:1, 741:6; HG149:6; 187:2; 232:5; 35:1, 99:6, 111:6, 501:4, 541:3

For nearly two thousand years. E452

During all the intervening time from his ascension to the beginning of the times of restitution, or Millennial age. A94; HG342:5

Until the times – Years. R5925:3, 5839:1, 542:4*, 541:2*, 412:6, 276:2, SM617:1, 49:1; OV214:3, 148:2, 109:2; NS342:2

Processes. NS482:2

The period of renewing of the earth and of mankind. R2425:4

Change of dispensation. R5760:4, 5378:2, 2550:6; HG14:3

The whole restitution age, which will be at least one thousand years. HG55:3

Beginning the last 1,000 years of the 7,000-year Seventh Epoch-Day of Jehovah's "rest." (Gen. 2:2) F49, F50

At the end of the 6,000 years of the reign of evil; the antitypical Jubilee, a thousand years long in whose beginning we are now living. R2992:3; F51; NS138:6

The thousand years of Christ's reign. R3409:3, 5839:1, 5171:4, 4776:4, 1618:6; CR121:1; HG651:4; SM667:T; NS452:3, 523:4

The Millennial day. R5378:2[R5378:7], 4594:4, 3701:5, 3202:6, 3013:5, 1337:1, 276:2; 253:2; 214:3; SM331:T; CR65:6; OV214:3; NS716:3, 769:2

The great thousand-year judgment day. R3140:1, 4594:4

The 6,000 years of the reign of sin and death are past, we are living in the dawn of Messiah's day--the Millennium. R5262:3; NS111:6

"If I go, I will come again." (John 14:3) HG341:3

At Christ's second advent. R5863:6, 5171:4, 4776:4, 4753:1, 3847:3, 2859:5, 2425:4, 2351:5, 2116:6, 2096:1, 1618:6, 1483:2, 1359:5, 1018:2*, 904:6, 412:6, 366:4, 278:1, 238:1; E23, E24; CR116:2; 228:4; SM263:2, 331:T; HG149:6; 232:5; 406:3; OV289:5, 295:1; NS166:3, 216:1, 312:2, 475:4, 541:3, 716:3

Will follow our Lord's Second Advent and will last a thousand years. OV377:4

The Kingdom is to be set up at the second advent of our Lord Jesus. HG336:3[HG336:6]

The Millennium, or Times of Restitution, would result from the second coming of the Lord. C172[C172:1]; HG432:1[HG432:8]; NS8:5[NS8:4], 395:3

When, at his second advent, the great King of kings shall take the dominion of the world out of the hands of "the prince of this world." R1052:2

Beginning in 1874. B181, B182, B187, B188, B242

If restitution times chronologically began in October, 1874, the heavens no longer retain our Lord. This is an indirect way the Scriptures teach that the Lord became present in 1874. NS35:1, 8:6, 9:1; R123:6

By the jubilees, to have begun April 6th, 1875 and that he must have left the Holy Place on the tenth day of the seventh month, occurring October 22nd, 1874; or six months before the "times of restitution" began. HG55:2[HG60]

On the strength of this inspired statement alone, we have clear evidence of the fact that our Lord's second advent was due when the Times of Restitution were due to begin, viz., in October, A.D. 1874, as marked by the Jubilee arrangement. B188; NS8:6

The date marked by the Jubilee cycles as the beginning of the Times of Restitution, September 20th, 1874 was the year 6002 A.M. R1980:6

Hence we have already entered "the times of restitution of all things," at which time the return of Christ is due. HG58:5

At the close of the Gospel age, when the church shall have finished her course. R3310:3; NS395:3, 783:3

Following the manifestation of the sons of God (the saints). Rom. 8:19. R1881:5

"The whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God." (Rom. 8:22) HG334:1

When the Lord, at his second coming, shall have received his members to himself on the plane of glory. R5392:1, 5273:4

When the second Adam and the second Eve become one. R257:3

Following the "marriage supper of the Lamb." Then is when "the Spirit and the Bride shall say, Come." (Rev. 22:17) HG522:6

The second coming of our Lord and the association of His church with Himself in the kingdom, power and authority and rule, will begin the great blessing of the world. NS99:6

The period of the reign of the glorified Christ (Head and body). R2397:5; HG753:1; OV216:5

It should be noted that when the Lord occupies his throne, the Church reigns with him. (Matt. 25:31-46) ; HG336:5; NS184:5

When he whose right the dominion is, shall take his great power and reign. R683:3

Following the expiration of the "seven times" of Lev. 26:18,21,24,28 (2520 years). R4867:5

Following the great time of trouble. HG458:5; NS614:5, 781:3

Beginning when the new dispensation, represented by the river of the water of life, is made available to men. R3571:2

That future time, when the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord. R4137:3

All these things are in the future. They all belong to the millennial age. NS141:4

Of restitution – Restitution signifies to restore, to put back again into a proper condition. NS139:3

Restoration. R5636:4, 4594:4, 904:6, 741:6, 632:5*, 351:1; HG315:5

The "times of restitution" are the same as the times of "regeneration" in Matt. 19:27, 28 R4556:2; PT247:5

Of refreshment, reinvigoration, upbuilding. SM152:T

The only "good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people." (Luke 2:10) R1961:4; SM174:2

The "balm of Gilead." (Jer. 8:22) R3033:4[R3033:4]; 1693:4[R1693:4] When "the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord" (Hab. 2:14) causing "wars to cease unto the end of the earth." (Psa. 46:9) R544:2, 257:4; R6:2; CR270:3; OV384:1

Christ's Mediatorial kingdom. R4640:4, 4903:1; NS836:4

The actual deliverance of the redeemed race in God's due time and order. One of the foundation doctrines of the Word of God. R3621:6

A lifting up of the poor and needy, and a humbling of the great. R3015:3

Out of degradation, the mire of sin, the horrible pit of iniquity and death. R2706:5; NS182:1

The world's release from the bonds of sin and death. R3961:6, 5872:2, 5643:1, 3999:1; B177; NS680:5

When mankind has been lifted up out of weaknesses and death to full perfection, Adamic death will be destroyed. R4999:5

A return to primeval conditions. R2397:5, 3202:6

Restoring mankind to original perfection, plus knowledge. R4557:6, 5925:3, 5063:6, 3495:5, 1166:6; NS429:5

Foreshadowed by Jesus' miracles of healing, etc. R5068:5; HG547:5

A return to God's likeness. R4673:6, 4553:1, 2397:5; CR270:2; OV377:4; NS342:2

Giving them also the opportunity of becoming sons of God on the earthly plane. R4942:2, 376:4; 316:2

A new start, a new trial, a fresh opportunity of deciding for God, for righteousness. NS726:5

The key which unlocks God's goodness, love, mercy, and justice, and discloses "the exceeding riches of his grace." (Eph. 2:7) R130:1

The great hope for the world. SM134:1; E23; R5822:2; NS138:3

Man will see and feel the restitution work in themselves and in their fellows. R1771:6

Of resurrection for the world. R5167:2, 3106:6, 875:3*, 258:4; HG441:4; NS639:4

The restoration of the world to their "former estate" (life on earth). R541:2*; NS90:6

Man was not redeemed to a spiritual state, but earthly. R2841:1; OV236:5, 359:2; NS69:5

If the evolution theory be true then there were no sinners to be redeemed and restored. R2836:2, 3298:5, 3256:6, 2639:6; SM134:1; HG610:1; 707:3; NS428:4, 429:2

If man did not fall a ransom would be absurd, and a restitution would be a most undesirable thing. R1610:4, 1794:2, 1784:6, 1718:1, 1240:5

Life restored by the Second Adam. R258:4, 257:3, 6:1; HG12:3

The curse will be rolled away. The restitution work is the bringing back from the curse. R5760:3, 3409:3, 1457:2; Q850:3

When "thy dead men shall live." (Isa. 26:19) R1868:3

Evidenced by the awakening of Lazarus from death. R4335:6

Typed by Job's restoration to favor and his after-blessing. (Job 42:12,13) R1507:1, 584:1, 194:3

Out of the various degrees of death (represented by sickness and imperfection) up to lasting life as Adam enjoyed it before his disobedience. E393, R376:4

There never could be a Millennial age, "times of restitution," so long as the original sentence stood against the race. NS189:5

The lifting of the "curse" (Gen. 3:17) from the ground. R2076:2

There are evidences of the beginning of restitution in the Holy Land in the revival of the vineyards. R4666:1

Great changes in the climate of the earth; Satan will no longer be "the prince of the power of the air." (Eph. 2:2) R1771:6

"Then shall the earth yield her increase." (Psa. 67:6) R5058:1, 4768:2, 2775:6; OV384:1

"The desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose." (Isa. 35:1) R4768:2, 2775:6; Q845:1

"I will make the place of my feet glorious." (Isa. 60:13) R5058:1, 4988:5, 4768:2; Q850:3; NS844:6

"The desire of all nations shall come." (Hag. 2:7) R5517:4, 1693:4, 1091:3

Israel's Sabbath year of Jubilee has its antitype in the great Millennial age of rest. R4600:1, 1483:2; OV84:3, 88:3, 250:5; NS432:4, 726:4

Foreshadowed by Israel's Jubilee arrangement; when all debts expired, and all property returned to its original owner. B175; PD48/59; R4034:2, 1483:2, 937:6; NS8:6, 634:5

The masses think only of revolt against existing arrangements, because they see not the Jubilee of restitution. R1691:1

The great Sabbath of rest from evil. SM152:T

Of all things lost in Adam, to all his race who will accept them under the terms of the New Covenant. R5403:6, 4100:6, 3202:6, 2076:2, 1683:6, 1507:4, 1359:5

For all who accept the ransom. R1496:5, 2076:2

To the Jew first. R5273:5, 2196:1; A294; C256; OV66:2

For all Israel and through them for all mankind. R4659:1

The uplifting or restitution influences will begin with the living generations, but eventually extend to "all the families of the earth." ; HG446:2; NS614:5

According to the promise made to Abraham. HG514:1

The restoration of favor to Israel is a beginning. B243; R413:1

Jewish restitution is the first item of many blessings to be poured upon mankind by a gracious creator. OV66:2

The Israelites and the Sodomites will be sharers in that work of restoration. (Ezek. 16:53-55) R4594:4, 5314:5, 4881:3, 4599:4, 447:4

Not for the Church who sacrifice their earthly natures. R4646:2, 2632:5; CR98:5

Of all mankind--the not-elect, to human perfection. OV359:2, 390:2

The later Pentecost, in which God will pour out his Spirit upon all flesh. ( Acts 2:17) R4639:2, 2323:5

"Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth." (1 Tim. 2:4) R770:3; CR65:6

Under the New Law Covenant of the future. R4835:6; OV279:2

As a result of blotting out of sins. R866:3

Made possible by Jesus' sacrifice. PT386:4*; R5059:6; CR116:4

The result of the legal satisfaction of the claims of justice. R3000:2, NS510:1

In due time the redemption price will be applied to justice in exchange for the world of mankind. SM666:3

A ransom past and a consequent restitution in the future. R5801:4, 258:5; HG419:1

The death of Messiah was the seal--the guarantee of the fulfillment of all the visions and prophecies of coming blessings. B68

Brought to pass by The Christ, Head and body. R5636:4, 5558:2, 4542:2, 2397:4,5; SM143:2, 275:T; PT165:4; HG352:4; 367:5; OV216:5

Regeneration of the willing and obedient by Christ and his Bride. E140, E221, E419; R4988:5, 4556:2, 1683:5

Messiah will be the Regenerator and His bride will be the nourisher, instructor, helper, of all mankind under the New Covenant. SM207:2

Instructing, uplifting, blessing, all the willing and obedient. R5899:2, 5643:1, 5269:2, 3701:5, 3637:2; PD18/26; HG441:4; 651:4; OV44:1; NS658:3

The uplifting of man mentally, morally and physically, up, up, up, to all that was lost in Eden. R4640:4, 4903:1, 4753:1, 4552:6, 4322:5, 3571:2, 3495:5, 3310:3, 2281:4; NS182:1, 577:2, 579:6, 815:6

The uplifting will be along the lines of instruction, chastisement and correction in righteousness. R2379:3; NS690:6

When temperance reform, slum and healing work will be effectually accomplished. R5045:6

Their restitution or resurrection will gradually progress as the truth tries or judges them and finds them responsive. OV42:T

Actual obedience to the Divine Law, and actual attainment of this standard of character, will be required. NS690:5

"Resurrection by judgment." (John 5:29, Revised Version) R4556:3

In due time Satan will be bound. R3310:3, 3701:4, 2116:6, 2014:5; HG355:6; NS202:4

Times of restitution and blessing, not times of world-burning, will follow the second coming of Jesus. HG627:2

The restitution of all things does not begin until the return of Christ. "Elijah truly shall come and restore all things." (Matt. 17:11) ; HG56:2; 68:3; B254

When "the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in his beams." (Mal. 4:2) R4988:4, 2973:5, 2573:6, 2122:6, 1877:6

When the Redeemer shall be the Restorer. R3956:1, 276:2

In the Millennial morning the world will arise from sin and degradation and death and rejoice in the divine favor. R4428:2; PT141:1; NS556:3

It will require the entire thousand years for the full accomplishment of all these glorious things. R5839:2

The re-creating, the re-generation, the re-newing, the re-storing of the heart will be a gradual work and will require and have the Millennial age or times of restitution for its accomplishment. R1374:4, 542:4*, 276:2; A241; OV203:6; NS335:6

God foresaw that it would require a thousand years to banish selfishness and re-establish love in full control. D311

As soon as the foreordained number of the elect are glorified, the present age and its objects will have ended. Then the restitution work will begin. R5839:5, 5392:1, 4942:2; CR37:3

After the Church has experienced the new birth, the race will be restored to its primitive conditions of perfection and life as represented in Adam in the Garden of Eden. Q822:3

Adamic death will entirely cease when Christ, Head and body, shall introduce the New Covenant to the world through Israel. R1365:3

When Messiah has established his Kingdom with the Ancient Worthies in Israel, mankind will be still dying the Adamic death until they come into harmony with it and become "Israelites." This will take a considerable time. Q213:2, 214:T, 205:1, 206:2, 210:T

A slight beginning is already commencing in 1878 with the Berlin conference and opened the door for the restoration now beginning. R413:1

Of all things – A recovery of all that was lost in Adam. R3909:5, 3847:3, 3821:5, 3755:3, 3409:3, 3133:5, 2352:1, 1505:5, 1267:2, 27:5*; A73; HG12:3; 540:3; PD18/26; Q830:2

All that was lost in Eden and was redeemed at Calvary. R5063:6, 5037:2, 3889:5, 2596:6, 184:5; B179; E306, E457; 436:5

Of that lost by Adam and bought by Christ. E24, E221; R4776:4, 3913:3, 1879:5, 1567:6, 1256:4, 258:4; OV290:2; NS836:4

Of earthly privileges and blessings lost in the first Adam. E140, E466; R2841:1; PD18/26; NS69:5, 90:6, 274:1

Bringing the whole earth to be again a Paradise of God and worldwide Eden. R4557:6, 5694:2, 5063:6, 5057:6, 3571:2, 2836:3, 2580:6, 1750:2, 584:1, 184:5; CR116:2, 4; 196:4; Q845:1, 850:3

This will include a restoration of kingly powers to every member of Adam's race. R5636:4; NS280:2

Of life, health, and perfection of human nature. E221, E306, E402; R5078:5, 5063:6, 1879:5

Including those in the great prison house of death. R1903:3, 2813:6; HG496:5

"Both of the dead and living." (Rom. 14:9) R1118:5*

Of the living and dead of Israel. D557

Of the garden of Eden. D648; R5057:6, 4557:6; CR116:2; HG132:5; NS69:5

Of the dominion over earth. A191; R4914:2; Q461:4

Dominion over the lower animals. PD7/13; R5574:3

The lower animals will also share in the blessings and the restoration of order. R5574:2

Of happiness, from coming into harmony with God. R5126:1; NS182:1

To soundness of being. R1149:2*

Of long life. OV127:3; PT386:5*

Fellowship with God. E457

A full knowledge of God. R1166:6, 209:1

God hath spoken – Bound himself by his word and his oath. (Heb. 6:13-18) R5069:5

All his holy prophets – The Lord's Kingdom was the theme of them all. C20, A108; R1351:3; OV226:2; 344:6

Spoken by every prophet, either directly or indirectly. HG56:2

Speaking as the oracles of God. R3167:5

No prophet could be the Lord's mouthpiece without referring to these times. NS139:4

And cannot, therefore, be disputed by any who acknowledge the inspiration of the Bible. R1091:3

"Whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place." 2 Peter 1:19 R1761:4

Ezekiel (16:53-60) is one of the Prophets referred R4881:4

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, Micah, have spoken of these coming times. HG443:5

Restitution is the message of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. R5839:2; CR270:3

As the grand future consummation of the divine plan. D648

22 For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you. Moses – The Mediator of the Law Covenant. D629; R4646:4, 3917:3, 2858:6, 401:2; CR99:1; 485:3; SM200:3, NS141:2

Was the type of the greater Prophet, Christ the Head and the Church his body. B303, D629; R5963:5, 5421:5, 5298:3, 4503:6, 4341:5, 401:2; PT67:2; NS141:5, 352:4

Truly said – Foretold the great Mediator and the better work he would accomplish by the New Covenant. CR99:1; SM200:3; R4646:4

Pointing down to Christ's Millennial kingdom. Q219:T

A prophet – A teacher. D637; R4515:5, 4496:1, 4371:5, 4354:4, 4058:1, 3164:4, 2859:4, 2611:6; PT132:3, 20:5; Q219:T

Law-giver. R2859:4, 5046:6

Leader. R3999:4

Messiah. R5027:2, 4940:1, 4708:3; R4496:1, Q531:2; CR112:5; NS429:6, 493:6

Priest and King. R3917:3, 4638:4, 3063:4, 2314:1, 1693:4, 1364:3; Q531:2; PT110:T; NS502:2

The offices are united: "Thou art a priest forever after the order of Melchisedec"--who was a priest upon his throne. (Heb. 7:17) D637

The promised Seed of Abraham is the great Prophet of whom Moses wrote, and whom Paul explains to be the Christ--Jesus the Head, and the overcoming church the members of his body. R905:1; NS141:5

The Christ, Head and Body. D629; R5839:4, 5027:2, 4464:3, 4371:5, 4354:4, 4055:1, 3164:4, 3120:5, 3069:5, 2314:4, 283:4; CR157:3; PT20:5, 132:3; HG232:5; OV279:2; PD67/79; Q531:2; NS216:1, 352:4, 502:2

The Lamb of God. R3795:2

The Bride, the Lamb's wife. OV279:2; PD23/34

The glorified High Priest. R2242:5

Of which Jesus in the flesh was the forerunner, and preparer of the way before the still greater glorified Christ of the second advent. R2621:1

The Mediator of the New Covenant. R4714:3, 5928:4, 5027:2, 4940:1, 4708:3, 4496:1, 2859:1,3,4; D629; PT120:2, 250:1; NS723:2

Raise up – Elect and exalt. R1195:5

To power. R4371:5; PT20:5

The great antitypical Moses must be raised up, before the blessing of restitution can come to mankind in general. R5285:6, 5388:2, 3999:4; E144; CR96:3

The New covenant will become operative toward the world after the "Body of Christ is complete. D631

Jesus was the first raised up. R5421:5, 5298:3; 2859; Q469:T; CR93:5

The raising up of the members of this great prophet has been in process for nearly nineteen centuries. R4515:5, 4642:2, 4438:4, 2859:5; SM49:2, CR59:2; 326:5; PT111:2, 227:5, 230:2; Q531:2

The entire Gospel age has been the period of the raising up of the Christ. D629; R5928:1, 5922:6, 5421:5, 4436:2, 4354:4, 4341:5, 3069:5; CR43:2; PT132:3, 120:2

Already in the sense of being transformed by the renewing of their minds. These have the promise that they shall be raised up still further in "the first resurrection." R2859:6

Out of sin, death, the world, human nature, to be joint-heirs of glory, honor and immortality. OV30:1; R4835:6, 4504:1

Of your brethren – "The firstborn among many brethren." (Rom. 8:29) OV30:1

All Israel represented the whole world of mankind under the New Covenant. NS352:4

Like unto me – Moses, the typical prophet. R2858:3; SM499:1

A great Deliverer. A78; R4464:3, 704:6; CR59:2; NS141:1

But greater. R4714:3, 4631:4, 4496:1, 4440:4, 4055:1, 3756:2, 2858:5; C316; CR157:3; PT36:T, 196:1; OV89:3, 94:T; Q219:T; NS429:6

I am a type of him. R4940:1, 4631:4, 4058:1; CR93:5; 99:1; SM49:1

Moses was a type of Christ--Jesus the Head and the Church his Body. HG421:6; OV104:1; T77; NS216:1

The electing of the members of the Great Prophet like unto Moses continues. D631

The antitype of Moses, the mediator of the Law Covenant. R4438:4, 4436:2, 4354:4, 2858:6; E27; CR59:2; 96:3; PT132:3, 182:2; OV89:3, 94:T, 279:2, 286:1; Q219:T; SM200:3; NS141:2, 295:3

A better mediator than Moses--Messiah. OV76:2

Messiah, Head and body, Mediator of the New Covenant, as I am of the Law Covenant. R4560:6, 4503:6, 4440:4, 3917:3, 2709:2; CR326:5; OV286:1; PT36:T, 67:2

The New Law Covenant will be established as the old Law Covenant was, only on a higher plane and through a greater Mediator and by better sacrifices. R4322:5; PT33:2

The Representative of God to all mankind, as Moses was to all Israel. R5963:5

Able to do for the world what Moses was unable to do for Natural Israel. CR485:3

Cleansing the people, as Moses did in the type. R283:3, 4371:5; PT20:5

Reconciling them to the divine law. E27

The likeness is not of a personal kind, but a similarity of position and work. R1321:3

Christ Jesus, by full obedience to the Law Covenant, attained the right to "Moses' seat," the right to supersede Moses as the lawgiver. R5046:6

Like unto Moses: as "our Passover," as "the Resurrection," as "the Life." R1321:3, 1322:1

To whom every "Israelite indeed," was bound even unto death, with all their hopes of life anchored in him. F434

A beautiful blend of character; ability with humility. R1651:3

God's dealings with natural Israel will again be resumed, only on a higher plane, through the antitypical Mediator, The Christ, instead of Moses. R4646:3, 4681:1,5, 4642:3, 3917:3; OV29:4; PT111:2

Him shall ye hear – Obey. F113; OV29:4, 42:T, 76:2; R3597:3, 3555:6, 3164:4, 2185:4, 2063:5, 1195:5; NS430:1, 523:5

Heed. T78; R2394:2, 1056:6, 769:6, 700:6

A test, not of faith but of works. F113

If you desire to come back into harmony with God. R5298:3

"The dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God, and they that hear shall live." (John 5:25) R4793:2, 704:6; F708

That pure message which will effect their full deliverance from ignorance, superstition and sin. "I will turn to the people a pure message, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent." (Zeph. 3:8-9) R5733:4; OV384:1

"To come unto the knowledge of the truth." (1 Tim. 2:4) R2197:5

Every member of our race shall come to a clear knowledge of the Truth. NS284:1, 317:4

The individual will be obliged to cooperate. R2379:3

23 And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people. Shall come to pass – This prophecy belongs to the "Times of restitution of all things." R4371:5; PT20:4

By the end of the Millennial age. R2434:6, 4196:2, 4114:5, 3502:2, 3387:5

By outward obedience to the reasonable and just arrangement of the Kingdom, the sinner might live at least to the end of the Millennium. (Isa. 65:20) D643

In the harvest of the Millennial age. R1219:1; NS628:6

The world's second trial and its sentence yet future. R892:3; NS141:4

A change of dispensation. R3947:2

When the "ministry of reconciliation" (2 Cor. 5:19) is finished. R2855:6

At the time of final testing by the Father. R3109:2

In order to have a clean universe. A243

That every soul – Every person, individual, being. R892:3, 4371:5, 3063:4, 2611:6 700:6; SM314:1; PT20:5

Including the fallen angels. R2612:1, 1679:6

Which – After reasonable trial, be esteemed despisers of the grace of God. F709; SM358:2

After full, fair warning and helpful advice. R4542:6, 3684:4; PT166:2; NS547:6

When Christ and the New Covenant are made fully known. R1179:4

Will not – Those who will not accept the reconciliation. R3684:4; NS237:1

Whoever will not accept the righteous regulations of that government. NS668:4, 367:5

Will not submit to the rewriting of the divine law in his character. F360; NS414:5

Unwilling to progress, by obedience to that great Prophet. R3387:5

Who refuse obedience to His righteous authority. HG729:5; SM389:2

The correction not heeded. R2543:6; NS414:5

Being unwilling and disobedient. R5576:5, 1512:5, 1056:6, 1028:5*

The unwilling and rebellious. R4776:5, 4555:2, 2972:5; OV267:1; NS752:4, 782:6

All who neglect to come into fullest harmony with the knowledge that shall fill the whole earth. OV23:2

Whosoever at that time will not avail himself of the great privileges and blessings of liberty and return to the Father's family. R3512:4, 3406:6; CR37:4; SM167:T; NS456:1

Who do not conform to the Kingdom. R5575:4, 5276:6, 3590:1, 2980:1, 2640:4, 2375:1

All who will not come under the headship of Christ, but arrayed themselves under Satan, as enemies of God and righteousness. NS230:2, 648:1

But would fight against the Kingdom or oppose its rule in any particular. F709

Persistently refusing divine favor. R4049:1, 4903:1, 3219:2; NS614:6, 664:2

Who refuse the divine offer of reconciliation. E30, E193

Those who love sin, and deliberately choose it. E415; R3091:2, 2707:4

After coming "unto the knowledge of the truth." (1 Tim. 2:4) R2519:5; E415

When each one is brought to a knowledge of the Truth he is judged thereby. E199

When the Great Prophet, Priest, Judge, King, Head and members will begin dealing with Israel and through Israel with the world. R4331:1; PT52:2

There will be no call in the Millennial age; it will be a command. F93; R4175:3, 2334:5; NS598:6

Hear – Future tense. R1970:1

Give heed. T78; R3026:3, 2394:2, 1056:6, 768:6, 700:6

Obey. D519; E219, E473; F700; R4514:2, 3069:5, 3026:3, 2690:1, 2630:4, 2519:5, 2504:6, 2236:4, 2185:4, 1180:4; PT82:3; HG139:2; 306:6; 421:6; SM49:1, 58:1; NS141:4, 237:1, 262:1, 523:5, 602:1, 670:5

Render perfect obedience. T50; E218; R5822:5, 4613:1, 2833:1, 2611:6

Come forth to judgments, disciplines, corrections in righteousness. R4049:1, 4114:5; NS602:1, 690:6

Learn to love righteousness and hate iniquity. A303; R5823:3; SM589:3

"Then will I turn to the people a pure language (message)." (Zeph. 3:9) R5097:6

Every knee must bow and every tongue must confess. (Phil. 2:10, Rom. 14:11) R3687:3, 2972:5, 2473:6; SM58:1, 389:2; OV13:2, 30:T

The righteous shall be in the majority. R3555:6

Implies a command with the authority to enforce. R4729:1, 3094:3, 2334:5

Each will be required to heed the voice of the antitypical Moses. R4320:6

The rebellious will be dealt with by force and with "stripes" during the Millennium. NS614:6, 658:3

First all the blind eyes must be opened, and all the deaf ears unstopped. (Isa. 35:5) R4631:5, 5939:5, 3164:4, 2993:2, 2236:4; CR93:5

Gradually, line upon line, precept upon precept. (Isa. 28:10) F709

The gradual resurrection to perfect life, step by step, will be of believers only. R1077:5

And thus choose life. R2611:6, 892:5

"Hear and your soul shall live." (Isa. 55:3) R3597:3

In the end of the Millennium, all the willingly righteous shall have reached perfection, and all the unwilling shall have been destroyed. D654; R5576:5; HG434:6

If he fails to become one of God's people, he dies under the original wrath of God. R4638:4; PT110:1

That prophet – The glorious Christ, antitype of Moses. D519; E473; R4477:2, 4438:4, 4406:3, 3990:5, 2611:6, 2352:2, 2063:5; PT271:2; HG232:5; 752:5; OV286:1; NS216:1, 493:6

The great Mediator of the New Covenant. R4631:5, 4940:1, 4478:2, 4406:3, 4320:5; Q469:T; PT271:2, 273:13

"Mediator between God and men." (1 Tim. 2:5) R4579:1

The Christ, Head and body. R2833:1, 4537:6 4514:2; E218; F700; PT82:3, 273:13, 283:2; HG139:2; 732:5; NS502:2

Raised up during this Gospel age. R4631:5, 4514:2, 4477:2; CR43:2; PT82:3, 271:2

Teacher, Counselor, Leader. R2550:6, 5285:5, 4354:4, 3048:5; SM314:1; PT132:3; HG139:2; NS386:4, 602:1

Priest and King. R4806:3, 5922:5, 5299:5, 4638:4, 4631:6, 4331:1, 2519:5, 2504:6, 2352:2, 2314:1; PT52:2, 110:T; NS502:2

Messiah. R5299:5,3, 4940:1; SM314:1; NS493:6

The Messiah will be composed of Jesus the head and the Church his body, and together they will be the great Priest, Prophet, King, Judge and Mediator. CR43:2

Christ, "the Way, the Truth, and the Life." (John 14:6) R2454:5

When he speaks plainly to all the people. E333

Whose voice was typified by the still small voice which Elijah heard. R2334:5

Shall be destroyed – Be cut off in the Second Death. A107; D520; E199, E402, E471; R5939:5, 5344:5, 4640:4, 4175:3, 3528:1, 3512:4, 3406:6, 3164:4, 3094:3, 3069:5, 3063:4, 2763:5, 2833:1, 2252:5, 1454:1, 1195:5; HG344:5; 421:6; 514:4; OV267:1; SM589:3, 741:1; T50, T78; NS262:1; NS284:1; NS317:4; NS424:2; NS459:5; NS523:5; NS536:1; NS547:6; NS577:5; NS782:6

Sustain the loss of life, and therefore all the pleasures of life. R4965:1

A merciful blotting out of existence. R3502:2, 2574:4

With "everlasting destruction." (2 Thes. 1:9) E20, E199; R4507:6, 4140:4; 3947:2; SM766:2; OV166:1; 557:1

Shall "Be as though they had not been." (Obad. 1:16) R1216:6, 4965:1; E387; NS523:5

Final extinction, utterly destroyed. R5493:6, 4331:1, 4341:6, 4196:3; PT52:2; 272:6, 283:6, 448:6; OV47:3; SM437:1; NS14:2, 295:3, 429:1, 523:5, 547:6, 606:6

Cut off forever from life without remedy or hope. R912:2, 1679:6; A:303; E20; SM49:1; HG514:4; NS459:5, 557:1, 858:1

Destroyed as unworthy of life. HG729:5; NS536:1

Shall not be tormented. R4140:4, 3947:2, 3074:6, 2574:4, 803:3; SM314:2; NS523:5, 670:6

Contrary to the unscriptural teaching of eternal torment. R3083:1,4

He never gets out from the original wrath of God. R4638:4; PT110:1

"As natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed." (2 Pet. 2:12) R5847:4, 5078:5, 5037:4, 4965:4; SM314:2, 437:1; OV166:1; NS523:5, 863:6

The revival of man's life in the Millennial age will not make him immortal or incapable of destruction. HG358:3

"Evil-doers shall be cut off." (Psa. 37:9) E240

"Shall not see life" in its full sense. (John 3:36) F700; R4638:4; PT110:1

"The wrath of God abideth on them. (John 3:36) E439

"On whomsoever it (this stone) shall fall, it will grind him to powder." (Luke 20:18) R1983:4

Prefigured by the destruction of the Egyptians in the Red Sea. R3998:5, 3999:4; F459

Illustrated by the fate of Korah and his associates for their conspiracy against Moses' leadership. (Num. 16:31-33) PD34/45

The "goat" class in the parable of the sheep and goats. (Matt. 25:31-46) R3528:4, 769:6, 701:1

"Those mine enemies which would not that I should reign over them." (Luke 19:27) R3219:1

"He will not always chide, neither will he keep (retain, or hold back) his anger forever." (Psa. 103:9) R1402:6, 1772:2

Not wail and gnash his teeth and blaspheme God's name throughout eternity. R2713:2

Not worthy of further effort on God's part for their reclamation. R5576:5; CR471:4

All rejecters, after bring brought to a full knowledge of God's character and plan, and of their privileges in Christ. R4594:4, 3219:2, 2473:6, 1855:6, 1077:5; OV152:6; NS284:1, 317:4

All who reject the grace of God. R2314:4, 1778:4; CR139:2; HG192:1; OV152:6; NS741:4

All that refuse divine favor under that New Covenant. R4341:6; NS699:1, 718:1

Those who reject the ransom. R884:4

The wilful sinners against light and opportunity. R2690:4, 5822:2, 3870:3, 3687:3, 3048:5, 1855:6, 1149:4*; HG192:1; 268:1; 305:6; OV13:2; NS222:5, 386:4, 424:2, 547:6, 577:5, 699:1, 706:6

All who obey merely because compelled by force. D520

All not in fullest heart-harmony with the Lord. R3228:3, 2713:2, 1879:6; CR50:5; NS547:6, 686:1

All who do not conform to God's law of love. R5575:4, 258:5

All who will not obey him throughout the Millennial age. R5253:6, 3063:4, 1685:4

All shall be tested and the disobedient cut off from life. R1068:4; HG309:1

Those who cling to sin and injustice. R2993:3

Those who shall ultimately prove incorrigible. R4140:4, 4114:5, 2596:4, 1056:6; OV312:5, 256:5

Those who knowingly, willingly, understandingly oppose the restitution work. R3889:5, 770:1; SM741:1; NS523:5

Those who refuse to walk up the "highway of holiness." (Isa. 35:8) R2331:6, 2763:5, 2063:5

"The ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous...but the way of the ungodly shall perish." (Psa. 1:5,6) R1235:1

"Not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." (2 Peter 3:9) R1085:6

"Every soul shall die for his own sin." (Jer. 31:30) R111:1

No lover of righteousness shall suffer the Second Death, and no lover of evil shall escape it. R1782:1, 1273:5

Christ "dieth no more" (Rom. 6:9) and will release none from R2657:4

Among the people – Losing all that the faithful will gain. E388

No one shall continue except those who are in accord with God. SM230:2

24 Yea, and all the prophets from Samuel and those that follow after, as many as have spoken, have likewise foretold of these days.
25 Ye are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying unto Abraham, And in thy seed shall all the kindreds of the earth be blessed. Covenant – Back to his covenant relationship established on a better basis. R952:4

Christ will mediate for Israel the New Covenant as a substitute for their old one. R4555:1

A covenant includes promises, but implies an agreement. PT359:2*

In thy seed shall – A glimmer of promise that God would at some future time do something for mankind. R5768:3

Jews were in darkness in respect to the meaning of this promise. R5769:5

Be blessed – This seed of Abraham, The Christ, will roll away the curse, and roll in instead God's blessings upon humanity. CR366:3; R5769:5, 4557:3; NS778:6

This is the "Everlasting Gospel." (Rev. 14:6) R345:1

26 Unto you first God, having raised up his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities. Unto you first – To Israel first was the Gospel of the new dispensation preached--"To the Jew first, and afterward to the Gentile." (Luke 24:46-47, Acts 13:46, Rom. 2:9- R1846:2, 1795:1, 1422:2; Q380:1

As the natural seed of Abraham, God offered to them first the special favor of high exaltation to bless the world. R1422:2

According to God's covenant with their fathers. R1795:1

"For the promise is unto you, and unto your children." Acts 2:39 R1541:6

Until the seventy weeks of favor ended. C169; Q380:1

Raised up – And since has been raising up the Church. R5928:2; PT120:2

Jesus – The Messenger of a New Covenant. R1958:3

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