Expanded Bible Comments



A - Scripture Studies, Volume 1 - The Divine Plan of the Ages
B - Scripture Studies, Volume 2 - The Time is at Hand
C - Scripture Studies, Volume 3 - Thy Kingdom Come
D - Scripture Studies, Volume 4 - The Battle of Armageddon
E - Scripture Studies, Volume 5 - The Atonement Between God and Man
F - Scripture Studies, Volume 6 - The New Creation
R - Watch Tower Reprints
Q - Question Book (What Pastor Russell Said)
T - Tabernacle Shadows
CR - Convention Report Sermons
HG - Harvest Gleanings, Vol. 1
NS - Newspaper Sermons (Harvest Gleanings, Vol. 2)
OV - Overland Monthly (What Pastor Russell Wrote)
PD - Photo Drama of Creation
PT - What Pastor Russell Taught [a.k.a. Covenants Book]
SM - Sermon Book
:1-6 Section of Page as per Chart Herewith (Used for Reprints, Convention Report Sermons, Harvest Gleanings, Newspaper Sermons)
:1-9 Paragraph Numbers (Used for all other books, except Scripture Studies, where only a page number is given)
:T Referring to portion of paragraph at top of page, carried over from preceding page
:I-x Referring to page numbers of forewords in Six Volumes of Scripture Studies
* Referring to quotations from articles not written by Pastor Russell
- "To," Used where a reference covers multiple sections or pages
/ Separating page numbers of Old and New Editions of Photo Drama of Creation
Italics Generally used to denote Hebrew and Greek words
1 4
2 5
3 6