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1 Thus saith the LORD; Behold, I will raise up against Babylon, and against them that dwell in the midst of them that rise up against me, a destroying wind; Against Babylon – Mystic Babylon, Christendom. D26; HG64:1

And against them – All in sympathy with Babylon. D39

I will raise up against Babylon – Compare Eze. 5:8 Additional Comments.

A destroying wind – The wind of Elijah's vision. 1 Kings 19:11
2 And will send unto Babylon fanners, that shall fan her, and shall empty her land: for in the day of trouble they shall be against her round about. The day of trouble – Rendered "evil" in "I create evil." (Isa. 45:7) A125

3 Against him that bendeth let the archer bend his bow, and against him that lifteth himself up in his brigandine: and spare ye not her young men; destroy ye utterly all her host.
4 Thus the slain shall fall in the land of the Chaldeans, and they that are thrust through in her streets.

5 For Israel hath not been forsaken, nor Judah of his God, of the LORD of hosts; though their land was filled with sin against the Holy One of Israel.
6 Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul: be not cut off in her iniquity; for this is the time of the LORD'S vengeance; he will render unto her a recompense. Flee – No one is responsible to flee unless he sees that it is Babylon, but the very suggestion that it is Babylon means that one should make a thorough investigation to see if it is so. Q65:T

Present Truth will guide us into closer fellowship with God and separateness of mind, heart and service from Babylon. SM127:2

For those who obey this command there is but one place of refuge, "The secret place of the Most High" (Psa. 91:1)--the place or condition of complete consecration. D43

Out of the midst – "Come out of her, my people." (Rev. 18:4) D43; R436:5, R2538:1

The Lord's people are not to look back at the things that are to be destroyed. R5456:4

With a full renunciation of the things of the present time. R5456:5

And deliver – This call must be heard and heeded before the disaster comes; for it will come suddenly, as in an hour. SM411:2

Whoever shall seek to save his life must lose it. Whoever shall lose his life will thereby be preserving it. (Luke 9:24) R5456:5

LORD'S vengeance – A part of the work of the second advent will be the overthrow of antitypical Babylon. R5092:3; D39

A recompence – In the time of trouble God will repay his enemies according to their deeds. D39

7 Babylon hath been a golden cup in the LORD'S hand, that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad. A golden cup – Representing the Bible, the Divine Standard or authority. SM407:1

"Having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations." (Rev. 17:4) C156

The cup suggests that the unfaithful church had once been the receptacle of divine truth. R5092:1

Made all the earth drunken – Not that every doctrine presented by Papacy was false and intoxicating; but that a stupefying potion was put into the wine already in the cup. SM407:2

So strong is the power of this intoxication that its inconsistencies are not discerned by those intoxicated. SM408:1

Nations have drunken – As heathen philosophies were joined with Christianity a poisonous draught was mixed and poured into the "golden cup" of truth, making all nations drunk. R5910:6

"She made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication." (Rev. 14:8) C156

Wine – False doctrine. R5092:1

The nations are mad – Intoxicated with her errors. C156

As error spread, the spirit of ambition superseded the spirit of humility. R5910:6

The pagan doctrine of the immortality of the soul, combined with that of the torture of the wicked, resulted in the doctrine of eternal torture. R5911:1

During the Dark Ages millions were tortured, exiled, and murdered in multitudinous ways. R5911:2

8 Babylon is suddenly fallen and destroyed: howl for her; take balm for her pain, if so be she may be healed. Is suddenly fallen – Both literal and symbolic Babylon. R2498:3

"Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen." (Rev. 18:2) C156

She has been spewed out of his mouth, and the Almighty now calls upon his true people to "come out of her." (Rev. 18:4) R5478:2

And destroyed – And broken. C156

Howl for her – "And they cast dust on their heads and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, Alas, that great city." (Rev. 18:19) C156

"The merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her." (Rev. 18:11) R1371:6

Take balm – Human remedies. D469

For her pain – Her wound. C156

9 We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed: forsake her, and let us go every one into his own country: for her judgment reacheth unto heaven, and is lifted up even to the skies. Babylon – The chief empire of earth in Jeremiah's day; an illustration of a prophecy which has had one literal fulfillment, and is about to have its second or higher fulfillment. R436:5

Is not healed – Illustrated by preparations for war among nations which confess allegiance to the Prince of Peace. R4411:6*

The protests and warnings of the righteous are steadily ignored by the world. D542

There is no balm in Gilead, and no physician there. (Jer. 8:22) D469

Forsake her – "Come out of her, my people." (Rev. 18:4) D543

Get out from under her influence; stand free from this bondage to error and worldliness. R5696:6

His own country – To the true Church, or to the world, as the case may be, according as each is thus proved to be of the wheat or the tares. C156

Her judgment – Her punishment. C156

Reacheth unto heaven – "Her sins have reached unto heaven and God hath remembered her iniquities." (Rev. 18:5) R1371:6

10 The LORD hath brought forth our righteousness: come, and let us declare in Zion the work of the LORD our God. Declare in Zion – There is a nominal spiritual Zion, and a nominal fleshly Zion. D23; A297; T33

11 Make bright the arrows; gather the shields: the LORD hath raised up the spirit of the kings of the Medes: for his device is against Babylon, to destroy it; because it is the vengeance of the LORD, the vengeance of his temple. The kings – Of Christ's Kingdom, the Royal Priesthood. R2498:4

Of his temple – The Christ. T70

12 Set up the standard upon the walls of Babylon, make the watch strong, set up the watchmen, prepare the ambushes: for the LORD hath both devised and done that which he spake against the inhabitants of Babylon. The walls – Civil power. D40

13 O thou that dwellest upon many waters, abundant in treasures, thine end is come, and the measure of thy covetousness. Upon many waters – "The waters that thou sawest where the whore sitteth are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues." (Rev. 17:15) R1371:6, R5846:2

The literal was built on the river Euphrates and derived wealth and splendor from that source; the symbolic is seated upon many waters--peoples, nations, from which it derives its support. R45:1

14 The LORD of hosts hath sworn by himself, saying, Surely I will fill thee with men, as with caterpillars; and they shall lift up a shout against thee. They shall lift up a shout –
From an unused root (meaning to shout); acclamation: - shout (-ing).
When this word "shout" [Strong's H1959] is elsewhere used it is always in connection with the treading out of grapes. Isa. 16:9,10; Jer. 25:30; Jer. 48:33

15 He hath made the earth by his power, he hath established the world by his wisdom, and hath stretched out the heaven by his understanding.
16 When he uttereth his voice, there is a multitude of waters in the heavens; and he causeth the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth: he maketh lightnings with rain, and bringeth forth the wind out of his treasures.
17 Every man is brutish by his knowledge; every founder is confounded by the graven image: for his molten image is falsehood, and there is no breath in them.
18 They are vanity, the work of errors: in the time of their visitation they shall perish.
19 The portion of Jacob is not like them; for he is the former of all things: and Israel is the rod of his inheritance: the LORD of hosts is his name.

20 Thou art my battle ax and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms; With thee – Spiritual Israel (see vs. 19). Here God declares that He uses the saints to tear down and destroy the kingdoms and nations. Compare with Psa. 149:6-9.
21 And with thee will I break in pieces the horse and his rider; and with thee will I break in pieces the chariot and his rider;
22 With thee also will I break in pieces man and woman; and with thee will I break in pieces old and young; and with thee will I break in pieces the young man and the maid;
23 I will also break in pieces with thee the shepherd and his flock; and with thee will I break in pieces the husbandman and his yoke of oxen; and with thee will I break in pieces captains and rulers.
24 And I will render unto Babylon and to all the inhabitants of Chaldea all their evil that they have done in Zion in your sight, saith the LORD. Babylon – Christendom, the nominal Christian church, especially the Papacy. D26, D39

Of Chaldea – Babylonia, Christendom, all the nations of the so-called Christian world. D39

25 Behold, I am against thee, O destroying mountain, saith the LORD, which destroyest all the earth: and I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks, and will make thee a burnt mountain. Mountain – Kingdom. A318

Will make thee a burnt mountain – A destroyed kingdom.
26 And they shall not take of thee a stone for a corner, nor a stone for foundations; but thou shalt be desolate for ever, saith the LORD. Shall not take of thee – Babylon, Christendom is NOT to be the head of the great antitypical pyramid. No the true Kingdom of Christ will be based upon the true foundation of Christ and the Apostles. Eph. 2:20

A stone for a corner – No. The chief corner-stone is Christ. Isa. 28:16

27 Set ye up a standard in the land, blow the trumpet among the nations, prepare the nations against her, call together against her the kingdoms of Ararat, Minni, and Ashchenaz; appoint a captain against her; cause the horses to come up as the rough caterpillars. Set ye up a standard – The standard of the truth. D40

Blow the trumpet – The seventh trumpet, the last trump, the trump of God, the trump of knowledge and liberty. B148

Not metallic trumpets. The angelic movements under the seventh trumpet are as noiseless as they have been under the other six. HG26:1

28 Prepare against her the nations with the kings of the Medes, the captains thereof, and all the rulers thereof, and all the land of his dominion. The kings – Of Christ's Kingdom, the Royal Priesthood. R2498:4

29 And the land shall tremble and sorrow: for every purpose of the LORD shall be performed against Babylon, to make the land of Babylon a desolation without an inhabitant.
30 The mighty men of Babylon have forborne to fight, they have remained in their holds: their might hath failed; they became as women: they have burned her dwellingplaces; her bars are broken.
31 One post shall run to meet another, and one messenger to meet another, to show the king of Babylon that his city is taken at one end,
32 And that the passages are stopped, and the reeds they have burned with fire, and the men of war are affrighted.

33 For thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; The daughter of Babylon is like a threshingfloor, it is time to thresh her: yet a little while, and the time of her harvest shall come. Of her harvest – "Thrust in thy sickle and reap, for the time is come for thee to reap, for the harvest of the earth is ripe." (Rev. 14:15) R1371:6

34 Nebuchadrezzar the king of Babylon hath devoured me, he hath crushed me, he hath made me an empty vessel, he hath swallowed me up like a dragon, he hath filled his belly with my delicates, he hath cast me out.
35 The violence done to me and to my flesh be upon Babylon, shall the inhabitant of Zion say; and my blood upon the inhabitants of Chaldea, shall Jerusalem say.
36 Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, I will plead thy cause, and take vengeance for thee; and I will dry up her sea, and make her springs dry.
37 And Babylon shall become heaps, a dwellingplace for dragons, and astonishment, and an hissing, without an inhabitant. For dragons – "An habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird." (Rev. 18:2) R1371:6

38 They shall roar together like lions: they shall yell as lions' whelps.
39 In their heat I will make their feasts, and I will make them drunken, that they may rejoice, and sleep a perpetual sleep, and not wake, saith the LORD. They – Babylon's great ones, highly esteemed by her subjects, called by various dignified and high sounding titles. R1951:4

Perpetual sleep – As clergy, with high-sounding titles and offices, they shall never awake or exist again as such. R1951:4

Olam, lasting, not endless. R3725:5*

40 I will bring them down like lambs to the slaughter, like rams with he goats.

41 How is Sheshach taken! and how is the praise of the whole earth surprised! how is Babylon become an astonishment among the nations! How is Sheshach taken – Representing Babylon. The religious element will be the last to fall. (Jer. 25:26) HG94:1

42 The sea is come up upon Babylon: she is covered with the multitude of the waves thereof. The sea – Restless, anarchistic masses of mankind. A318

43 Her cities are a desolation, a dry land, and a wilderness, a land wherein no man dwelleth, neither doth any son of man pass thereby.
44 And I will punish Bel in Babylon, and I will bring forth out of his mouth that which he hath swallowed up: and the nations shall not flow together any more unto him: yea, the wall of Babylon shall fall. Bel in Babylon – The God of Babylon, the Pope. D40

Out of his mouth – He shall repudiate in his extremity the "great swelling words" and blasphemous titles which he has for so long appropriated to himself. D40

The wall of Babylon – The civil power that once defended it and that in a measure does so still. D40

Built of ignorance and superstition, whose great foundations were laid centuries ago. SM409:2

45 My people, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of the LORD. Go ye out – "Come out of her, my people." (Rev. 18:4) R1371:6, R2538:1

46 And lest your heart faint, and ye fear for the rumour that shall be heard in the land; a rumour shall both come one year, and after that in another year shall come a rumour, and violence in the land, ruler against ruler. Rumour that shall be heard – "Ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars." (Mark 13:7,8; Luke 21:8,9) R5969:2*

Another year – A second year. R5969:2*

47 Therefore, behold, the days come, that I will do judgment upon the graven images of Babylon: and her whole land shall be confounded, and all her slain shall fall in the midst of her.
48 Then the heaven and the earth, and all that is therein, shall sing for Babylon: for the spoilers shall come unto her from the north, saith the LORD. The heaven – The powers of spiritual control. A318

And the earth – Society. A318

Destroyers shall come unto her from the north – "Higher gate which lieth toward the north... six men came... every man with a slaughter weapon in his hand.." - Eze. 9:1, 2
49 As Babylon hath caused the slain of Israel to fall, so at Babylon shall fall the slain of all the earth. So at Babylon – Because of her greater responsibility, against her will burn the fierceness of his wrath and indignation. D28

At Babylon shall fall the slain – Compare Isa. 34:3.

50 Ye that have escaped the sword, go away, stand not still: remember the LORD afar off, and let Jerusalem come into your mind.
51 We are confounded, because we have heard reproach: shame hath covered our faces: for strangers are come into the sanctuaries of the LORD'S house.
52 Wherefore, behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will do judgment upon her graven images: and through all her land the wounded shall groan.
53 Though Babylon should mount up to heaven, and though she should fortify the height of her strength, yet from me shall spoilers come unto her, saith the LORD.

54 A sound of a cry cometh from Babylon, and great destruction from the land of the Chaldeans:
55 Because the LORD hath spoiled Babylon, and destroyed out of her the great voice; when her waves do roar like great waters, a noise of their voice is uttered:
56 Because the spoiler is come upon her, even upon Babylon, and her mighty men are taken, every one of their bows is broken: for the LORD God of recompenses shall surely requite.
57 And I will make drunk her princes, and her wise men, her captains, and her rulers, and her mighty men: and they shall sleep a perpetual sleep, and not wake, saith the King, whose name is the LORD of hosts. Made drunk – An intoxication of error, false doctrines and theories. R4287:3

58 Thus saith the LORD of hosts; The broad walls of Babylon shall be utterly broken, and her high gates shall be burned with fire; and the people shall labour in vain, and the folk in the fire, and they shall be weary. Her high gates – Representing mystic Babylon's worldly wisdom, human ingenuity and dexterity of organization to maintain control of the symbolic waters. SM409:2

Be burned with fire – Be destroyed. D40

The same symbol of fire is used by St. Peter in referring to the same trouble and destruction. SM424:3

Shall labour in vain – To prop and save the walls of Babylon. D40

59 The word which Jeremiah the prophet commanded Seraiah the son of Neriah, the son of Maaseiah, when he went with Zedekiah the king of Judah into Babylon in the fourth year of his reign. And this Seraiah was a quiet prince. Serariah – Serayah, Strong's Hebrew 8304, ser-aw-yaw'; or Serayahuw, ser-aw-yaw'-hoo; from Hebrew 8280 (sarah) and Hebrew 3050 (Yahh); Jah has prevailed; Serajah, the name of nine Israelites :- Seraiah. - Not to be confused with the name Sarah.
60 So Jeremiah wrote in a book all the evil that should come upon Babylon, even all these words that are written against Babylon. Jeremiah wrote in a book – The prophets did not confine themselves to oral teachings. R1145:3

61 And Jeremiah said to Seraiah, When thou comest to Babylon, and shalt see, and shalt read all these words;
62 Then shalt thou say, O LORD, thou hast spoken against this place, to cut it off, that none shall remain in it, neither man nor beast, but that it shall be desolate for ever.
63 And it shall be, when thou hast made an end of reading this book, that thou shalt bind a stone to it, and cast it into the midst of Euphrates: Midst of Euphrates – Peoples, nations. B209

Cast it into the midst of Euprhrates – Babylon, Christendom (Christ's Kingdom, falsely so-called, that mixture of church united with the state that existed in Europe – R5854) is brought down to the level of the people who once supported her (Euphrates.)
64 And thou shalt say, Thus shall Babylon sink, and shall not rise from the evil that I will bring upon her: and they shall be weary. Thus far are the words of Jeremiah. Shall Babylon sink – Into the restless sea of ungovernable peoples. D111

Showing that her destruction will be sudden, violent and complete. D37

And shall not rise – "And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down and shall be found no more at all." (Rev. 18:21) R1371:6, R5478:2

The "sea" of anarchy will swallow up the false systems. R5478:2

Babylon shall sink, and shall not rise – Exactly as is stated in Nahum 1:9-10.
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