Parallel Dates
Between Jewish and Gospel Ages
Jewish Age Event Gospel Age Event
1813 B.C. Death of Jacob - Beginning of Jewish Age 33 A.D. Death of Jesus - Beginning of Gospel Age
626 B.C. 1st Babylonian invasion of Jerusalem
Last typical Jubilee kept-?
607 B.C. End of Zedekiah's reign
Beginning of Israel's 70 yrs
Beginning of the Times of the Gentiles
537 B.C. Decree of Cyrus
Ending Israel's 70 yrs
455 B.C.
2 B.C. Birth of Jesus
29 A.D. Anointing of Jesus at His Baptism - Presence of Messiah 1874 A.D. Presence of Messiah (2nd Advent)
33 A.D. Casting off of Jewish Church-Nation, Raising of Christ Jesus (Head of the Church) 1878 A.D. Casting off of Nominal Christian Church-Nation (Christendom), Raising of the Church (sleeping saints, the Body of the Church)
36 A.D. Conversion of Cornelius, 1st Gentile convert - End of Exclusive favor to Jews. 1881 A.D. End of Exclusive favor to nominal Christian House - Full number (144,000) reached.
69-70 A.D. Destruction of Jewish Church-State system and their Temple 1914-15 A.D. Destruction of Church-State system of Christendom