Memorial Meditations

A compilation of the writings of
Charles Taze Russell
on the subject of
The Memorial of our Lord's Death

Table of Contents
Comprehensive Coverage The Supper at Bethany Peter's Denial
The Typical Passover The Triumphal Entry Trial Before Sanhedrin
The Memorial Washing the Disciples' Feet The Trial Before Pilate
Signifigance of the Emblems The Words of John 14-17 The Crucifixion
The Ransom Gethsemane The Passover of the New Creation
Anticipating the Memorial The Betrayal by Judas

Comprehensive Coverage

R465 April 1883 The Passover
R839 March 1886 The Lord's Supper
R1013 March 1888 "This Do In Remembrance of Me"
R1100 March 1889 Anniversary of Our Lord's Death
R2771 February 1901 The Lord's Supper
R3363 May 1904 The Last Supper
R3525 March 1905 Our "Passover" Memorial
R3749 April 1906 "The Passover Must Be Killed"
R3879 October 1906 "This Do In Remembrance of Me"
R4590 April 1910 The Memorial Passover Supper
R5191 March 1913 The Coming Memorial Supper
R5541 September 1914 Two Passover Memorials
R5640 March 1915 The Blood of Sprinkling of the Passover
R5869 March 1916 Thoughts on the Memorial Season

Other References
R5532 No Cross, No Crown
Hymn 108 I Came to Jesus
Poems of the Way 137 Perfect Through Suffering
R619 Till He Come
Hymn 65A Jesus, Grant Us Strength
R5214 Gethsemane
R572 The Blood For A Token

The Typical Passover

R94 April 1880 Christ Our Passover
R208 April 1881 The Lord's Supper
R721 February 1885 Christ Our Passover
R1657 June 1894 The Passover Instituted
R1657 June 1894 Passage of the Red Sea
R1800 April 1895 The Lord's Supper
R2379 November 1898 Hezekiah's Great Passover
R2917 December 1901 "Christ Our Passover Was Sacrificed For Us"
R3548 April 1905 The Memorial Celebration
R4384 May 1909 Passover and Atonement Day Sacrifices
R4703 October 1910 "This Do In Remembrance of Me"
R5272 July 1913 Israel Spared, Or Passed Over
OV93 Overland Monthly The Passover of the First-Borns
PD33 The Photodrama of Creation The Passover Instituted
Q524 What Pastor Russell Said (Question Book) Passover -- How Often Repeated?
Q524 What Pastor Russell Said (Question Book) Passover -- Who Typified By First-born?
Q524 What Pastor Russell Said (Question Book) Passover -- Passover As Related to Atonement Day
SM557 Pastor Russell's Sermons Passover In Type and In Antitype

Other References
R833 Our Celebration
Pilgrim Echoes Page 511 The Ugly Cross
Hymn 123 In the Cross I Glory
Poems of the Way P.95 With Christ Apart
Songs of the Nightingale P.127 Before You
R1013 Whom Will Ye Serve?
R4335 The Church and the Passover
Hymn 122 Christ, Our Passover
Poems of the Way P.98 Mary of Bethany

The Memorial

R225 May 1881 Our Passover
R325 March 1882 The Passover
R1021 April 1888 Till He Come
R1382 March 1892 The Memorial Supper
R1625 March 1894 The Annual Memorial Supper
R1786 March 1895 The Memorial Supper
R1793 April 1895 As to Serving the Memorial Emblems
R1942 March 1896 The Memorial of Our Lord's Death
R2115 March 1897 The Memorial Supper
R2291 April 1898 The Celebration of the Memorial
R2429 February 1899 The Date For the Memorial Supper
R2592 March 1900 The Memorial Supper
R2622 May 1900 The Memorial Supper
R3635 September 1905 Who May Properly Memorialize?
R3706 April 1906 The Passover Memorial April 8, 1906
R4127 February 1908 The Passover In the First Month
R4375 April 1909 The Memorial Celebration
R4756 February 1911 1911 -- the Memorial Supper -- 1911
R5420 March 1914 The Memorial Supper April Tenth
PD67 The Photodrama of Creation The Memorial Supper
Q486 What Pastor Russell Said (Question Book) 1911 Memorial Supper -- Why We Partake.
Q486 What Pastor Russell Said (Question Book) 1911 Memorial Supper -- Use of Wine At.
Q525 What Pastor Russell Said (Question Book) 1916 Passover and Atonement -- When and Why Observed.

Other References
Poems of the Way P. 73 If We'd Been There
R2387 Should We Celebrate?
R5875 Passover Proving
R1321 The Prophet Like Unto Moses
Hymns of Dawn #276 Sweet The Moments
R843 Jesus Of Nazareth
Songs of the Nightingale P.128
Poems of the Way P.11 Gethsemane And Calvary
Bible Students' Hymnal #31 Beneath The Cross of Jesus
Poems of the Way P.174 I Am The Vine, Ye Are The Branches
R490 The Tempted And Tried
Hymns of Dawn #135 Near The Cross
R1876 The Peace Of Christ
R4622 Brother Russell's Foreign Tour
R2167 Calvary
R3606 Lord, Choose My Cross For Me

Signifigance of the Emblems

R509 July 1883 The Bread and the Wine
R740 April 1885 The Passover Supper
R899 February 1887 The Lord's Supper
R936 May 1887 Our Anniversary Supper
R1636 April 1894 The Import of the Emblems
R1898 December 1895 The Cup of the Lord and the Table of the Lord
R2282 April 1898 The Memorial Supper
R4146 March 1908 "I Am the Bread of Life"
R4153 March 1908 The Memorial, April 14
R5050 June 1912 Parable of the Leaven
R5341 November 1913 Our "Cup of Blessing"
R5342 November 1913 Significance of Eating Our Lord's Flesh and of Drinking His Blood
R5421 March 1914 "Are Ye Able?"
R5538 September 1914 The Blessing of the "Cup of Salvation."

Other References
R3652 Until He Come!
Hymns of Dawn #326 When I View The Cross
Hymns of Dawn #3 Come To Me
Poems of the Way P.129 If They Only Knew
Poems of Dawn P.215 The Hidden Cross
Hymns of Dawn #325 Grateful Consecration

The Ransom

R13 July 1879 The Blood of Christ
R485 May 1883 Questions on Substitution
R4605 May 1910 Counting the Blood Common

Other References
Hymns of Dawn #211 No Other Name
R5195 The Sacrificial Loaf And Cup

Anticipating the Memorial

R1504 March 1893 The Memorial Supper
R2793 April 1901 Special Trials of the Passover Season
R3178 April 1903 "Lest Ye Enter Into Temptation"
R4346 March 1909 Deliverance In Answer to Prayer

Other References
Hymns of Dawn #259 Saviour, Thy Dying Love
Songs of the Nightingale P.125 Sacrament

The Supper at Bethany

R2447 April 1899 "A Bottle of Spikenard, Very Costly"
R2743 December 1900 A Perfume of Sweet Odor
R3534 April 1905 Perfume Very Precious
R3877 October 1906 "She Hath Done What She Could"

Other References
Camper's Hymns #48 Jesus, My Lord
Pilgrim Echoes P.504 The Deluge Of Fragrance

The Triumphal Entry

R1794 April 1895 Our Lord's Typical Triumph
R2745 December 1900 Hosanna! Blessed Is He That Cometh!
R3537 April 1905 Hosanna, In the Highest!
R3850 September 1906 Coming In the Name of the Lord

Other References
Hymns of Dawn #28 All To Thee
Poems of the Way P.164 I See Him There
R4203 She Hath Done What She Could

Washing the Disciple's Feet

R843 April 1886 Feet Washing
R2278 March 1898 Feet Washing
R2449 April 1899 "I Have Given You an Example"
R3542 April 1905 Washing One Another's Feet

Other References
Hymns of Dawn #26 Saviour, Help Us
Poems of the Way P.91 Our Resurrection
R3785 The Angel Of Gethsemane

The Words of John 14-17

R2453 April 1899 "I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life"
R2455 April 1899 "He Shall Give You Another Comforter"
R2464 May 1899 "I Am the Vine -- Ye Are the Branches"
R3544 April 1905 The True Vine and Its Fruit
R4164 May 1908 The Holy Spirit Promised
R3551 May 1905 "I Pray For Them"
R3759 April 1906 I Have Prayed For Thee"

Other References
Hymns of Dawn #132 My Redeemer
Hymns of Dawn #15 Hope In Christ
Hymns of Dawn #5 Alas, And Did My Saviour Bleed?
R4555 "The Cup Which My Father Poured"


R1801 April 1895 The Agony In Gethsemane
R1806 May 1895 Perfect Through Suffering
R2773 February 1901 Gethsemane -- Watching and Praying
R3885 November 1906 With Strong Cryings and Tears
R4707 November 1910 The Dark Gethsemane Hour
R5550 October 1914 Why Gethsemane's Agony?

Other References
Hymns of Dawn #173 At The Cross There's Room
R5208 Gethsemane

The Betrayal by Judas

R2467 May 1899 The Lord Betrayed
R2778 March 1901 Jesus Betrayed and Forsaken
R3366 May 1904 "Choose Ye This Day"
R4167 May 1908 Our Lord Betrayed and Denied
R5552 October 1914 An Unfaithful Treasurer's Fall

Other References
Poems of the Way P.53 His Gentle Hands

Peter's Denial

R4711 November 1910 Self-Confidence Is Weakness
R5284 August 1913 The Peace of God
R5563 October 1914 St. Peter Sifted Like Wheat

Other References
Hymns of Dawn #366 The Old Rugged Cross

Trial Before Sanhedrin

R1809 May 1895 Jesus Before the High Priest
R2469 May 1899 The Great High Priest Arraigned
R2780 March 1901 "Ye Have Condemned the Just One"
R3887 November 1906 "Despised and Rejected of Men"
R4710 November 1910 Arraigned As a Blasphemer
R5560 October 1914 Mock Trials of Jesus

Other References
R4555 The Passover Lamb And The World's Sin
Hymns of Dawn #172 More Love To Thee
R1615 A Savior and a Great One!
R4358 Christ, Our Passover

The Trial Before Pilate

R1809 May 1895 Jesus Before Pilate
R2312 May 1898 Jesus Before Pilate -- "Consider Him"
R2470 May 1899 The "Good Confession" Before Pilate
R2785 March 1901 "I Find No Fault In This Man"
R3553 May 1905 As a Deceiver, Yet True
R3895 November 1906 "As Deceivers and Yet True"
R5570 November 1914 Jesus Tried By Pilate

Other References
Bible Student's Hymnal #282 O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
Camper's Hymns #85 Were You There?
Poems of the Way P.15 Instead
Poems of the Way P.128 Master, What Is Truth
Comforted of God P.25 The Last Supper
Hymns of Dawn #337 Though It Be A Cross

The Crucifixion

R1815 May 1895 Christ Died For the Ungodly
R1988 June 1896 Christ Jesus Crucified
R2315 June 1898 A Look at the Crucified One
R2473 May 1899 "He Was Numbered With the Transgressors"
R2787 March 1901 The Atoning Sacrifice Completed
R3369 May 1904 How and Why Christ Was Crucified
R3560 May 1905 The Greatest Event of History
R3900 December 1906 In the Cross of Christ I Glory
R4171 May 1908 Why Our Lord Was Crucified
R4712 November 1910 The Prince of Life Crucified
R5577 November 1914 Smitten of God, Afflicted

Other References
Hymns of Dawn #2 Remember Me
R721 Our Master
Poems of the Way P.33 The Spotless Lamb Of God
R5868 The Daily Cup

The Passover of the New Creation

F457 Volume 6 The Passover of the New Creation

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