Showing God's Faithfulness

Mahomet, IL Convention Study 2011

Br. Joe Megaz

Overview:In this study, we will examine how God has shown His faithfulness to His people in the past and present, as well as how God will show His faithfulness to all those who will become His people in the future. In our discussion of each Reprint article, we will allow time for your comments on what points you particularly appreciated in addition to those related to the specific questions below.

A. Reprint 5177 -- "The Oath-Bound Covenant"
  1. What was God's promise to Abraham, and how did it contain the Plan of God in a nutshell? R5177

  2. Explain how God's three great covenants are shown in Abraham's three wives. R5178

  3. How did God confirm His promise to Isaac and to Jacob? Explain the difference. R5178

  4. What was the form of God's oath confirming His covenant to Abraham? R5178

B. Reprint 3964 -- "Responding to Divine Promises"
  1. How did God reward Jacob's faith? R3964

  2. How did Jacob note and mark God's blessing? R3965

  3. Explain the meaning of the name "Bethel" and its significance to our lesson. R3965

  4. What is the lesson in these things for us as to how God shows His faithfulness? R3966

C. Reprint 4606 -- "The Faith Seed and the Law Seed"
  1. Romans 4:16 - who is included in the Law Seed and who is included in the Faith Seed? R4606:2

  2. Why was it necessary for Jesus to be of both the Law Seed and the Faith Seed?

  3. Romans 4:16 - Explain the phrase " … it is of faith, that it might be by grace …"

  4. Of which seed will the Ancient Worthies be? Describe their "better resurrection". R4606

D. Reprint R4260 -- "There Has Not Failed One Promise"
  1. Why was David not permitted to build a temple to God? R4260

  2. How did God reward David's good heart and intentions? R4261

  3. Explain 1 Kings 8:56 in its context and how it applies to us.

E. Reprint 5387 -- "Rest For the People of God"
  1. Exodus 33:15 - How was God presence and faithfulness to Moses and Israel shown?

  2. Why didn't Israel enter into God's rest?

  3. What are the two parts of our rest and how do we enter into God's rest?

  4. What is the rest for Mankind and how will it show God's faithfulness?