The Judgment of Earth's Financial,
Political & Ecclesiastical Systems

(Foretold causes, prophecies, and promises to God's people)

Earth's present financial, political, and ecclesiastical systems have and are experiencing the foretold judgment. While this study especially centers on the financial system, it touches on the dissolution of all these systems and the transition into God's Kingdom.

General Overview of This Study

1) As a prototype of the impending catastrophe, the French Revolution aroused the whole world and set in operation the mighty forces which will eventually utterly overthrow the old order of things. (D534-535)
How have the events of history demonstrated the spasms of earth's travail leading to the birth of the kingdom by the fulfillment of these and other scriptures? 1Th 5:3; 1Ki 19:11-12; Rev 16:18; 2Pet 3:10, 12; (A334, D284) (R5753) (R5161:4, D552) What similarities can we expect in the future?

Aspects of God's Judgments on the Systems

2) From the larger perspective, it is important to clearly distinguish between the judgment of systems and the judgment of individuals. (As a start consider: SM424:2, A142, R3167:4)
a) How can misunderstanding this distinction, cause one to misunderstand the character of God?
b) What is the purpose of the judgment of the political, ecclesiastical, and financial systems?
c) What is the purpose of the ultimate (future) judgment of individuals?

3) Judgment in the Scriptures includes more than just a verdict. It includes a trial based on a measure of knowledge. After the trial, the verdict is carried out. (D76)
a) What Scriptural & historical evidence is there that pre-1914 civil systems have already had the trial portion of their judgment? (Biii) What was the object of the trial?
b) What evidence is there that the post-1914 governments are also on trial?
c) What event(s) will mark the end of the process of eviction?

4) Why did God choose to bestow the increase of knowledge (physics, chemistry, communications, computers/information, travel, etc. etc.) now rather than earlier in history? What will mankind's current use of this knowledge ultimately reveal not only to mankind, but to angels? (A168-170)

a) How does the development we see of larger financial super giants in the earth, affect the middle class and the poor? (R5457)
b) How do these and other scriptures show the gathering not only of the nations together, but the gathering of the ecclesiastical systems, and the gathering of the world's monetary wealth? Joel 2:2-11; Zeph. 3:8; Psa. 2:2-5
c) What is man's purpose for this gathering, and what is God's purpose?

6) The Scriptures clearly show that there is a retributive aspect to the eventual collapse of the financial systems. (A308-316, A331-335)
a) Toward which class(es) is the financial retribution especially directed? Why? (Scriptures)
b) Before the trouble ends, what other class(es) will especially receive retribution? (Scriptures)
c) How have these scriptures had an application in our day, and what might be ahead? Isa. 2:20; Ezek. 7:19; Rev. 6:14; Neh.1:10; Rev. 6:15-16; (D45)

Our Personal Outlook

7) Foreseeing the evil (Prov. 22:3), as the banking systems falter and currency loses its value and the trouble increases, what practical steps can we take now to assist ourselves and others while we remain:
a) Spiritually/Eternally?
b) Temporally?
(As a start consider: A338-342, D521-525, R5571)

8) It is an amazing comfort to realize that there are promises that were written specifically for God's people (the Church) during this current troublous period of time.
a) What is the river of Psa. 46:4, and when does it become available (vs.5)?
b) What other promises are a source of strength as the trouble increases in the earth?
c) What promises for mankind's future, are also a special source of strength to you now? Why?