Dwelling Together in Unity

Paragraph references given with the questions are depicted by the number of paragraphs in each article. Starting with the beginning of the article I assigned each paragraph a number starting with par 1. For example there are 13 paragraphs in R768 so to find a reference which reads "R768 par 5, 6" count from the beginning of the article down to paragraph 5 to find the answer reference. Because of the wide use of electronic media this method will enable the brethren to locate the reference whether on the printed page or in a computing application.

1. Who is being spoken of as brethren in Psalm 133. How do we know? How is this Psalm especially applicable in our day? R4994 par 1 & 2

2. Consider what the inspired Brother Paul says about unity in Eph 4:1-16. R768 par 1-5

a. Define Christian Unity?
b. Why is unity desirable, necessary, and how is it beneficial? Explain.
c. What is the only proper basis for such unity and why would any other basis be detrimental?

3. Should we be independent Christians and independent thinkers? Or should everyone have exactly the same thinking on any given subject? Explain the extremes that might prove a snare and the proper and balanced view we should take. (Remember Satan uses extremes. See E296 #2) R768 "Christian Union" par 5,6, 13

4. Can Controversy actually help bring about a stronger bond of unity amongst the brethren? What advice should be given so that we may benefit together as brethren in handling differences? R768 par 10,11

5. Why is there so much opportunity for friction among the Lord's people? What are the root causes of disagreement? What must we seek after and apply for to avoid friction? R4994 heading "Causes of Friction Increasing" R5229 par 4,5

6. What are some ways we might properly deal with those who insist on being disagreeable? R5229 par 8,9

7. What responsibility belongs to the elders as far as developing and maintaining unity in the ecclesia and amongst brethren everywhere? Eph 4:11-16; R768 par 9

8. In order to be obedient to the commands of the Master what do the scriptures indicate are our obligations as individuals one to another? How should we view each member of the body? What are our privileges respecting the weaker? R5229 par 1-3 & par 10-12 R4994 par 10-13 R5843:13 par 6,7

9. It was the Psalmist David who penned the words found in Psalm 133. How was David both a warrior and a peace maker and what lessons can we draw from his example? See R3245 par 7,8

10. Share some of the special blessings and lessons gained by observation, experience, and study that has helps you appreciate the importance of this subject Christian Unity?

Additional Texts:
John 17:21;
1 John 1:3;
1 John 3:1;
John 13:35;
1 Cor 1:10;
Eph 4:1-16;
Phil 2:2-5;
Heb 13:1;
1 Pet 3:8;
1 John 3:14-19

Additional Helpful References:
F131-F135 top;
F239 par 1;
R1278 We Contend Earnestly for the Faith
R3142 "The True Fold not a Pen"
R3245 "Waiting Patiently Upon the Lord"
R5725: Sub-Heading "Why Jesus Loves His Own"
R5810 Sub-Heading "Looking on the things of Others"