Portland Area Bible Students Convention 2017 - Study
The True Vine And Its Fruit
August 19-20, 2017
References: R3544; R2464; R140; F197/198, F401
1. What was the purpose for Jesus giving this parable (1-17)
2. What is the setting for our Lord giving this parable?
    What takes place before and after this parable is given?
3. Is there a false vine in contrast to "the true vine"? (v.1)
    What environment is good for true vines to grow good fruit?
4. What is the work of the "husbandman" with the vine and branches? (v.1)
    What is the role of the Father and Son?

5. What is the reason and lesson for branches to be pruned or purged? (v.2)
    How can we best endure and benefit from pruning?
6. What is the power of words for those in the vine? (v.3, 7)
    Can words convey spirit and life?
7. What does it mean to "abide" in the vine and what do the branches bear? (v.4-6)
    How can we be sure we are abiding in the vine?
8. What are examples of little or much fruit in a Christian life? (v.2, 5, 8)
    How can we become better fruit bearers?

9. What does it mean to "abide" in Jesus' and the Father's love? (v.9, 10)
    Are there forces that might take us away?
10. What "remains"? (v.11, 16)
      Will it remain beyond this earthly life and journey?
11. What can be done to encourage greater fruitage in others? (v.12-17)
      Is there a lesson in grapes growing in clusters?
12. In considering this parable, what do you think are the most important lessons for us to remember and put into practice?