The Passover

The purpose of this little study is to remember that 'God is His own intrepeter' and the only way to truly understand this subject is to examine His word to see how He presents the subject to us. Below we list all the references to 'passover' found in the Bible.

Old Testament
Exo 12:11the LORD'S passover
Exo 12:21kill the passover
Exo 12:27the sacrifice of the LORD'S passover
Exo 12:43the ordinance of the passover
Exo 12:48the passover to the LORD
Exo 34:25the sacrifice of the feast of the passover
Lev 23:5the LORD's passover
Num 9:2the passover
Num 9:4the passover
Num 9:5the passover
Num 9:6the passover
Num 9:10the passover unto the LORD
Num 9:12the ordinances of the passover
Num 9:13the passover
Num 9:14the passover
Num 28:16the passover of the LORD
Num 33:3the passover
Deu 16:1the passover unto the LORD thy God
Deu 16:2the passover unto the LORD thy God
Deu 16:5sacrifice the passover
Deu 16:6sacrifice the passover
Jos 5:10the passover
Jos 5:11the passover
2Ki 23:21the passover unto the LORD your God
2Ki 23:22a passover
2Ki 23:23this passover was holden to the LORD
2Ch 30:1keep the passover unto the LORD God of Israel
2Ch 30:2the passover
2Ch 30:5keep the passover unto the LORD God of Israel
2Ch 30:15killed the passover
2Ch 30:18they eat the passover
2Ch 35:1kept a passover .. killed the passover
2Ch 35:6kill the passover
2Ch 35:7the passover offerings
2Ch 35:8the passover offerings
2Ch 35:9passover offerings
2Ch 35:11they killed the passover
2Ch 35:13they roasted the passover
2Ch 35:16the passover
2Ch 35:17the passover
2Ch 35:18a passover
2Ch 35:19this passover
Eze 45:21the passover
New Testament
Mat 26:2the feast of the passover
Mat 26:17eat the passover
Mat 26:18I will keep the passover
Mat 26:19the passover
Mar 14:1the feast of the passover
Mar 14:12they killed the passover .. the passover
Mar 14:14I shall eat the passover with my disciples
Mar 14:16made ready the passover
Luk 2:41the feast of the passover
Luk 22:1the feast of unleavened bread drew nigh, which is called the Passover
Luk 22:7the passover must be killed
Luk 22:8prepare us the passover, that we may eat
Luk 22:11I shall eat the passover with my disciples
Luk 22:13they made ready the passover
Luk 22:15eat this passover
Joh 2:13the Jews' passover
Joh 2:23the passover
Joh 6:4the passover, a feast of the Jews
Joh 11:55the Jews' passover .. the passover
Joh 12:1six days before the passover
Joh 13:1the feast of the passover
Joh 18:28eat the passover
Joh 18:39the passover
Joh 19:14the preparation of the passover
Act 12:4Easter
1Co 5:7Christ our passover is sacrificed
Heb 11:28Through faith he kept the passover