The Last Week of our Lord’s Ministry with Texts and Articles for Each Day’s Reading
7 Days before the Passover – Traveling toward Jerusalem:
Matt. 20:17-28
Luke 18:35-43
Luke 19:1-10
R3362 – Only the Humble Shall Be Exalted
R3847– Thy Faith Hath Saved Thee

6 Days before the Passover – Jesus came to Bethany and in the evening, Mary anointed our Lord:
John 12:1-8
Mark 14:3-9
R2447 – A Bottle of Spikenard, Very Costly
R3534 – Perfume Very Precious

5 Days before the Passover – They strewed palm branches; He rode into Jerusalem.
Matt. 21:1-16
Psa. 8:2
Luke 19:40
Matt. 23:37-39
R3537 – Hosanna in the Highest
R2745 – Hosanna! Blessed is He that Cometh.
R3850 – Coming in the Name of the Lord

4 Days before the Passover – Cursing the fig tree and cleansing of the Temple; He taught the people there
Matt. 21:17-22
Mark 11:12-29
Matt. 21:23-32
John 2:13-22
R5503 – The Barren Fig Tree – Defiled Temple
R5920 – Lesson of the Blighted Fig Tree
R4122 – Cleansing of the Temple

3 Days before the Passover – Teaching in the Temple; challenged with questions; tried to catch Him in His words.  Many of His parables were given on this day.

Matt. 22:15-46
Matt. 25:1-13
Matt. 23:14-39
R3852 – Teaching with Authority
R1982 – Parable of the Vineyard
R2746 – Col. 2, Paragraphs 2 & 3 – many of His parables given

2 Days before the Passover – There is no record of the events of this day.  It was probably spent in retirement at Bethany.
R3542 – Col 1, next to last paragraph. First few lines.
R3000 – Yearly Reckonings – Spiritual Accounts. An excellent article to read at this time of the year.

1 Day before the Passover – The disciples made ready for the Passover which was to be after 6:00 p.m. that evening.
Matt. 26:17-20
Luke 22:7-71
Luke 22:24 – Strife among the Disciples
John 13:5, 14, 15 – He washed their feet
R3542 – Washing One Another’s Feet
R3551 – I Pray for Them
R4167 – Our Lord Betrayed and Denied
R3885 – With Strong Crying and Tears
R2467 – The Lord Betrayed
R2469 – The Great High Priest Arraigned
R2773 – Gethsemane Watching and Praying
R1801 – The Agony in Gethsemane
R5331 – Test of the Apostles and its Lessons

The day of the crucifixion.  Bro. Russell suggests that we keep very close to our Lord during this day, remembering what He endured and entering into it as fully as possible.
Matt. 27:1-51
R3895 – As Deceivers and Yet True
R3369 – How and Why Christ was Crucified
R3366 – Choose Ye This Day
R2315 – A Look at the Crucified One
R2473 – He was Numbered With the Transgressors
R1815 – Christ Died for the Ungodly
R3560 – The Greatest Event of History
R1366 and 1367, including R1368 – An Ancient and Interesting Document. This is very interesting reading

The Resurrection.
Matt. 28:1-10
R3903 – He is Risen, Even as He Said
R2476 – How is Christ Risen from the Dead
R2800 – Communing with the Lord
R1823 – The Walk to Emmaus
R5415 – Jesus Himself Drew Near