1914 to 1918 The End of Order called Christendom
Perry Robinson
“…there was an aura about 1914 that caused those who sensed it to shiver for mankind.” � from “The Guns of August” by Barbara Tuchman

“The Great War of 1914-1918 lies like a band of scorched earth dividing that time from ours.” � from “The Proud Tower” by Barbara Tuchman

“The world broke in two in 1919…Like a ghost that lingered past the appointed hour…until August 1914…after the wrenching cataclysm of the Great War, it became apparent…that the last remaining vestiges of the old order had been swept away…In one nation after another, 1919 brought nothing but disaster, discontent and disillusionment…bitterness and resentment that…flared into violence…” � from “1919: The Year Our World Began” by William Klingaman

“…the War had discredited much of the rhetoric of national pride, honor and sacrifice, as well as faith in…God…” “By January of 1919, as the delegates gathered in Paris for the Peace Conference, the shallow graves of Verdun were being washed out by the rains; feet stuck out of the ground, and helmets with skulls in them rose up through the mud. In this atmosphere, the diplomats gathered – and, far from restoring order to the world, they took the chaos of the Great War, and, through vengefulness and inadvertence, impotence and design, they sealed it as the permanent condition of our century.” � from “The End of Order: Versailles 1919” by Charles L. Mee Jr.

The few old imperial powers could no longer impose their will [all 10 having been assassinated or abdicated] on the many new peoples [the new nations, which were formerly colonies of Christendom] who took their destinies into their own hands…The failure of the diplomats of 1919 – a failure that no one has since been able to repair, whose results we have lived with ever since – has been a terrible mixed legacy; The rise of Hitler, the Second World War, the riots and revolutions that plague a world without political order have been the cause of enormous bloodshed and suffering. Yet, at the same time, the collapse of the old order was a necessary prelude to the spread of self-rule, the liberation of new nations and classes, the release of new freedom and independence. The old order was, finally, an ally of old privilege, a fossil of the nineteenth century, a relic of a clockwork universe that had gone out of existence forever.” � from “The End of Order: Versailles 1919” by Charles L. Mee Jr. (whose grandfather lost all 10 of his brothers in WWI.)

More were killed in one day of WWI, than all Americans killed in the 20-year Viet Nam War!

In the anarchy and numerous revolutions which followed the cease-fire on November 11, 1918, more tens of millions died from starvation, flu and freezing to death than from all the bullets, rockets, bombs, torpedoes and poison gas of the War. Total anarchy and revolutions broke the food supply chains, so they ate sawdust, dirt, corpses, and even their own dead children. Eze. 5:10