Christ tasted death for every man,Heb. 2:9
And this but once–no more;Rom. 6:9
God willeth all men to be saved;I Tim. 2:4
He will all things restore.Acts 3:21

Soon all the dead shall hear Christ's voiceJohn 5:38,29
To wake them from death's sleep;Dan. 12:2
And death and hell shall yield their deadRev. 20:13
From earth and ocean deep.Isa. 26:19

And Abraham's Seed shall bless the earthActs 3:25
And give all to the light,John 1:9
That they may know God's holy will,Jer. 31:34
And learn that which is right.Isa. 26:9

But those who will not hear the voiceActs 3:23
Of the Spirit and the Bride,Rev. 22:17
Will be destroyed in Second Death-Rev. 21:8
Eternal Life denied.I John 5:12

But they "who will" need never die,John 11:26
For plain will be the wayIsa. 35:8
That leads to perfect human lifeJoel 2:28
And joys of endless day.Isa. 35:10

With Satan bound a thousand years,Rev. 20:2,3
Beneath Christ's chastening rod,Psa 89:32
The ransomed race can seek and findHosea 13:14
Full harmony with God.Rev. 21:3

A race redeemed, an earth made new,Isa. 65:17
Riches and wealth untold;Num. 14:21
A world where righteousness will dwellII Pet. 3:13
And man God's grace behold!Psa.97:5,6

Where pain and sickness, grief and death,Isa. 33:22,24
Are memories of the past;Rev 21:4
Where loving faithfulness to GodMatt 25:31-40
Forevermore will lastRev. 21:22-26