Bible Symbols
Br. Rick Hill

Symbol Meaning References
City A city is always a symbol for a government. A295:2; Isa. 52:1; R3570
Earth (Land) Organized society under religious restraint R498
Ephraim Christendom R1357; R3104; D22
Esau Class The world in general HG380
Fig Tree The nation of Israel D604
Gold and Silver Divine Truths, also, Little Flock and Great Company R2498 (July 1899); R3684 (Dec. 1905); R3864 (Oct. 1906); R5119 (Oct. 1912); R5442 (Apr. 1914)
Golden Crown Divine Authority R529*; R1362; R4798
Islands Republics R511
Land (Earth) Organized society under religious restraint R498
Mountains Kingdoms (or monarchies) R511; R1491
Oil The Holy Spirit, the Word of God in heart and mind, and the spirit of the Truth in himself, (the spirit of consecration, and its attendent light) B23:1; C92:1; C93:1; C191
Sea Irreligious, restless masses of mankind R498
Scepter The right to rule. B83:2
Trees Nations (see Fig Tree). B93:1; Luke 21:29
Walls Safety, Protection Isa. 60:18; A295:3; D40:1; R333; R1653; R2510; R3945; R4794; R5487; R5652
Woman A Church (true church or nominal church) R2280; R5002; R5406; F264; F270:2