Bible Symbols
Br. Lyle Cook


By Dr. Lyle Cook

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AaronJesus the head, & the Church as members of the body--the great antitypical High Priest, T29:1; T26:2; B225:1[B208:1? site editor]
Aaronic Priesthoodchiefly the humiliation & sufferings of Christ & the members of the body of Christ, T26:2-27:1; F72:T,1; A297:2; R4759:7
Aaronic Prieststhe sanctified, T26:4
Aaron's Rod that Buddedthe elect character of all the Body of Christ as members of the "Royal Priesthood." T122:2
Abeltype of Christ [R1614:10; R1614:16; R3012:6]
Abrahamtype of Jehovah, A84:2; F170:1; R361:1[? site Editor - R398:14; R2908:3]
Abrahamic Covenantthe great original, or "Oath-bound Covenant," R3915:10, 3916:1,2
(Add field to field, & house to house (Isa. 5:8), R2904:4-6
Abraham's SeedA82:1 - 85:2
Activitiy : In the Lord's service indispensableJan 18 Manna; R1282:5; Mar 13 Manna; R2755:5; May 7 Manna; R3266:4; Sept 9 Manna; R3243:3
Adamtype of Christ. [No reference given. We have found two references stating this. However, these are by J.H. Patton, not Br. Russell. In fact, Br. Russell seems to dispute the latter reference later in the same article. Paton refs - R42:2; R67:6. Russell ref - R70:20]
A Draconis (the dragon star), Dragonsymbol of sin & Satan, C321:1
Adversary (Names for)D611:2
AdvocateAn intercessor, consoler, comforter (I John 2:1), R4640:6, Strongs#3875; "One who pleads the cause of another; also one who exhorts, defends, comforts, prays for another" - McClintock & Strong; "One who pleads the cause of another in a court of law; a pleader or champion of any cause" - New Century Dictionary; R791:6-15, R2236:2, R3916:1, R3918:1, R4310:7-10, R4432:2,3,6-8, R4516:9-10, R4585:3-5, R4640L6,10, R4764:5 - 4765:15, R5197:4-7; R5928:2,8; WPRT336L 2
AhabRoman Empire, R234:9, B256; D-F(Original Vol.4 Forward) ii:t; vi:2[?]; R584:2
Airspiritual rulership of the world; C238-240m; R153:3-4; R5771:7[R5771:17]
Alibaster BoxesNov16 Manna; R2448:5; R2744:3
AlmondT122:2; R244:2
Altar (Golden)Little Flock, T120:1, Christ's Ransom sacrifice, class of prophets and saints whose lives had been destroyed "Ambassadors for Christ" = Aug 13 Manna; R3330:2; Nov 8 Manna; R3331:1[??]
Amen"So be it" F668:1 - Often translated verily in the Gospels. R505:6
Anastasis (Anastasia)A rising up again to the condition from which the fall took place, never used in connection with the mere resusitation of the dead, F704:1,2
AngelsMessengers, C139:1,f.n. (Mighty Angels - B151:2) Representatives, elders of the church who represent Christ
AngerMar 14 Manna; R2068:5[R2068:12]
A.D. (Anno Domini)The year of of LORD, R1980
A.M. (Anno Mundi)The year of the world, (Anno [L.] in the year of) Mundi - world, mankind, people, society. New Century Dictionary. R1980; R5769:5
"A Peculiar People"May 16 Manna; R3199:2; May 20 Manna; R2128:2
Ante-chamberThe school of Christ after consecration to sacrifice, (resembles a school room) C332:m; R352:t, (R350:2-R352)
this favored time & condition, the harvest light, C199:t,1,2
AntichristB272:2, B277; B281:1; B299:2; B357:1,2; (See The Man Of Sin B267-B361); E187:1; F260:t; F617-618
(Spirit Of) - (Spirit of the World) = E186-187; B281:1; B299
Antipasin the Greek, anti means against and Papas means Father; One who protests against the Pope or father
AntitypeThe fulfillment, or realiy, pictured by the type, B174; B181:m; R4057:15
ApokalupsisStrong's#602; R2974:2; R2975:3,4; R2979; R2983:4
ApostlesSent forth ones, F210:near b
Apt to TeachF249:3; F255:1-F257
ArielChristendom, nominal spiritual Israel, Babylon, D22:3
Nominal Church, R562:4; R576:10,11(1-13)
ArkChrist (the Christ), T121:1,2-122:1; T123:b; T126:3; A318:2
Ark (With lid or cover)The relationship & oneness of the divine family, T126:3
Armpower, E418:1; R6313:14 Christ Jesus, Holy arm of Jehovah, Christ, and His body
Arm of GodOur Lord Jesus Christ, the power of God unto salvation, E418:b; E489:1
Armageddon (Battle of)A312:2-325; Fii:1,2[Dii:1,2]; F527:b[D527:b]; F529:2[D529:2]; F551-554[D551-554]; F207:t
Arm of PharaohEcclesiastism
Armors: Breastplate of Righteousness - Eph 6:14 - Spirit of God, Love, Heart intent
Sheild of Faith - Eph 6:16 - Buckler Gen 15:1, Prov 30:5 Faith to repel evil
Helmet of Salvation - Eph 6:17 - Understanding, knowledge
Sword of the Spirit - Eph 6:17 - Word of Truth
Staff or Rod of the Shepherd - Psa 23:14; Guidance, correction
Beheaded with the Axe - Rev 20:4; Isa 10:15; Psa 74:5; Judges 9:48 Forfiet of will
Bridle for the mouth - James 1:26 - control of speech
Crown - Ez 21:26 - Ability to rule
Scepter - Gen 49:10 - Right to rule Num 24:17
Armor of God (Eph 6:11-18)F657-658; R1659:12; R5707:11
Armor of Light (Rom 13:12)R5770:2,3; R6175: 4-6; F657-658
Arrowsbitter words (of opponents of the Truth), R4926:4
Ashes (Red Heifer)the knowledge & remembrance of their (the Ancient Worthies) faithfulness unto death, T108:2; happy
Ashtorethfemale divinity worshipped
AssKnows his master's call, always returns to Truth, or God
AxeDivine judgement
Azazeltype of Satan

Baal of our daymammon, pride & ambition, D267:b; F166:m
Baalimplural for Baal. R4729:7 [R5627:10]
Babelconfusion, R4627:9; R2846:2-4
Babesundeveloped Christians whose senses have never been much exercised, D608:3; D575:3-D577; R1567:15-R1568:1
Babyloncapital ciy of Babylonia or Chaldea, R622:5
= confusion; widest sense, Christendom; restricted sense, nominal Christian Church, D26(22-28); politico-ecclesiastical systems, D36:1; Social,political, & ecclesiastical, D38:b; D266:4; D599:t; D608:t; R718:3; R5478:15
= a mixture of church & state, A254:t; A313:1; C153:2,3; C181:2; F430:2
Babylon is fallen - from Divine favorF431:m; R2553:1 (cut off in 1878 - C152:2; R5718:5-9)
Babylon's Winedoctrine, false & true mixed, the spirit of the world, B348:m; D267:m; R2904:9-10
Badger skinsymbol of human bodies?
Bael(See Bel)
Bald Headone who has lost his master R4758:1
Baldness"Sign of mourning", McClintock and Strong's
Baptism into Christ's deathF435:2 - 437:1 (F434-445); R1113:6; R1542:1-4; R2237:3
Baptism of fire"A time of trouble such as was not since there was a nation." F445:1; E290:1
Baptism - John'sF428:b; F431:2 - F434; A279:2; R3292:5; R3356:6-7; R5962:6-R5964:16
Barking DogR5096:6-9
Barleyspiritual adulterers & adulteresses, courting the friendship of the world, G113:7; James 4:4; eaten by the "poorer classes" McClintock & Strong's
Balmcomfort of the Word of God
Barn conditionseperateness from the worldly, intellectually sealed
----------the present truth
--------- C211:2; C212:t; R600:13; R2564:8; R2751:4-5; R198:9
= into the glorified condition (F200:2) (honored) by the truth, F182:1
= the resurrection change into Christ's Millennial Kingdom - R4635:9
Barren WomanSahah covenant, Abraham's wife
Base of the Sanctuary or holy temple -- the consecrated churchdoctrine of the ransom, C103:3
Basic FaithF98; F160:2; F162; F240:1; F260:1; F305:1; F327:1; F439:1; F486:1,2; C237:2; E385:1-3; E444-446; R1576:10-13; R3621:10; R3622:1-3,6-10; R5207:12
Bearing His CrossOct 24 Manna; R3369:6
Beasta government, Dvi:2; papacy
a Papal system of government, Dviii:1; B305:2; R513:10
Beasts of the fieldGentile governments
Beda rest of faith midst conditions to the contrary, the belief or creed, D608:3; SN 2-2; R229:3; R513;11-12; R564:7; R5451:2; R5804:2-3; R6193:8t; creed beds
BegettingA196:2-197:t; E181:m; E183:6; E184:t, l; F76:1
Begotten of GodE143:1-2; E183:m; E183:6-E185; F76:1; F656:t
Begotten to the divine natureR218:4-5; R2225:9; R4665:4-6, 9-11; R4666L 1, 2, 10
"Beheaded"July 18 Manna; R2461:1; Nov 7 Manna; R2700:6
Bel in Babylonthe god of Babylon -- the Pope, D40:t
Believe in JesusR429:4; R1576:10-11; R4435:6; F98:t
Benjaminthe Great Company, R184:12-14; R4437:1-2; R5231:7-8, 11, 12; R5232:14; R5234:8
Beryl, or Crysolithos, or modern Topaz (Tarshish of the Hebrew Bible?)Topaz has a refulgence like that of Gold - Gold is a symbol of Divine things G373:5
Besetting sin(Heb 12:1); (close girding sin, Diaglott), F186:b; F369:2; F404:1
Bethelhouse of God
Better Resurrection(Heb 11: 35) D619:3; F699:2; R5073:15, R5074:1-3
"Be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord"Oct 11 Manna; R3309:4: Isa 52:11
"Be Ye Seperate"Aug 3 Manna; R2512: 4; Sept 15 Manna
Bezaleultype of Christ
Bible StudyR1867: esp 5,8-R1868; R1900:11; R2653:12; R2662:1 (hardly-heartily); R3235:3; R4447:3,4,14,15; R4589:3; R4684:6-8,11-13, R4685; R4885:5-8; E263:1; QB43:t; QB844; Jan 19 Manna; R2488: 3
BigotManna May 9; R3215:4
Billowsthe active & impetuous leaders (of the sea class) R587:9
Binding Satanrestrain all outside evil influences E470:m; E19:bottom; R3784; R4609:6-8, 12; R4610:1, 2, 4-6; R5896:1-3, 8
BirdsSatan and his evil agents R5039:5; R5406:11; spirits
Bishopsimply signifies overseer F244:1; F252:1
Bite the dustbe destroyed R2842:t; R2920:9
Biting their tonguescontradiction & denial of former utterances R509: 10, 17-18
Bitter HerbsTrials, persecutions
Blackmourning, imperfection, death (Song of Solomon 1:5, 6; Jer. 8:21) the old imperfect human nature, Meggison; R4232:32, 40; R6111:9
Blasphemyany indignity offered to God - to attribute to God that which is contrary to his nature, and does not belong to him, --and to deny what does, B306:t; R499:15
Blemishessin; weaknesses and imperfections of the flesh Rd1231:4; R5197:11
Blindunable to comprehend spiritual things R2297:2; C307:1; "blind mouths", R3172:3
Bloodlife - Deut 12: 23; R1230: 9-10; R4374: 8; R4876: 7; R5341:15; Cleanses all things, the life is in the blood, turns waters of . . .
Blood of ChristRansom Blood shed = death, sacrificed, life, R1230:10; R1276:4-5; R1336:1; R1829:4; R4876:7; R4464:5
Blood drinking the Lord's cuprepresenting his blood R4147:3-4; R5341:15; R5342:esp 2, 11
Blood of the New Law CovenantR4435:6-9; R4147:4; R4319:8; R4476:10,6, 9; R4902:10; F464:b
Bluefaithfulness T30:3; R6111:11, 14-16 justification
Bone, Bones (John 19:36)Faith??
= kingdom hopes R4788:13-14
Bonnetnot the head, merely a member of the body, T36:3; under authority F271:1; T123:1-2
Born againF76:1; R2421:11; R3485:12, 13 - R3486; R2572-R2573
Bottomless pitthe great trouble, disaster, destruction, the "wages of sin" C331:1
Bowhope, hatred of . . .
Bowl (Golden, with the hidden manna)immortality, the divine nature, T122:3; T123:1,2
Bozra (sheep fold) capital city of EdomEcclesiasticism, the chief citadel of Christendom, D17:1
Bracletsearnest ones blessed effect of the call
Brasscopper symbol of human nature
Brazen Altarfaith in Christ's ransom sacrifice; the perfection of the man Christ Jesus,upon which his offering was accepted of God, as our sin-atonement, sanctifying in turn any offering of others that might be presented upon it, T22:1; R3053:14
Brazen serpenttype of Christ
Breadtruth, sacrifice of Christ
Bread of presenceT120:t; evidently the shewbread
Breastplate of righteousnessthe Mosaic Law, representative of the true Israel R72:7, 9
= righteousness, not only Christ's imputed righteousness, but also of the actual righteousness of heart -- of will or intent R1659:11; F657:3; T35:1; justification; a type of the law
Breath of his lips (Isa. 11:4)force & spirit of his truth D19:t
Brarsfalse Christians
Bridethe Little Flock, the Bride of Christ
Brimstoneadded to symbolic fire intensifies the thought of destruction A318:1; D540:b
Broidered workself improvement
Bruisedsin's captives sore & distressed from the manacles with which they are bound, R2580:10z
Bruised reedweak Christian, only partially consecrated F684:1
Bucklerdefense of truth
Budded rodGod's chosen priesthood T123:2
BullsAngels, type of Jesus
Bullockperfect man R5383:8; T96:m;
= Jesus, the perfect man at about 30 years old T51:2; T95:b
Burdenan oracle from God, message, whether its import were joyous or afflictive, McClintock & Strong Strong #4853, an utterance, chiefly a doom, prophecy, tribute
Burning people in symbolic firethe great trouble of the Day of the Lord B162:2
Burning sin offeringsthe steady continuous submission of those classes to the firey ordeal of suffering -- "faithful (willing sacrifices) unto death." T71:t
Burning tares in a furnace of firethe great time of trouble, destructive of the false pretensions of the class C145:2; C146:1; A239:m; B149:m; B166:b; C133:f.n.; C139:2-C141:1; C145:1-C146:1; R5761:9, 3, 10; R5951:3
Burnt offeringT73:3
Buying and selling forbidden (Rev 13:17)prohibiting the free exchange of the truth, by those who do not recognize those systems R513:10; B259:m; Dxi:m

CalamitiesMay 15 Manna; R3168:2
Calebpoor of the world called for the Church
Callinvitation to follow in Jesus' steps A195: 1, 2; A225; A279: t; B215: t; C212: 2; C217: 2-C218: 2 (C216: 3-C224) E336: 8; F67: 1; F68: 1; F85: b; F86: 2-F88 (F85-F162); F182: 1; R2615: 9, 10, 12; R5939: 9; R5583: 1-7; R5838: 10
Calling (High calling)C212: 2; C217: 1, 2; C219: t; F67: 1; F85: b - (Heavenly) R2615:10
Campthe condition of the world of mankind in sin T18: 1
Canaanthe conflict condition of the trial-state, especially during the Millenium, F130: b; R3083: 3; a type of the millenial condition
Candlestick (Golden)the complete Church T115: 3; T116: t [Complare R3569: 4 (last part)]
Captivity (Jer 30: 3)Sheb-ooth' Strong's#7622 (exile), (prisoners); fig a former state of prosperity
Carcass(Matt 24: 28) food R513: 13; Strongs#4430, #4098; fallen (dead) body = the ransom
Carried into the midst of the sea (governments)lost utterly in anarchy D551: 1
Carrying a type beyond it's intended applicationR70: 7
Caves and densB139: 1
Cedars of LebanonGentile governments, great Babylon R2373: 1
Cedarwood, or evergreeneverlasing human life T109: 1
Chairs (Chains also - is it misspelled in Bro. Cooks book?)restraints
Chaldea (Babylonia, or New Babylonian Empire with Babyon as capital city -- Baker's Bible Atlas p50, p52)Christendom, Mystic Babylon D39: 2; C259: 1; R622: 5
Chaldeansthe people of the civilized world, Christendom C259: 1; R622: 5
Changed in a moment (I Cor 15: 51)but not all changed at the same moment R2982: 6; C212: 1
Channel"meat in due season" promised us by the Master, through appropriate channes of his own choosing -- Matt. 24: 45-47; R651: 15, 16
CharacterIndependence and individuality of Christian character - Sept 17 Manna; R3250: 6
Graces of Christian CharacterJan 8 Manna; R2829: 3; Jan 15 Manna; R3020: 6; Jan 24 Manna; R3020:: 6; Feb 10 Manna; R1886: 1; Mar 7 Manna; R3150: 3; R3151: 2; R3150: 6; Mar 12 Manna; R2735: 1; Mar 26 Manna; R3156: 4; Mar 30 Manna; R1938: 5; April 2 Manna; R3180: 3; April 4 Manna; R3181: 3; April 29 Manna; R1937: 5; May 23 Manna; R2201: 6; R2202: 4; May 24 Manna; R2204: 4; May 26 Manna; R2219: 6; June 7 Manna; R1860: 4; June 15 Manna; R1936: 3; July 10 Manna; R2437: 6; Aug 4 Manna; R2559: 3; Aug 16 Manna; R3136: 6; Aug 26 Manna; R3194: 2; Sept 14 Manna; R3248: 1; Oct 6 Manna; R3316: 4; Nov 10 Manna; R3151: 3
Chariotsorganizations (Meggison); Worldly organizations C316: 2; symbol of victory
Chariots of fire in power and great gloryspriritual exaltation - B254: b
victory and glorious excape from that trouble B260: 1
Chaste Virginthe true Church B277: m
ChasteningJan 20 Manna; R1807: 4; June 16 Manna; R1944: 4
Cherubim (two on theMercy Seat)Divine love, and Divine power T125: 1; R530: 1
Cherubim (four around the throne of God)four attributes of God: Wisdom, Justice, Love, and Power R529: 17-21
ChildrenFleshly Israel, non-spiritual Israel
Chilmadlevel plains without mountains
Christsignifies the annointed and is a title rather than a name B66: 1; R274: 1
Christendomsignifies Christ's Kingdom (falsely), a religious empire A254: 1; B80: b; B277: b; C115: 3; B153: 1, 2; D15: t; D22: 3; D25: 3 - D27: 3; D35: 3 - D36; D266: 4
Christianstrictly speaking, the word Christian, signifying a believer in and a follower of Jesus of Nazareth, is applicable only to the New Creation. F494: m
Christian WarfareMar 28 Manna; R3162: 6; R3163: 1; Mar 31 Manna; R3166: 3; April 9 Manna; R1799: 4; May 5 Manna; R3203: 5; May 25 Manna; R2215: 1; May 30 Manna; R1759: 3; June 6 Manna; R1859: 6; Sept 23 Manna; R3274: 3; Nov 9 Manna; R3275: 2; Dec 6 Manna; R2878: 1
Chronology"It should be clearly noticed that the parallels between the Jewish and Gospel Ages all belong to the nominal systems then and now . . . " QB150: m; QB156: 2; B-F xi; B87: 3; C150: 1 - C151: 2; C168: t; R4842: 9, 20
purpose or value, B41: 2; B166: 3
Church of Christincludes only "the sanctified in Christ Jesus;" - those who have taken the step of justification through faith and, additionally, the second step of consecration to the Lord. R2740: 6
Church Millitantthe church at war, this side the veil, (I Tim 1: 18; 6: 12) R6142: 4
CityA kingdom or dominion A295: 2 (A city in prophecy is always the symbol or representative of a government) C258: 1; D25: 2, 3; R1352: 10; R2832: 5
represents honor, distinction and prominance in the world. R5628: 7
represents an eccelastical kingdom, true or false, and government
Clayimitation of stone (Stone = symbol of the true kingdom of God) A254: t; earthly religious element
Closed Doorthe ending of that one chief favor of joint - heirship with Christ as his bride. C195: 2; C206 - C213
Clothing of wrought goldthe divine nature granted in the resurrection to the characterlikeness to Christ developed here under trial, no longer borrowed, or imputed, from our dear Redeemer but our own - forged in the crucible of life under the Redeemer's guiding providences; R1944: 1-8; R2161: 6-8; R2888: 6; R5181: 20; R5197: 15, 16; R5669: 4 (2-4, 7, 8); C193: m; F71: 1; F73; F104; F192: b; F642: t; F643; R3181: 1
Cloudstrouble B138: 1; B150: t; B152: 3; R153: 3-5; time of trouble, representing divine presence
CoastsR4750: 7, 8
Cold lovethe spirit of the world toward the Lord, and His truth. D567: 1
ColorsBlack = Selfishness (Prov 4: 18, 19; II Pet 2: 17, Psa 145: 20; Matt 6: 22-23)
= Affliction & calamity (Job 3: 5; Jude 13)
= Sin, and Unrighteousness
Blue = Diety (Ex 24: 10; Jer. 10: 9; Ez 1: 26; Ez 10: 1; Num 15: 32-41)
= Faithfulness - Heavenly color (Ps 36: 5; Ps 89: 1-9)
= Promises / Faith (Malkhut - kingship)
White = Holiness, Sinlessness, righteousness, purity - Lev 16: 4, 32; II Chr 5: 12, Psa 51:7; Ecc 9: 8; Dan 12: 10; Isa 1: 18; I Pet 2: 9; Rev 3: 4, 5, 18; Rev 7: 9-17; Rev 19: 8; Rev 20:11
Scarlet = Ransom, Blood Ex 25: 4
= Sacrifice Ex 12: 13; Josh 2: 18-19; I John 1: 7; Lev 17: 11; Isa 1: 18 Purple = Crown of life Rev 5: 12; Rev 2: 10
= Divine, Divine nature Psa 45: 9-17; I Pet 1: 7; Lam 4: 1-2; II Pet 1: 4
Silver = Ransom, redemption money Ex 30: 12-16; Ex 38: 25-27
= Truth Psa 12: 6; (Lower nature than gold)
Copper = Human perfection Deut 8: 9; Deut 33: 25
Green = Blue and Gold - Life, vegetation, evergreens, everlasting life Hos 14: 8, 9; Psa 1:1-3; Ps 23: 2; Ps 52: 8; Ps 125: 1; Jer 17: 7-8
Orange = Yesod - Foundation
Blinding Invisible white: Keter - Crown (Ez 21: 26)
A Color that includes all colors: Chokhmah: wisdom
Yellow and Green: Binah - understanding
White and Silver: Chesod - love
Red and Gold: Gevarah - strength
Yellow and Purple: Tiferat - Beauty
Light Pink: Netzach - Victory

Dark Pink: Hod - Splender = "seven primary colors of the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, and violet" - New Century Dictionary T34: 2; T74: 2: R6111: 4, on
"Come out of her, My People"Feb 4 Manna; R2553: 3
Comforting assurances and exhortationsJan 4 Manna; R1760: 1; Jan 22 Manna; R2774:6; Mar 24 Manna; R3144: 5; Mar 27 Manna; R3161: 6; May 4 Manna; R3203: 2; May 6 Manna; R3203: 6; June 9 Manna; R4072: 4; June 15 Manna; R1936: 3; July 1 Manna; R2412: 2; July 4 Manna; R2415: 3, 6; July 16 Manna; R2456: 2; July 22 Manna; R3223: 5; Aug 25 Manna; R3160: 3; Sept 6 Manna; R3232: 1; Sept 16 Manna; R2006: 2; Sept 18 Manna; R3251: 4; Sept 20 Manna; R3255: 4; Oct 17 Manna; R3331: 6; Oct 26 Manna; R3409: 1; Oct 27 Manna; R3408: 5; Nov 17 Manna; R3332: 2; Nov 18 Manna; R2140: 6; Nov 21 Manna; R3001: 5; Nov 30 Manna; R2811: 4; Dec 30 Manna; R2738: 1
Communion with the LordJune 18 Manna; R1949: 5
CommunismD473: 3
Conditions of acceptableness with the LordJuly 5 Manna; R2415: 6
ConfidenceOct 26 Manna; R3409: 1; Oct 27 Manna; R3408: 5; Nov 2 Manna; R2888: 2
ConscienceA119: 1-A121: t; F508: 1; Nov 24 Manna; R2735: 1
Consecrate"set apart or dedicated to the service of the Deity" - New Century Dictionary
Consecration the devotion of one's being to the Lord, the surrender of one's will and all to God R5775: 8, 15; R1161: 7; R3703: 11, 12; T119: 2; Jan 14 Manna; R3273: 4; June 2; Manna; R1811: 5; June 12 Manna; R1885: 3; June 30 Manna; R2675: 2; Nov 6 Manna; R2642: 5; Dec 11 Manna; R2891: 1
Consecration has two steps or stages R2615: 9, 10;
Two Consecrations are shown F124:2
1rst Cons.the general consecration to holy living and obedience to God which all believer make and which by God's Grace, through Christ, accomplishes for them, tentatively (see the '17 edition), "justification of life" and peace with God (tentative justification), F 124: 2-F125; F86: 2; F87: t; F153: 2, 3 (F85-F162); R5410: 9, 10, 18
= pictured by the Levites, F124: 1
= pictured by the court condition T113-T114
= pictured by plane "N" of the Chart of the Ages A231: 4-A233
2nd ConsConsecration to take God's will for our will, to sacrifice earthly interests for the heavenly, to folly Jesus' steps of self-sacrifice even unto death. A199: t, b - A200: t; F124-F125: 1; F154: 1-F156; E194: b; E195: 1, 2; T119: 1-3; Feb 5 Manna; R2412: 1; May 2 Manna; R3199: 2; R2071: 5; R2072: 1-3; R2479: 7, 8; R5080: 4; R3280: 9, 10, 15; F78: 2
symbolized by the consecration of Aaron and his sons in the priestly office T39; T41: 1, 2; T42: t, m; T46: 4
symbolized by the Lord's goat tied at the door to the Holy T59: 1-T61: 1
symbolized (after acceptance and spirit begotten by God) by the Holy T19:2; T20: 4
a full consecration - C147: 2; F345: t; F364: t, 2; F575: 1; F599: b; F603: 2; T117: 1-T118: 1
during the Mediatorial Reign: no longer, as now, mean unto death, but it will be unto life T94: 3; T95: 1-T96: t; T118: t; E239: b, E240: t; F709: 1; R2677: 9, 10
"Consider Him"Oct 5 Manna; R3313: 5
ContentmentFeb 6 Manna; R1756: 5; Feb 22 Manna; R3061: 3; Mar 6 Manna; R3129: 6; May 28 Manna; R2231: 4; Aug 5 Manna; R2562: 6; Aug 16 Manna; R3136: 6
Continual sacrificeChrist's metorious sacrifice once for all and forever -- a continual, ever-efficacious sacrifice, for the sins of the whole world C98: 1, 2; C102: 1; C103: t, 2, 3
Continuing in the Word of the LordMar 20 Manna; R3153: 5; Sept 19 Manna; R3251: 5
ControversyR768: 10 (See also Heresies)
Copper(brass, btronze?) - human perfection -- actual, or reckoned (tentatively justified believers) T18: t; T19: 1; T113: 2
CornerstoneChrist Jesus
CourageDec 26 Manna; R3079: 6
Court conditionall belivers (T74: 1) the entire "household of faith"-- the Levites (T55: 2), all believers in Jesus and his ransom (T26: 2); the condition of faith in and harmony with God (T54: 3); every believer, every (tentatively) justivied one (Levite) in the "court" (T61:1); justified believers (T113: 2) though actually imperfect their standing is that of perfect human beings . . . justification by faith (T113: b; T114: t); justified ones should continually hold up to the view of the world (the camp) the pure linen, representing Christ's righteousness as their covering . . . The justified believers represented by the posts in the "court" can thus really and truthfully claim that Christ's righteousness covers all their imperfections (T114: 1, 2) ; T54: 3; T57: 1, 2; T59: b; T60: t; T62: m, b; T117: 1; A244 (A231: 4- A233); R3053: 14 - R3054: 2
= Correspondes to plane "N" of the Chart of the Ages A244; A225: 1-A226; A231: 4-A234: t
Covered headnot the head, but under authority R72: 11; F271: 1-3; T36: 3
Creed (L. credo)I belive. Any system of belief or of opinion - Webster R1578: 4
Credulity, credulusready or disposed to believe, especially on weak or insufficient eveidence - Webster. Belief without adequate evidence or proof. Predjudice R5892: 4; R4588: 3-7; E228: 1; F689: 1
CrossDeath, self denial, Strongs#4716 - "a stake or post, - figuratively exposure to death, by implying the atonement of Christ: - Cross"
Cross bearing and self denialJan 21 Manna; R2616: 2 ;July 30 Manna; R1865: 4; Sept 11 Manna; R3237: 3
Crossed eyesa lack of clearness of insight and clearness of vision respecting spiritual things F243
Crowndominion, the power to govern B76: 1; B81: 2; B83: 2 Crowned with glory and honor = the perfection of the human nature E427: t
CrucifiedStrong's# 4717 - "to impale on the cross; figuratively to extinguish (subdue) passion or selfishness: - crucify"
Cubittip of elbo to tip of middle finger R4216: 1; R3679: 14, 15
Cubit (sacred)R3679: 14; R6435: 10 (9-14); GP, Para. 19, 390-392, 490
Cupvarious experiences of life R5421: 4, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, sometimes both R5654: 12
Cup (Lord's) - R5879: 23, b; R2780: 3, 4, 7; R2272: 5, 6; R4591: 14, 15; R5421: 13-15; R5422: 1-3, 9; R5654: 12-15 = representing experiences; sufferings of Christ
Cup (contents) - pictures blood, sacrifice, life relinquished. R1637: 4; R2272: 4; R2772:10; R4591: 12, 14; R5871: 6
Cup - drinking - R1504: 10-12; R1637: 5, 6; R2272: 5, 8-10; R4547: 5-9, 13-15; R4555:7-10; R4591: 12-16; R5342: 4, 7, 13; R5421: 10; R5422: 1-3, 9; R5871: 6, 7; R5878: 1
Cup: R2436: 4, 5, 7-9; R2775: 1, 2; R3362: 5; R3367: 2; R4436: 4, 7-10; R4453: 6-8;R4474: 10; R4475: 1-3; R4591-R4592; R5538: 9-15
Cup - did our Lord drink before handing it to his disciples? R4547: 5-9; R5421: 13; PT197
Cup, New in Kingdom - R2273: 1; R4555: 7-10; R5654: 12-15; R5871: 8, 9; R5538: 12-14
Cursepenalty, retribution R3044: 1; R701: 11, 12; R1476: 7, 8, 14; R2443: 5, 6; R1999:15; R200: 1, 2
Curtain of white linenrepresenting to those within a wall of faith, but to those without a wall of unbelief. T18: b; - well illustrated the same justification or purity. Thus justified ones should continually hold up to the view of the world (the camp), the pure linen, representing Christ's righteousness as their covering. The justified believers, represented by the posts in the "court" can thus really and truthfully claim that Christ's righteousness covers all their imperfections. T114: 1, 2
CyrusType of Christ. R2498: 8-10; R473

DanielR3769: 8(or bottom); R3770: t, 2
"Dare to be a Daniel"July 27 Manna; R2494: 4
Darknesssin, ignorance, superstition R3181: t(1-10); R5511: 10, 11
Darkness, Cast into outerthe taking from such a one the knowledge and the joys represented by the wedding chamber light. R5511: 10
Darkness, Works ofany works whatsoever that would not stand the fullest investigation, that would not stand approval in the light of the new dispensation. R3181: t, 1; R5769: 13;R5770: 1; R6175: 2, 3
DaughtersProtestant sects. D28-D30; R183: 9
Daughters of Tyrethe strong ones of earth. C193
Davidsignifies Beloved, refers to our Lord, the beloved Son of God. C258: 1; R1364: 3
= represents the entire Christ, Head and Body. R1901: 3-6, 8; R6142: 6; B255: 1
Dayany definite or special period of time, whether long or short. A138: 4; B40: 1; R1477: 2
= stands for epoch or period F19: 1
= stands for elightenment R5273: 5
= in Bible useage in symbolic prophecy stands for a year B65: 3; B91: 1; B89: 1; C127: t
Day of Atonementthe Gospel Age T50: 2; T76: 2; T77: 2; T60: 2; F234: b; R4035: 4
Day of the Lordthe day of trouble, the Day of his presence B33: 1; B275: 2; D579: 1
Deaconliterally signifies servant, or minister F252: 1; F253: 1
Dead Sea of SodomSecond Death. R2858: 5
Dead who diethose reckoned dead by a covenant of sacrifice C240: 2; C241: 1
Deathcessation of life, non-existance, oblivion. E322: t; E329: 1; E341: 2; E344: 1; E346: 5; E354: 2; E363: 5-E364: 2; E370: 1, 2; E380: 2, 3; E465: 2; E474: 1; C117: m, 2, 3
AdamicA153: 2-A154: t; A158:m-A159: t
SecondA144: 1, 2; A158: m; E474: m; C361: t, 1
Delilah type of Churchianity
Demons wicked spirits --the one-- time angels who kept not their first estate (Jude 6) R3771:7; R4736:6-8
Dens and Caves all societies secular and ecclesiastical B139:1
Desert Dark ages?
Dew Freshness, vigor E92:m
Diadem is a crown R4913:8, 9, 14
Diamond picture of character
Die (Does the body die?) E341:1
Directions of compass
Northspiritual things
South earthly things
East Christ and his ransom sacrifice G572: F653:2
West ?
DisapointmentJuly 3 Manna; R2412: 6 July 22 Manna; R3223: 5
Disciple pupil, or learner F210: 1; R3308: 9; R3153: 4; R6345: 10
"Disciples Indeed" Mar 20 Manna; R3153: 5; July 12 Manna; R2440: 2
Divinely appointed leaders Sept 1 Manna; R3218: 6; Dec 27 Manna; R3078: 5
Divisions R1577: 1, 12-16; R1578: 1, 5; R5451: 10
Doctrine (basic) F247: b; R1567: 15; R1822: 7; R5284: 4-13; R5285: 1, 10
Dogs evil and evil men R1671: 1-3
gentiles R2604:3,4
the degraded R235: 12
Door (an open door) an opportunity of entrance to certain conditions and priviliges;
Door (a shut door) the termination of such privilege or opportunity. C206: 1; C207: 1; C208: b; C210: 2; C195: 2; C224;
same as the straight gate of Matt 7: 12; C206: 2
Door (closed door) termination of opportunity of entrance into joint-heirship with Christ in the Heavenly Kingdom C206: 1-C208
Door (veil to tabernacle) death to human will
Double a repetition, or another like, or equal portion B225: 1, b; D227: m, F.N.; D218: t
Dovethe Holy Spirit, and an emblem of peace and purity R2237:5; E212:b
Dragonthe purely civil power, D-Fii:t; Vi:3; Viii:1; Xi:3; R306:8, 17-19; R511:7; symbol of agencies and powers that had they rise in power
Drinkappropriate to ourselves the divine message, S.N. 12-19
Drink it new with you in the KingdomS.N.4-19; R1695:7; R2773:1; R3365:1
Drinkthey did all drink of the same spiritual drink (I Cor 10:4); R2299:4
Drunkstupefied (B348:m)
intoxicated with Babylon's errors (C156:m)
intoxicated with the spirit of the world, the wine of Babylon D267:m, R2904:9; R3104:4
Drinking of the brookDec 28 Manna; R2936:5
Droughtspiritual famine
Dry bonesrevived hopes
DumahStrong's#1745:to be dumb; Fig. death-silence; Strong's#1820:to be dumb or silent: hence to fail or perish; trans. to destroy; -cease, bu cut down (off), to destroy, be brought to silence, be undone utterly
Dumahanother name for Edom (Babylon, Christendom), Faith's Foundations 7:1
Dust of the earthearthly seed
Dust shall be the serpent's meat (Isa 65: 25); Gen 3:14; Micah 7:17; R1649:12; R2842:t; R2920:9
Duties Jan 23 Manna; R2488:3

Eagleskeen of vision and appetite, swift - eager church members; signifies wisdom
Earningsearnest ones blessed effect of hearing the call
Earthsettled organized human society as at presen organized under civil and so-called religious restraint, but really held in slavery under Satan, the prince of this world; order-loving people. A69:1; A318; A319; t; B162:2; C66:b; D-Fiv:t; D528:3, b; D529:b; D558:b; R332:7-11; R498:7; R686:4; R716:1, 2; R4880:12 = the present social order C229: m; D13: m; D596:2, 3; D597:1: Strong's#2889 kosmos
Earth (new)the new organization of society under "The Prince Of Peace" B168:1; R551:1; A334:b; B529:1; B551:1; R716:1, 2; R4880:12
Earthquakesocial revolution A336: m; D-Fxv:m; D527:b; D528:2; D529:1; R511:7; R2334:6
disturbances of social conditions R3417:4
Ease (at ease in Zion)self-satisfied, fast asleep (mentally) R253:3, 10
Eastthe direction of sun-rising, represents the dawn of the Millenial Day R622:8; Christ
Eatto appropriate to one's self the life-giving properties of the thing eaten R611:10-17
by faith appropriate rights and privilages, freely given us of God, through Christ R1015:4; R3879:8; R4147:2-5; R6060:4, 7; E225:1, 2; S.N.12-19; Compare R611:17
fulfill a covenant before God T98:1, 2 Eat and drink with the intemporate (of their false docrines) D614:2
Eat the fat and dring the sweet (Neh 8: 10)enjoy the wonderful provisions of God's bounty with thankfulness and pleasure R2531:7
Edensignifies delight
Edomred (Gen 25:25, 30), Strong's#123 = name given to Esau after he sold his birthright, also to his descendents, and to their land; Northern section called Gebal, southern section called Teman, McClintock & Strong Vol X page 243; D14:4-16 Edom corresponds to symbolic Babylon of Rev, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel;
Christendom D14:2-17; 22
Egyptthe world of mankind, the empire of sin, the dominion of deat C315:b-C317; A313: m; F433:1; F458:1; R5234:8; R5957:7; means kinds of oppressors
Egyptian firstborn(Is it a picture??? - R2911)
EldersOld testament prophets
Elect, and very ElectF165:1; F169:t
Elements (of the present social order [heavens and earth] 2 Pet 3: 10)tyranny, ignorance, superstition, selfishness R716:1; R409:17; R3215:10; R4628:t; R4827:5; R5863:7, 11, 12
Elementssegments of society - 1) Civil 2) Eccliastical 3) Social
EliasGreek for Elijah R3292:2, 4
Eliezertype of the Holy Spirit F171:t; F363:t
Elijahthe Christ - Jesus the Head and the Church his body - in their fleshly experiences B265: m, 1; B20: m; B251:1-B257:2; B277: m; F677:2; R5121:10; R5772:6; R5845:1; R5771:12; R2334:2 Type of Church in the flesh
Elijah's mantleDivine power operating through him; and similarly operating through his elect now R5824:8; R5826:3
Elishabefore Elijah's departure = Great Company
after recrossing Jorden = Ancient Worthies R3417:1, 2; B265:1; B266:1; R2346:6; R4758:5, 9-11; R4780:2
Elohimsignifies mighty E66:3
Embroiderydevelopment of the Christ - like character T29:4; R4998:17(15-17)
Emerald (Green)probably freshness and vigor, filled with life R529:9; eternal life
EmphriamChristdom - means doubly fruitful
Engagementin the Jewish custom the expousal is the real marriage F74:¾d.
Ephesusfirst desirable period of lives of the apostles 33-73 - Paul, messenger - 1688
Ephodthe two great covenants:
Abrahamic Covenant - front;
New Covenant - back , T30:4; R72:5
EphraimChristendom, Babylon, the nominal Gospel Church, nominal Spiritual Israel D22:3; R562:4, 5; R1357:6--; R3104:4-6; R3463-R3464 (esp. R3463:10)
Epiphaniashining forth, or bright shining R2974:3; R2979:10-15; R2983:4; R4543:15; R5359:1
EsiasGreek for Isaiah E47:6
Esaurepresents natural Israel, the Jewish dispensation, house or church R1624:10, 11; R4436:11; sold his birthright for earthly things - great company
type of the natural minded class F172:t, 1
Espoused Virginthe Church alone, separae from her Lord and Head B255:1
Ethiopiansblack, revolutions
Euphrates (mystic)peoples, nations, the supporters of Babylon B209:t; R4699:9-11; the world of mankind
Evangelical AllianceAn organizations of the different Protestant denominations, D-F x:2
Evetype of Church
Evilanything that is undesireable, not good, such as calamities, etc. R2443:6
"Abstain from every form of evil"Aug 19 Manna; R3137:5
Evil SpeakingJan 7 Manna; R3275:5; Mar 30 Manna; R1938:5; Apr 19 Manna; R1937:2; May 25 Manna; R2215:1; July 14 Manna; R2444:6; R2445:1; Aug 1 Manna; R2447:4; Sept 10 Manna; R2444:3; Oct 1 Manna; R2156:3; Nov 1 Manna; R3305:5; Dec 1 Manna; R2445:3
Evil SurmisingsFeb 13 Manna; R3594:2; Dec 1 Manna; R2445:3
Evil - Overcoming itEyes = wisdom, discerment, especially spiritually
Eye-salvecomplete consecration and submission to the divine will as expressed in the scriptures, D42:t
Eyes Crossedlack of clearness of insight and visions respecting spiritual things F243:t
Eye-to-eyeF326:1 - F327:1, 3; Isa. 52:8 - Compare Fenton, Moffatt, Revised Standard Version, Good News Bible, NIV; R651:9, 10, 14-16; R1279:3; R1571:12, 13; R2353L 9,10; R2975:9; R3034:10; R4009:3, 4; R4995:3, 5; R5359:1; R5804:1
Ezekieltypified honored teachers in the Church

Faceto turn the face toward one is to show favor B188: f.n.
Faminespiritual famine, lack of truth
Faith"A confident assurance of that for which we hope, a conviction of the reality of things which we do not see (literally)." - Heb 11:1 Weymouth
the opperation, the exercise, of our minds in respect to God and his promises. The exercise of confidence in God F689:t; F691:t; R2975:9
the reasonable and accepted conclusion of a logical argument based upon a reasonable promise or foundation, a conviction of things unseen, based on the logical deductions from known facts. R2162:4-5 (1-5); The order is, reason first, and then faith. R889:9; Faith has in it two elements, intellectual assurance and heart reliance R1822:6, 7; R5114:7; R2286:8; R5055:10; R5425:12; R5892:1, 3
faith stands for what we believe R1278; R3156:3, 4; R428:11; R4696:18, 19; R4697:1, 2
False Prophet (Image of the beast)Protestant Federation of Churches D-F viii; R511:7; D-F x:1 - xi:3; all systems teaching error
Fatlove, loving zeal T57:2; T61:b; T46:t; R73:5, 9
Fatherlife giver E60:1; E99:2; E141:b; E222:t
Fathersname given by Hebrews to their faithful patriarchs and proph3ets B249:2; E142:2
Father's House of many mansionsplanes of being F403:1
FavorF178:b; F179:t
Feast (Matt 25: 10 - Diaglott)represents in full the Gospel advantages and privilages C206:1
Feast of Tabernaclesthe Millenial Age R2026:3
Feet (Zech 14: 4)Divine favor and law will be reestablished in the earth by and through the Holy Kingdom D651:1; B157: m; R286:6, 12-14
last members of the body of Christ
Fieldin the world outside all human (religious) organizations, D574:3; D609:2; E441:t
the non-professing world C121:2; C137:1; C140:t, 2; R920:8; R2277:2; R4842:15; R5383:7
Fiftythe greatest climax of numbers R5139:15
Fig TreeThe Jewish nation D604:1; R3747:10; R4788:11, 14
Filthy Rags (of our own righteousness)all endeavors toward righteousness on our own part, aside from the merit of Christ C202:t; E445:2; R2297:2; R1984:1
Fine Flourthe perfection of the Lord Jesus R84:4-5
praise, worship T98:4
Fine linenrighteousness
Firsymbol of a man with everlasting life
Firejudgement, trouble, difficulties, testings, trials R332:1; QB28:1; T56:1, 2
destruction of evil, consuming trouble B151:1-3; B168:1; B169:t, 2; R5161:4, 5, 13-16
destructive influences connected with a sacrificial fire R4602: 11
destruction of whatever is burned A317: 1- A324; never a sacrifice of preservation.R926: 2
destruction of the present social order, heavens and earth R4990: t; R5161: 4, 5, 13-16
the utter destruction of conditions represented by wood, hay, and stubble A321: t
used alternately and interchangeably with storm, darkness, to depict trouble A322: b
God's acceptance and perfect satisfaction with all the work of Atonement as done T89: 2
which tries a spiritual work is not a literal fire A321: t
of love R101: 4
Fire - Cast alive into lake of,systems still operating cast into trouble
destroyed R332:1, 2
Fire - everlastingage lasting destruction R1618:2; R4627:5
Fire - flamingwrath and punishment then visited upon evil doers B150:2-B152:1; T86:b; B228:5
Fire and Brimstoneintensifies the thought of destruction A318:1; D540:3; R487:1; R332:1
Fire of God's Jealousy, angerretribution, anarchy, trouble D44:1; D271: m; D272:1, 3; B162:2; R2971:3 (2-6)
Fire of God's zealthe intensity of the trouble and destruction A317:1
Fire from heavendivine judgements and chastisements, lessons of divine judgements R2334:7
Fire - make Fire come down from heavenpunish in the name of the Lord those it considers its opponents R5349:8
Fire - symbolicdestructive calamities D39:t
Firey Chariotvictory and glorious excape from that trouble (storm) B254:b; B260: m; R968:9
Firey stream (Dan. 7: 10)severe judgements - a time of trouble C302: m
Firkin9 Gallons R3485:2
Firmamentexpanse, air envelops the earth, about 50 miles R1812:3, 4
circumambient air R5159:6
First-bornsbelievers of the Gospel Age B174:2; Col. 1:15, 18; Rom. 8:29; Heb. 12:23
the Christ, head and body, the New Creation F459:1; F460:b
First fruitsJesus and the Church after resurrection R2796:7; R3377:10, 11; R4175:3-5; R5533:9-11; R5870:1, 2; Comp. R3685:4
First ResurrectionResurection of the Church to the divine nature, cheif, best, superior, first, A197:2; F663:1; F720:2 - F725:t
First Vailfull and complete consecration to the death of a previously (tentatively) justified believer R3054:2 (3053:13, 14, 3054:1, 2); T114:3; R1544:1
Fishsymbol of men - entire wordly church members
Fishes of the seamen not under religions or governmental restraint
Fishersteachers - also those who drove Israel back to their homeland
Fiveaided in connection with ten, completness in the stage, degree, or power attained or ordained - a symbol of divinity
Flee Babylon to Where?the place or condition of entire consecration D43:2- D46
Flesh of the Son of Man (to eat)R4147:t-3, 5: R611:17
Following a Man?R4447:4; R1867:8 - R1868:1; R4684:13 - R4685:2
Foolish VirginsGreat Company
Foreheadintellect R4880:9 Forehead, sealing of the
C165:b - C166; R1279:2
Fornicationany illicit fellowship with the world, on the part of those who have betrothed themselves to be God's consecrated people R2300:1; R1215:12; R2480:6, 1, 5; C164:1
Forty yearsa complete period of testing and sifting R3574:10
Forty year Harvestchronology pertains to the nominal Israel only: QB156:1, 2; B-F xi:1; 229:1, 2; 246, 247:b (parallel columns); C150:1; C168:t; C180:2; C181:t; R4842:9, 10; R5888:13; R5950:9, 18-20; B15:3; A223:2; A224:2; A238:2; B229:t; C167:2
FoundationChrist's ransom
Foundation DoctrinesR1567:15; R3035:t; R4995:5; F98; F240:1; F260:1; F327:1; E385
Fountains of watertruth
Foundationssocial, economic, moral, and religious
Fourthat, in which God reveals himself completely as the 4 Cherubim, the 4 sided alter, and the cubic shaped Most Holy
Four faces of Cherubim (Ezek 1:10)
four attributes of Jehovah: Site editor's view differs slightly
Man Love; Love
Lion Justice; Power
Ox (Bullock) Power; Justice
Eagle far-sighted wisdom F372 Eagle
Four windsR4880:9-14; R5058:10; R5469:21; R5470:1,2,7-9; R6200:1-8 whirlwind of the time of trouble, war???
Fowelsservants of the wicked one; the wicked on and his angels; Satan and his representatives; R4636:3; R5049:14; R5050:1
Communist, socialists, anarchists, militant vultures of society - merely poor and degraded
Foxesinnocent seeming sins
Frankincensepraise R3703:9; R84:11
Free Moral AgencyA224:1, 2
Friend of the BridegroomJohn the Baptist at the Lord's first advent - apostles - espoused one then seeks to exspouse others to Christ
Frogsdivine right of kings - authority of clergy - claims that mankind is land to submit to them
Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5: 22, 23)Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance E180:2; patience, brotherly kindness E206:1; fortitude, knowledge, self-control, peity; E238:2; F213:t; R2205:4-13; R444:1, 2, 5-7; R4732:3, 8, 9; R5093:7-10, 15, 16; R5393:1-3, 8; R5831:4, 5, 8 Compager E198:1, 3; E199:1
Furlong40 rods, or 660 feet, or 1/8th of a mile
Furnacefiery trials of all the saints
Furnace of fire"A great time of trouble" coming in the close of this harvest, upon the unworthy tare class of "Christendom" C146:t; R2971:2, 3; R600:14, 12
Furnace of afflictionR2971:2

Gadmeans seer, lot, fortune
Garments of Glory and Beautyglories of Church's position and work beyond "veil", T74:2
Garnerthe Christian Church B233:2
honored with the truths belonging to the Gospel Age, the Gospel dispensation B235:b; C149: m; R2751:4, 5; R2993:8
the barn, the glorified state -- the heavenly condition -- "changed" R2277:8; R2634:8
Gate (turn the battle at the gate)Isa. 28:6 (RSV); Ruth 4:1; R1357:13
Gate (to the court)the "Gate" (entrance-way) of (tentative) justification through faith in his (Christ's) blood (ransom sacrifice), T19:1; T20:2; T22:1; R154:1, 2
Corresponds to plane "N" of the Chart of the Ages A231: 4;A232;R276:7
inner court development Narrow way of faith
GehannaGreek and Latin form; Gehennom (or valley of Hinnom) - Hebrew form; Also called the Valley of Tophet
secod death R111:19; R700:1; R896:1-4; 9-11; R2601- R2603; E333:t; F641:t
Generation (Matt. 24: 34)D602-D605; R342:4, 10-14
Gentilesall out of fellowship with God, "enemies through wicked works" R5493:9; R5676:1
Ghostold English for "spirit" - the word is really obsolete R2818:5(F.N); E169:t; E267:1
Gilead (the Balm of)R5803:1, 2; S.N. 5-5
Girdleservant, servitute T30:2; T36:4; R72:5, 6, 12; R1599:6
Girdle (Golden)a servant providing nutriment leading to the divine nature? Rev 1:13; R1599:6
Glass (Sea of)Rev 15:2; R497:3-6; faith and truth grant a firm foundation for an elevated vantage point, over-riding, but not entirely isolated from, the troubles
Glorious Garmentsthe glories, dignities, etc., of Christ's authority and power during the Millennial Age F235; T84:1
Glorified (Rom 8: 30)F182:1, 2; A194:1; C198:3; C199:t; F66:t
Gloryexecutive power, authority of God
Gnashing or gritting of teeththe vexation and anger of those in whom the Truth only awakens a spirit of opposition and hatred against the Lord's messengers and against his plans which run counter to their prejudices, pride, and plans R920:6
Gnawing their tongues in paincontradictory reasonings agianst the Truth and against each other, and against their predecessors, attempting to substantiate the errors R920; 6
Goats (Isa 34: 6)correspond to the tares D17: m
wayward, perverse, headstrong; great company
GodA Mighty One, a ruler, especially a religious or sacerdotal ruler B274:2, 3; C40:2
God, hardened Pharaoh's heartF175:2; F176
Gog and Magog(High) D554:2 - D557:t; D626:1; D640:1 The Lord's Great Army?, D-F sx, 542
Golddivine things, the divine nature C355:3; F375:1; T18; T20:1; T36:t; T114:3; T115
obedience R3703:9; heavenly riches
Gold, Silver, and Precious Stonesdivine truths and corresponding character A321:t
Golden AltarChrist, the Redeemer T66:t; Compare T120:1
Golden Candlestickthe complete Church T115:3
Golden Crowndivine authority R1362:3
Golden cup in the Lord's handR3104:6; C156:1
Golden Pot of Mannaimmortality as being one of the possesions of the Christ of God; The divine nature; immortality T122:3; T123:2
Golden Tablethe Church as a whole, including Jesus and the Apostles - all the sanctified who serve in "holding forth the word of life" T115:2
GoliathSatan and his cohorts R6142:6
Good fishTrue Church
Good SoldiersTrue Church
Gospel AgeA120:3
Grace of GodReceive not in vain R2285:3, 11-14, R2286:1; R4547:16; R4574:10; R5072:15; R5073:1-3, 10, 11; R5207:17, 18; F117-F119; F125:2; F130:t; E472:2
Graces of the Spiritfaith, fortitude, knowledge, self-control, patience, piety, brotherly kindness, love E238:2; E239:1, 2; R2481:8-10; R4391:2, 3, 14
Grand Gallerythe calling of the Little Flock C352:1
the condition of the faith-justification, the condition of the (tentatively) justified who are called or invited to present their bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, GPP Para.179-198 Pgs 107-1222; C349-C351; C355:t
Granitesame significance as gold -- divine things, or the divine nature C355:3; C356:t
Grapesfruits of the spirit
Grasspeople posessing independent thought
Gray hairs, gray, or hoar headsimply figures of speech signifying aged E358:4
Great men(Rev) Clergy
Great Trumpetthe (symbolic) "Seventh Trumpet", "Trump of God", "Last Trump," the Jubilee Trump of knowledge and liberty B197:2-B199; Includes the Harvest Message? D601:2
Great cityBabylon - Christendom - Religious government
Great CompanyA213:3 - A214; A240: m; F93:1; F121:t; F126:3; F127:1; F133:t; F168:2; F:169:t; F707: F.N.; R4864:7-11
same as foolish virgins R5924:11
Green, evergreen, emeraldlife, or everlasting life T109:b; R6111:19
Grevious Wolvesdestructive higher critics F222:b
Grinding at the millteachers seeding to prepare food for the househod of faith R513:13; R229:9
Guest Chamberthe harvest light, the Guest chamber of special and final preparation C202:1; C204:2

HadesGreek word, the exace equivalent of the Hebrew word Sheol
oblivion, the condition or state of death, (E354:2) to which the soul of men pass at death, E381:1; E353:b-E381; R111:7; See Sheol, Quebar
HagarLaw covenant, F170:b; F361:2; R3916:2; R4309:5
Hailhard, condensed truth, delivered in such a way as to be dangerously destructive to things with which it comes in conflict; it will smite down and subdue only those who are in opposition to it, and that for their good, WPRW:357:4; A303:t; R511:14; R564:3; R1357:9; R2814:1; i.e. hard truths
Handskill, care, divine power and direction, supervision and interest S.N. 11-11; R6313:14; R4059:1; R5419:12; E365:5
Handsymbol of power - agent or agencies through which he exercises that power, through Christ and the Church
Hand of the Lordpower of the Truth and other agencies; divine providence C316:2; T71:2
Hand on head of animalimpartation of Holy Spirit @ Pentecost T64:2; Comp 45:1
Hand (right)chief place, position of excellence or favor, next to the chief ruler; Cooperation A92:b; chief place of favor and power R445:11; F273:m; R5349:8
Hardness of neckR3464:t
Harlotnominal church united to earthly governments instead of waiting for Christ, D-F viii:2 - ix; 25:3-26; 29:1, 2; 35:4; B277:1; R287:10; R1215:11-13; unfaithful worldly
Church - committed fornication with the Kings
Harlotryunion between church and the civil power B261:2; C111:b
HarpsBible testimones of the law and prophets
Harp of Godthe Bible, the harmonious Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments F233:1; R397:11[R395]
Harvesteach age ends with a harvest manifesting its fruits A223:2 - A224; A238:2; B15:3; D578:2; B Study VIII; C Study V and Study VI. See 40-year harvest.
two, R2464:6
Head (false)elder and honorable man Is 9:15-16 in eyes of people although maybe not in God's eyes
Head, HeadshipB304:4; T36:2, 3; T27:2; T49:2; R143:5-7, 10, 11; R295:4, 5; R364:15-R365:1, 5; R1075:10-13; R1549:11(7-11); R1550:1, 2; R4899:8-12; R3613
Head coverednot the head, but "under authority", F271:1-3; R36:2, 3; R72:11; R1551:12
HeadstoneChist Jesus
Hearobey F709:t
understanding, appreciating the message R3164:7
Heartthe natural affections F600:2
the will, the intentions R1703:4; R4827:4
the character R1937:3
the mind R5518:11
one's inmost sentiments R5246:7, 8
Heart, pure inloyalty of heart - loyalty to principles of truth and righteousness, the principles of the divine government - loyalty to God the Father and to our Lord Jesus Christ and to all the members of his body R4929:8 (7, 8, 14); R5264:14
all out of fellowship with God, "enemies through wicked works" R5493:9
Heavenecclesiastical heavens, religious powers and religious control
Heavenshigher or controlling spiritual powers A69:1; A318:t, b; A319:t; R529:4-7
ecclesiastical powers of Christendom D149:b; D150:2; D528:3; D544:t; D547:2; D591:t; D598:7
nominal churches, or religious powers D601:2; R1279:2; R2327:17; R2751:4; R5161:13
the at least nominally spiritual - the churches D599:b; R1279:2
the professedly spiritual class D599:t
sectarian creeds and systems D597:1
government - ecclesiastical and civil B168:1; B170:1; D413:1; R5864:t
exalted to heavens - E376:1, 2
Till heavens (Satan's control) be no more R194:5, 7; R2994:1
New Heavens - the spiritual control of Christ A334:b; B168:1; R711:8; R2832:3, 4; R5161:14; C258:1(b)
Heifer (Red)Ancient Worthiers
Helmetintellectual appreciation of God's great plan R1659:11; F658:1
Herbsespecially the bitter sufferings of Christ
Herd in stalls (none)R5383:8, 9
Heresies(See also Controversy) (NOTE - These dates are in many cases approximate. Many of these heresies had been current in the Church years before, but only when they were officially adopted by a Church Council and proclaimed by the Pope as dogmas of faith did they become binding on Catholics. At the Reformation in the 16th Centurey these heresies were repudiated as having no pare in the Religion of Jesus as taught in the New Testament.)
1) Of all the human inventions taught and practiced by the Roman Catholic Church, which are contrary to the Bible, the most ancient are the prayers of the dead and the sign of the Cross. Both of these began 300 years after Christ ----------------310 AD
2) Wax candles were introduced in churches about ----------------------------320 AD
3) Veneration of angels and dead saints began about --------------------------375 AD
4) The Mass as a daily celebration was adopted in -----------------------------394 AD
5) The worship of Mary the mother of Jesus and the use of the term "Mother of God" as applied to her originated in the Council of Ephesus in --------------431 AD
6) Priests began to dress diferently from the laity in --------------------------500 AD
7) The docrine of Purgatory was first established by Gregory the Great about the year -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------593 AD
8) The Latin language as the language of prayer and worship in churches was also imposed by Pope Gregory I. in the year 600 after Christ. (The Word of God forbids praying and teaching in an unknown tongue. [Read 1 Cor. 14:9]) -------- 600 AD
9) The Bible teaches that we pray to God alone. In the primitive church never were prayers directed to Mary or to dead saints. This practice began in the Roman Church about 600 years after Christ. (Read Matt. 11:28; Luke 1:46; Acts 10:25-26;14:14-18)------------------------------------------------------------------------ 600 AD
10) The Papacy is of pagan origin. The title of Pope, or universal Bishop was first given to the Bishop of Rome by the wicked emperor of Phocas in the year 610 AD This he did to spite Bishop Ciracus of Constantinople, who had justly excommunicated him for his having caused the assassination of his predecessor emperor Mauritius. Gregory I, then Bishop of Rome refused the title, but his successor, Boniface III, first assumed the title of Pope. Jesus did not appoint Peter to the headship of the Apostles and expressly did forbid any such notion. [Read Luke 22:24-26; Eph. 1:22-23; Col 1:18; I Cor. 3:11]) --------------610 AD
11) The kissing of the Pope's feet began in the year 709. It had been a pagan custom to kiss the feet of emperors. The Word of God forbids such practices. (Read Acts 10:25-26; Rev. 19:10; Rev. 22:9) ----------------------------------------709 AD
12) The Temporal power of the Popes began in the year 750. When Pepin the usurper of the throne of France descended into Italy, called by Pope Stephen II, to war against the Italian Longobards. He defeated them and gave the city of Rome and surrounding territory to the Pope. Jesus expressly forbade such a thing and He himself refused worldly kingship. (Read Matt. 4:8-9; Matt. 20:25-26; John 18:38) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------750 AD
13) Worship of the cross, of images and relics was authorized in 788. (This was by order of dowager Empress Irene of Constantinople, who first caused to pluck the eyes of her own son Constatine VI, and then called a Church Council at the request of Hadrian I, pope of Rome at that time. Such practice is called simply IDOLATRY in the Bible, and is severly condemned. [Read Exodus 20:4-14; Deuteronomy 27:15; Psalm 115])-------------------------------------------------------------------788 AD
14) Holy Water, mixed with a pinch of salt and blessed by the priest, was authorized in the year -----------------------------------------------------------850 AD
15) The veneration of St. Joseph began in the year ------------------------890 AD
16) The baptism of bells was instituted by pope John XIV in the year--965 AD
17) Canonization of dead saints, first by Pope John XV, in 995. Every believer and follower of Christ is called a saint in the Bible. (Read Rom. 1:7; I Cor. 1:2; etc) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------995 AD
18) Fasting on Fridays and during Lent were imposed in the year 998. By popes said to be interested in the commerce of fish. (Bull or permit to eat meat), some authorites say, began in the year 700. This is against the teaching of the Gospel. (Read Matt. 15:10; 1 Cor. 10:25; I Tim. 4:1-3) ---------------------------998 AD
19) The Mass was developed gradually as a sacrifice and attendance made obligatory in the 11th Century. The Gospel teaches that the sacrifice of Christ was offered once and for all, and is not to be repeated, but only commemorated in the Lord's Supper. (Read Heb. 7:7; 9:26-28; 10:10-14) ------------------11th Century
20) The celibacy of the priesthood was decreed by Pope Hildebrand, Boniface VII, in the year 1079. Jesus imposed no such rule, nor did any of the Apostles. On the contrary, St. Peter was a married man, and St. Paul says that bishops were to have wife and children. (Read I Tim. 3:2-5; and 12; Matt. 8:14-15) --------1079 AD 21) The Rosary, or prayer beads was introduced by Peter
the Hermit in the year 1090. This was copied from Hindoos and Mohammedans. The counting of prayers is a pagan practice and is expressly condemned by Christ. (Read Matt. 6:5-13) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1090 AD
22) The Inquisition of heretics was instituted by the Council of Verona in the year 1184. Jesus never taught the use of force to spread His religion ------1184 AD
23) The sale of Indulgences, commonly regarded as a purchase of forgiveness and a permit to indulge in sin, began in the year 1190. The Christian religion as taught in the Gospel condemns such a traffic, and it was the protest against this traffic that brought on the Protestant Reformation in the 16th Century. ----------1190 AD
24) The dogma of Transubstantiation was decreed by Pope Innocent III in the year 1215. By this doctrine the priest pretends to perform a daily miracle by changing a wafer into the body of Christ, and then he pretends to ead Him alive in the presence of His people during Mass. The Gospel condemns such absurdities; for the Holy Communion is simply a memorial of the sacrifice of Christ. The spiritual presence of Christ is implied in the Sacrament. (Read Luke 22:19-20; John 6:35; 1 Cor. 11:26) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------1215 AD
25) Confession of sins to the priest as least once a year was instituted by Pope Innocent III in the Lateran Council, in the year 1215. The Gospel commands us to confess our sins direct to God. (Read Psalm 51:1-10; Luke 7:48; Luke 15:21; I John 1:8-9) -------------------------------------------------------------------1215 AD
26) The adoration of the wafer, (Host), was invented by Pope Honorius in the year 1220. So the Roman Church worships a God made by human hands. This is plain idolotry and absolutely contrary to the spirit of the Gospel. (Read John 4:24) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1220 AD
27) The Bible forbidden to laymen and placed in the Index of forbidden books by the Council of Valencia in 1229. Jesus commanded that the Scriptures should be read by all. (Read John 5:39; I Tim 3:15-17) --------------------------1229 AD
28) The scapular was invented by Simon Stock, and English monk. It is a piece of brown cloth, with the picture of the Virgin and supposed to contain supernatural virtue to protect from all dangers those who were in on their naked skin. This is fetichism -----------------------------------------------------------------------1287 AD
29) The Roman Church forbade the cup to the laity, by instituting the communion of one kind in the Council of Costance. The Gospel commands us to celebrate Holy Communion with bread and wine. (Read Matt. 26:27; I Cor. 11:26-29) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1414 AD
30) The doctrine of Purgatory was proclaimed as a dogma of faith by the Council of Florence. There is one word in the Bible that would teach the purgatory of priest. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sins. (Read I John 1:7-9; I John 2:1-2; John 5:24; Romans 8:1) -----------------------------------------------1439 AD
31) The doctrine of the Seven Sacraments was affirmed in 1439. The Gospel says that Christ instituted only two sacraments, Baptism, and the Lord's Supper. (Read Matt. 28:19-20; 26:26-28) -------------------------------------------------1439 AD
32) The Ave Maria, addition of part of the last half. It was completed 50 years afterward and finally approved by Pope Sixtus V, at the end of the 16th Century. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1508 AD
33) The Council of Trent, held in the year 1545 declared that Tradition is of equal authority with the Bible. By tradition is meant human teachings. The pharisees believed the same way, and Jesus bitterly condemned them, for by human tradition they nullified the commandments of God. (Read Mark 7:7-13; Col. 2-8; Rev. 22:18) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------1545 AD
34) The apocryphal books were added to the Bible also by the Council of Trent. These book were not recognized as canonical by Jewish Church. (Rev. 22:8-9) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1546 AD
35) The Creed of Pope Pius IV, was imposed as the official Creed 1560 years after Christ and the Apostles. True Christians will retain the Holy Scriptures and the Apostles Creed as their creed. Hence their creed is 1500 years old and the creed of Roman Catholics. (Gal. 1:8) ---------------------------------------------1560 AD
36) The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary was proclaimed by Pope Pius IX. The Gospel states that all men, with the sole exception of Christ, are sinners. Mary herself had need of a Savior. (Read Rom. 3:23; 5:12; Psalm 51:5; Luke 1:30; 46-47)---------------------------------------------------------------------1854 AD
37) In the year 1870 after Christ, Pope Pius IX proclaimed the dogma of Papal Infallibility. This is a blasphemy and the sign of the apostasy, and of the anti-christ predicted by St. Paul. (Read II Thess. 2:2-12; Rev. 17:1-9; 13:5-8, 18) Many Bible Students see the number of the Beast (Rev. 13:18) 666 in the Roman letters of the Pope's title "VICARIUM FILII DEI." - V=5, V=5, I=1, L=50, I=1, I=1, D=500, I=1 - Total
666. -----------------------------------------------------------1870 AD
38) Pope Piux X, in the year 1907 condemned together with "modernism" all the discoveries of modern science which are not approved by the Church. Piux IX had done the same thing in the Syllabus of 1864. ---------------------------1907 AD
39) In the year 1930 Pius XI condemned the Public Schools --------1930 AD
40) In the year 1931 the same Pope Pius XI reaffirmed the doctrine that Mary is "the Mother of God" ------------------------------------------------------- 1931 AD
41) In the year 1950 the dogma of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was proclaimed by Pope Pius XII ---------------------------------------------1950 AD The Roman Church says it never changes; yet it has done nothing else but invent new doctrines which are contrary to the Bible, and has practiced rites and ceremones taken bodily from paganism. Some scholar has found that 75% of the rites and ceremonies of the Roman Church are of Pagan origin. NOTE - Cardinal Newman, in his bood, "The Development of the Christian Religion" admits that . . . "Temples, incense, oil lamps, votive offerings, holy water, holidays and season of devotions, processions, blessing of fields, sacerdotal vestments, the tonsure (of priests and monks and nuns), images . . . are all of pagan origin . . ." (Page 359)
Herodtype of Civil power
Herodioustype of Babylon, ecceleastical powers of Christendom
Hidden Mannaimmortal, incorruptible condition promised to all members of the "Seed" which is the Church T123:1; R3283:1; immortality
High mountainautocratic government D551:1; Christs Kingdom
High Priest coming forth from Most Holythe living representative of Jehovah's Justice, Wisdom, Love, and Power to men - the living representateve of Divine mercy, forgiveness appeasement T125:t
Hillless high, less autocratic government D551:1; R5575:3 Government less controled, by one individual, controled by a lesser power
Hill (Holy Hill)the Kingdom of God D-F ix:2
Hoary headgray hairs, aged E358:4 Strong's#7872, #7869 - old age
Holding the four windsR4880:9-14; R5496:2; (winds
false doctrines; four quarters
contrary, contradictory doctrines loosed in the nominal spiritual heavens beginning in 1878, or at least by 1881, causing spiritual anarchy and the downfall of Babylon?? Notice R4822:6, 13, 14; C165: esp 2; C167:2; D571:3; D2- D579
the primary and major disturbance of a whirlwind (tornado) is in the air (or heavens), disturbances to things on the earth are secondary to the primary disturbance
Holyour place (condition) or standing as new creatures, not yet perfected T114:b
Holy Annointing Oilthe Holy Spirit and the enlightenment which it gives to all those whom God accepts as probationary members of the Royal Priesthood, the New Creation, F132:1; T28:3; T29:t; T116:2
Holy City, The New Jerusalemthe extablished Kingdom of God, the overcomers of the Gospel Church, exalted and reigning in Glory D25:2
Holy Crownrepresenting power to rule
Honey (Lev. 2: 11)none to be burned with sacrifices - R84:12; See McClintock and Strong's; learning about Christ's second presence
HorebMt. Sinai - Type of the Kingdom of God
Hornpower T42:t; A258:2; A305:2
Horsesdoctrines R622:7
church systems of Babylon D575:1; R228:6, 7
Horsemendoctrinal leaders
HouseReligious organization
Houses (Two of Israel)non spiritual Israel
House of servants and house of sonsA145:3
House of many mansionsplanes ob being F403:b
House topsa higher life and experience and faith than merely nominal church members D575:1; R228:7
Household of faithall believers in Jesus and his ransom, (R429:4); T26:2
all who occupy the "Court condition of (tentative) justification (or beyond) T27:2; T57:2; T60:t; T61:1; T62:m; T64:t; F275:b; F281:2; F447:b; F448:t; F459:2; F600:t; F682:b; F683:m; R498:5; R1586:4; R2740:7; R4389:4; R4464:1 - after all this, then compare R5358:2; R4653:13; R4654:1
Hypnotismsubmission of the mind to the occult power of the Adversary and fallen demons R2033:4; R4163:11-13; R4396:2; R4313:9; R4314:1
Hyssoppurging or cleansing T109:b

IncarnationE93:3 - E95:t
Incensefaith, love, and obedience to God T120:1
the perfection of the man Jesus T56:2
Indeed, or verilyis the Greek word "amen", and signifies "so be it" or "your request is granted." F668:1
Idoloatrythe inordinate or unde respect, homage, reverance, or devotion paid to any person, system or thing - aside from the Lord R2299:7
IdumaeaChristendom, FF7:2, 1; "Greek form of Hebrew Edom" - McClintock and Strong's
"term used of the land of the ancient Edomites" Baker's Bible Atlas - 69:6
Image of the Beastthe False Prophet, or image of the Beat, we understand to mean the Protestant Federation of Churches, Protestantism, D-F viii:1, 2; X; Xi; R513:10 Immortality
death-proof, that which cannot die E389:1, 3; E391:2; E396:3 -E398; A185:2; A208:1; A211:1
Imputebring into the reckoning; in theology, to attribute (righteousness, guilt, etc.) vicariously
"ascribe as derived from another" - New Century Dictionary
the Gospel Age use of the Merit of Christ A195:1; A110; A130; A232-A233:t; A301:3; C199:b; E-foreward; E109; E145: E442:1; E445:2; E446:t (E441-E446); F102-F104; F110-F111; F463:1; T35:2; T36:4; T65:2; T66:1; T74:2; R125:15; R308:2; R1586:4-5; R2160:t, 1; R2615:9; R3238:2; R3571:10; R3664:8; R3879:8; R3948:6, 10; R4574:6; R4591:8, 9; R4637:8, 9; R4667:10,11; R4764 -R4765; R4902:9; R4997:8-10, especially 15, 16; R4998:7, 15-17; R5196:1, 7; R5660:9, 13; R5669:2-4; R5834:7; R5873:4; R5891:8, 9; R6314:3, 10; R4585:1; R5197:6, 7, 15, 16; QB141:2-4; QB142:2; R687:15, 16; R3507:16
Incensesweet odor of Christ's personal merit. Devotions to His work, and will
In the airin the spiritual rulership of the world C238:m; C240:m; R5771:7
Intoxicated with her errors (C156: m)the intoxication produced by imbibing the spirit of the world, the wine of Babylon R1896:7
the intoxication of error, of false doctrines, of human schemes and plans, the spirit of man and the Adversary in contradiction to the Spirit, the teachings of the Lord R3104:4-6; R2904:8, 9; R5633:1-3
Intuitive knowledgeA122:t
Inwards and fatour heart sentiments, our best powers T45:2
Iron and clay mixeda mixture of church and state. This mixture in the Scriptures termed "Babylon - confusion" A254:t
Isaactype of Christ (head and body), typified a heavenly seed A85:t; A155:m; C368:1; F170:b; F361:m; R5967:1, 2
Ishmael (son of Hagar)type of Israel, the natural nation, natural Israelites C298:1; C368:t; F170:b; F361:2; R3916:2, 3; R5503:8
Islandsseem to symbolize Republican governments - organizations of people slightly above the "sea " level R511:10 (See also sea)
Israelthe whole world of mankind during the Gospel Age A109:2; A297:m, 2; A313:m; A315:m; B177:3; C315:b; T26:t, 2; T49:b; T68:1; R1841:6; B177:3 - B178:t; B228:3 - B229:1
Nominal spiritual Israel, Babylon D568:b; R2299:5; R2904:5; R4678:9, 2; B228:3
Nominal Christendom A315:m; D573:1; R4678:2, 9
Nominal Gospel Christian Church A221:4; B27:t; R1841:6
Spiritual Israel, The Gospel True Christian Church T25:2, 3; B75:2; F176:1; R2904:5
The True Israel of God, all who are God's people E281:1; D654:1
Believing world in Millenial Age T96:t; T93:t, 2; T84:1; T64:t; F458:1; C315:b; A313:m
Kingdom of Christ B75:2; D654:1
Spiritual Israel - The New Creation F458:t
Israel DeliveredDeliverance of mankind from sin and death Rom. 8:19-22; Isa. 25:9
Israel's Enemieswilful sinners and enemies of righeousness of the future age F174:t
Israel's physical favors and temporal blessingsthe terms and conditions which will prevail during the Millenial Age when the antitypical King and Kingdom shall be in control F631:2
Israel's land extentR4061:3
Issacharmeans ________ reward
Itching earsfailing to maintain a love for the Truth, seeking new and strange teachings R1320:7, 5; R1319:5, 6; R968:4

Jacob (spiritual)the Lord's faithful ones, the overcomers, the New Creation, Spiritual Israel of the Gospel Age F172:t, 1; R1624:10,11; R4436:11; Compare A300 F.N.
Jacob (natural, or fleshly)Israel after the flesh A300F.N.; B217:2; B218:2; C278; F355:b; F461:b
Jasperthe Glory of God R529:8 Diamond - glory of God, the light or source of llight for New Jerusalem
Jehoshaphat"Jehovah Judged" - Strong's#3092; "to judge, i.e. to pronounce sentence" - Strong's#8199; - the valley of death, the valley of dry bones
Adamic Death D141:2; R2908:2; R5601:1
JehovahRev 21:6; Rev 22:13; Is 41:4; Rev 4:8; Rev 11:17; Rev 15:3; Rev 16:7; Rev 16:5; Rev 21:22; Rev 19:6; Rev 1:4, (Rev 3:14 - Beginning and end, means Christ) Alpha and Omega, Lord our God, the Almight, who was and who is to come, beginning and end, first and last
Jehovah's feet on the Mount of OlivesD651:1 (D649- )
Jerusalem (spiritual)The Gospel Church in Glory and Kingdom Power A295:2 - A297; C258:m; D529:1; F363:1
Jerusalem (natural)Israel's government reorganized (under the Christ) A295:2-A297; C258:1; F363:1
Jerusalem (the new)The new Millenial Government, the Church, the Bride united to her Lord A295:2, 3; A297:t; A299:b; C258:1; D25:2; E45:t; F209:m; R2832:3 - R2834
Jeshurun (Deut 32: 15, Deut 33: 5, 26)a symbol, (ancient) name for Israel Strong's#3484
Jesusliterally Son of God, Saviour
Jewish Churchthe "shadow" or pattern on the fleshly plane of all that the Gospel Church enjoys on the spiritual plane A238:m
Jewish Agetypical of the Gospel Age B209:b; A210:t; A201: A242:t; A251:1
Jezebelthe false Church, Papacy, the great harlot, Babylon R234:9; D-Fii:t; 584:2; apostate Church of Rome
Johnrepresented the real Elijah (the true Church), whose work has been to attempt the conversion of the world before the coming of Messiah to the world - the spiritual Lord of glory and King of Kings B251:m Join house to house
Jordon"judged down", condemned the divine condemnation, the death sentence R3086:3 (6, 7)
trial, test or judgement R5824:8; R5846:2
end of Times of the Gentiles R1915; R5824:4
Josephtype of Christ, head and body R184:11; R2488:13, 14; R4436:11; R5231:7, 8, 11; R5234; 8
JoshuaDeliverer or Saviour
Jot and Tittle(Matt 5:18) B173:t
every minute particular B175:t
Jubileesprefigured Restitution to all the world B175:1; B178:m, 1; R5731:13
Jubilee Yearthe great "Times of Restitution of all things", the Millennium, Earth's Great Jubilee B176:1 - B179:1; B181:m, b; B187:1, 2; F51:t; F391:2
Judaisma divinely appointed type of the Millenial Kingdom of Christ which will control and regulate all matters and was properly a union of Church and state, of religious and civil government C153:2
Judearepresents Christendom of today (pre-1900 era) D573:1
Judgein ancient times was one who executed justice and relieved the oppressed A142:3
JudgementA138:3; A142:3 - A147; F402:b-F414 Compare F198:t; F302:2, 3 d.
Judgement of the ChurchR2425-R2426; R2430-R2431
Judging othersR1362:4-6, 9, 10; R1712:3-6, 8-12; R4605:10-12; R4653:8; R5029:9-11; R5494:5; R5628:8, 9; R5709:4; R5886:b - R5887:3, 4, 10
JushueLiterally and figuratively Christ
Justification Divine provision allowing God to reckon sinners, who have faith in the efficacy of Christ's ransom - sacrifice, as though no longer under condemnation, as though perfect human sons under the covering merit of Christ imputed to them, by faith A233; E444: 2, 3; F40: 3; F48: 1; F86: 2; F87: t; F102: 1- F104; F114-F117: 1; R882: 4, 5, 10, 12; R1669: 17, 18; R2629: 10-14; R4463: 9; R4464: 1; R199: 4 - R200: 3; R2474:1; R3425: 1-3; R4653: 6; R5023: 6,7
Justification by faithA100:5; A103; t; A152:3 - A153:t; R5207:12
There is no justification in ignorance R5207:12; R5776:1
Members of the fallen race cannot justify themselves - but, most exercise the necessary faith A232; F101:1; F147:m; E444:2, 3; R3280:7-9
Justification has two steps, or stages A231:4 - A234:1; F682:m, F683:m; R2193:17; R2615:9, 10; R2629:14 (8-14); R2630:1; R2740:6; T21:3
(1) Tentative Justification
temporary condition allowing those seeking after God to sit down and count the cost of, and if wise, to enter into a voluntary covenant of sacrifice to follow in Jesus steps A196:2; A199:t; A225: A236:1; E28; E34:1; E35:2; F-F iii:2-4; F40:3; F48:1; F86:2, (F87:t); F98:t; F100:4 - F104; F115:2; F116:1; F151:1; F152:1; T19:1, b; T20:2; T21:3; T22:1; T81:1; R80:2; R209:9, 10; R1262:8, 10; R1542:3: R1576:10-12; R1586:4, 5; R2243:8; R2479:7; R2615:9, 10; R2648:12; R2901:7; R3053:14; R3054:1, 2; R3238:2; R3308:9; R3551:10; R3605:7, 9; R3707:8; R3869:5; R3948:6, 10 - R3949:1; R4435:6; R4464:1, 2; R4492:9; R4493:6; R4547:16, 17; R5207:11-19; R5264:12-14; R5651:9; R5665:10
By their measure of faith and obedience (sinners) are justified to fellowship with God R5196:3, 4
Illustrated by plane "N" of the Chart of the Ages A231:b - A232; R274:6-8
Pictured - court condition T19; T20:2; T21:3; T60:t; T62:m, b; T113:2; T114:1, 2;R4245:3
Pictured by the Levites F124; F131:1
Symbolized by white linen curtain and posts of the court T113:2; T114:1, 2
Pictured - Grand Gallery of Great Pyramid GPP Para 179 (-188) 198, 199
Pictured by the breastplate R1659:11
Justified by faith in Christ's Ransom-Sacrifice A226:1; A231:4-A233:1; E139:2; E145:1-3; E241:3; E444:2 - E446:3; R429:4; R2383:6-9, 12-14
Justified by faith - so called because it is not an actual justification R2283:12; F106:2 - F108
Justified by an imputation of Christ's Righteousness A232; T66:1; R1585:8, 11; R1586:5; R2160:t, 1; R4043:9; R4574:6; R4902:9; R5196:1; R5316:15; F102:m; F103:1; F104
Justified under the Robe of Christ's Righteousness A195:1; A232; F40:3; F104: near t; F337:m, b; F364:1; E445:2
Justification (tentative) granted only to allow divine favor in the "call" C213:2; E145:m, 3; F86:2; F87:m; F115:2; F116:1; F121:1; F122; F154:t; QB396:3; R1669:16-18; R3605:7, 9; R5207:15-17; GPP para 178-179; para 198, 199
"Call" tendered only to the Tentatively Justified A225:2; A226:1; B215:t; C212:2; C213:2; F121:1; F122; F124-F126:t; F682:b; R4435:6; R4368:9
All called must have previously been tentatively justified F86:2; F87:t; F102:1 - F103; F152:1; F182-F183:t; R1586:4, 5; R3054:t, 1; R3280:8-10, 15; R3281:2, 14 - R3282:2, 3, 8, 9
Tentatively Justified are justified but not sanctified (not sacrificially consecrated) A236:1; T19:2; T117:2 - T120:t
Tentatively Justified are consecrated to righteousness and holy living (F124, F125), but not to sacrifice F124-F125; F151:1; F158:m; R5410:9
Only when ready to obey the Lord can any appreciate his witness C317:b; A279:t
Consecrating a person or thing to God's service does not cleanse that p. er t. R3280:7-9
Tentative Justification or partial justification, F-F iii:3, 4
Tentativly Justified are still human, still retain restitution prospects A200; A225-A226; F108:1; R274:6, 7; R5207:15-19
Tentatively Justified who neglect or refuse to consecrate justly merit punishment? F116:1 - F119; F125:1, 2; F129:2; F130:t; R5207:18; R5422:6; R3245:3
Tentatively Justified who refuse or neglect to consecrate to sacrifice have "recieved the Grace of God in vain' F117-F199; F125:2; R1669:18; R3605:9; R4574:10; R5207:15-19
(2) Vitalized Justification
the basic tentative justification is vitalized (activated, completed, finalized) by a voluntary consecration to take God's will instead of self-will, to sacrifice restitution hopes, exchanging theses for the provilege of following in Jesus's steps, and when accepted by God, begotten of the Spirit to the divine nature, to New Creature status (embryo New Creature) A199:t - A200; A196:2; A225:2; A231:4-A234:1; C351:t, 1; E145:1-3; F102:1 - F104; F131:1 (F85-F162 esp F151-F157); T19:2-22:3; T114:3; R3236:12; R3237:2; R3280:10; R4745:9, 14; R5422:14; R5423:1
Typed by goat tied at the door (first vail) of the Holy T19:2; T20:4; T22:2, 3; T114:3; R154:4, 7
Illustrated by door to the Holy, and the Holy T19:2; T20:4; T22:2, 3; T114:3; R154:4, 7
Illustrated by plane "M" on the Chart of the Ages A226:2; R273:7; R274:4, 8
Ante-Chamber of Great Pyramid picture, GPP, Para 189-198
Vitally Justififid are consecrated to sacrifice QB402:1, 2; T119:2; R742:13; R3605:2; R4464:1; R4498:3
Consecration to sacrifice must be the (Tentatively Justified) individual's attitude before God will accept the offer and beget the offerer to the divine nature (Vitally Justified) A152:3; A212:1; A231:4-A233:1; E-Fiii: V; 145: E183:6; E184:1; F108:1; F111:2; Qb297:m; R4498:3
Consecration must be volentarily offered by the Tentatively Justified candidate F130:t; F152:t; T94:3; A233:1; R5422:6
Vitally Justified (consecration to sacrifice) must be preceeded by tentative justification A196:2; A231:4 - A234:1; E139:2; F86:2; F87; F103:t; R3280:8-10; R4547:16, 17; R5207:13, 14
Vitally Justified continue to have the merit of Christ imputed to them as a covering F103:1 - F104; T114:3; A233:1; R3280:3, 9, 12 (New Covenant
Grace Covenant) R3281:1, 2, 6, 10, 11 - R3282:2, 3, 8, 9; R5133:7
Vitally Justified called full justification F-F iii:2-3; F131:t; R5207:10, 13, 14; R5410:9; R5775:6, 13; R5023:7
Vitally Justified is non reversible R193:12; R3605:2; R4428:t 2nd column; R4575:t, 1; R2385:13; R5197:2
Vitally Justified is sometimes called sanctification F121:1; F122; T117:2; F153:2 - F155:m; F682:1 - F683:1; R1669:18; R4745:9; R5207:16-18
Justification by faithjustification based on faith that Jesus, as provide in the divine plan, is our only hope for escape from the Adamic Condemnation, and in addition, the faith to believe it, or recognize any change in one's self, since it is a reckoned, not a literal, restitution to human perfection and favor of God Acts 4:12; A100:5; A152:3; A153:3; A225:1; A226:1; A231:4-A233:1; D190:4; D214:4; D215:t; E139:2; E145; E444:2 - E446:3; E460:1 - E461:1; F48:1, 2; F97:2 - F98; F102:1 - F104; F159:b - F162; F634:m; QB395:6, 7, QB396:3; R1542:3; R1576:10-13; R1669:15; R2627:2, 7; R2629:10-13; R2789:6, 7; R3279:9-12; R3571:10; R3605:7; R4147:2, 3; R4435:6; R4464:1
This Gospel Age is the only age in which faith takes the place of perfection QB397:2
Justification by faith (Gospel Age Justification) vs. by restitution, or actual (Millenial Age justification) F102:m-F103:1; F111-F116:1; R1246:4, 8; R1669:16-19; R3245:2; R3605:7; R4554:8, 9; R4574:11; R4575:2, 11, 12; R4696:10-13; S.N. 6-26 (R5115:6, 7)
Justification must precede sacrificial consecration Vs. Justification only follows sacrificial consecration E241:3; F86:2-F87:t; F103:t, 1; F151:1-F152:1; R4592:7; R4637:8, 9; R4667:10; T66:1; QB140:4, 141:4; 408:2-409; R1231:4, R5196:6(1-12); R5775:5, 8, 9; 12-14; R1542:3, 7, 8; R1669:15-18; R2385:2-5; QB409:b R2629:8-13; R3280:7-9; R3605:7, 9; R3707:8; R4435:6; R5207:15-18; C198:3; C199:t, 2; C201:t; C202:2; C203:t; C213:2; C222:2

Keturathe New Covenant, Restitution E106:t; C368:t; R777:13; R3916:4; R4309:9; seed is natural eartly, Abraham's last wife
Ketura's many sons and daughtersthe world in general under the New Covenant C368:t; E106:t; R4439:11 - R4440
Keypower to unlock, to open E214:m; E378:1, 2; R4933:15-17; authority of knowledge
Kinga powerfull ruler C40:m
a civil government B262:t
to exercise authority R31:1
KingsCivil - social - ecclesiastical - and financial great ones
Kings Chamberthe perfection of the divine nature C352:1; C349:m; C355:1; C357:t; C370:t

Ladder (Jacob's)represents Christ
Lake of firesecond death, (Rev 21:8) B153:m; E380:2; R480:t; R2601:1; R2603:5; R2858:5; R4627:5
Lambrepresents Christ
Lambs (Isa 34:6)tribulation saints D17:m
Lampthe Scriptures C92:1
God's Word C191:t; E230:t
Lampstand (seven branches)the entire Church of the First-born ... whose names are written in heaven - the true light bearers T115:3 Compare R3569:4 (C150:1)
Land (see earth)all people under religious restraint of whatever name or order.
Settled, organized religious society R498:7 Laodicea
"A tried, or judged people" R505:5
the last stage of the great nominal church of wheat and tares D41:1; R2763:t; R3569:4; R1599:3
Church in time of the Lord's second presence 1879 onward
Lapping periodsA223:2 - A224:2; B104:b; B150:t; B196:1; B222:1; C125:t; F206:t; R2026:3 Laver
typifies baptism, type of blood of Christ, cleansing affect of truth on conduct Laver
taught in type a cleansing of the flesh R3054:t Law Covenant
the New (Law) Covenant A297:m; B178; F-F i:3;
Gospel and Millenial Ages F234:b; F235; R3916:2 Law Covenant nailed to his (Christ's) Cross
Christ fulfilled and ended the law covenant B85:1, 2 Laying hands on head of animal
the represents me T41:3; T42:2; T45:1
the impartation of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost T64:2
(our Lord Jesus Christ) accepts it as part of his sacrifice QB409:b; R5809:1, 2
Lazarusthe outcast from divine favor under the Law, who, sin sick, hungered and thirsted after righteousness R2604:3
LeahType of Christ
Leaventype of sin T98:3; that which is evil R84:12; "malice", producing hatreds, envyings, strifes, back-bitings, evil surmisings, and other works of the flesh and the devil R2283:9, 10; error, false doctrine R2283:10; R5050:11
Leavesprofessions - teachings - beginning of material restructuring of Israel - represents restitution
Lebanonnominal church
Left handposition of disfavor R654:15
Levi (sons of)typical of believers of whom the chief are the Royal Priesthood A320:2
Levitesthe household of faith, believers, the (tentatively) justified T19:1, 2; T26:2; T27:2; T55:2; T57:1; T61:1; T64:t; T81:1; T117:1 - T118:t; F143:1
Liberty of the Sons of GodA285:t; A302:1
Lick the dustbe vanquished B300:m; R1649:12; R2482:t
Lighta most beautiful and fitting symbol for truth R954:4
Lightningsdiffusion of knowledge R511:5
Line of Flax__________ righteousness
Linenrighteousness, holiness and purity of Jesus R72:5; R79:3; E445:2; T29:4, 5; T36:4; T55:t; T114:1; R4546:3
Linen robepurity, justification R5669:2, 3; R4546:3; T34:2; T36:4; T74:2
Lintelscedar posts? What does this symbolize??
LionSatan (who goes about, seeking whom he may devour); opposition of the world the flesh and the devil
Lion of the tribe of Judahstrong one, the highly exalted spiritual creature, the Lord of Glory B85:m; B86:t
Loines of the mind girdedbe ready for service all the time R3354:4; R3149:5- ; R4667:12-
Logos"The Word", "Word of God", "the Word of Life" E85:2, 3; R421:8; R1514:5
Lord's Great ArmyD-F xv--svii; D549-D550 (D542-D550)
Lost TribesR2084-R2086; R3463:10,11; R4893:10
Lowest HellE265:1, 2; E357:1, 2
Lowest parts of the earth (Jesus descended to) Eph. 4: 9the grave R1829:7
LoveR5265:9 - R5267; R5275-R5277 (I Cor 13)
Love for the brethrennot the same for all (R3034:3 - whole article is good)
Lovelet love be without dissimulation R4895:2

Mad (the nations are mad)intoxicated with her (Babylon's) errors C156:m
Mammonearthly wealth
ManChrist Jesus, the head of the Church F265:t; F270:2; F362:2
a joint work of Christ Jesus and his body, the Church B255:1
Man of Sinthe apostate church untited with her lord and head, the pope B277:1; B280; B271:2; B272:2, 3; B282:2 (B267-B361) C95:1, 2; C96:1; D160:m; D580:2, 3
Mannathe living bread, supplied to the world by God through Christ T122:b; T123:t, 1
Mannesehmeans ___________ forgetfulness
Mansions, many in the fathers houseplanes of being F403:1 (See house of many mansions)
Mantledivine power controls the truth
Mark of the image of the Beast (Rev 13: 16, 17)(A mark is a seal or sign of allegiance)
Mark in foreheadpublic profession or confession R64:17; R5340:8
Mark in right handgiving able support with their might, power, and means R64:17; R5349:8
Mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Phil 3: 14)perfect love R2755:5-7; R5080:1-9 (also
the perfect character R5081:12) Compare R4479:4, 6
Marketexperience in the great time of trouble, in which the foolish vergins will purchase their oil D94:t
Marriage relationshipF494:2 - F495:1; R1386:1, 2
Marriage (gone into)the guest chamber of special and final preparation - into the light of the present Truth, where the bride makes herself finally ready C199:t; C202:1; C204:2
Marriage FeastR2301:9, 10; R2302:5 (R2300-R2302)
Marriage of the LambA235:1
Marriage supper of our LambGreat company who doesn't want to come?
MeatSolid Truths
Meat OfferingR84:3-7, 11-13; Strongs# 402 - eat, food, meat Strongs #4202:Food, meat, victual, Grain, meal
Mediator vs. AdvocateR3915:5; R4368:7-9; R4437:9, 10; R4515-R4516; R4584; R4585:1-5; R4640:6, 8-10; R5928:2, 8
Melchisedictype of the Christ as a kingly or royal priesthood B255:1; C322:1; D637:m; F-F ii:t; F72:t, 1; T26:2; T50:2; R4759:7, 14, 15
Melchisedic without Father or Mother (Heb 7: 3)"unpedigreed, without recorded beginning or days or ends of life", Fenton R5967:4
Mercy Seat, Glory - Light and Cherubimrepresented Jehovah God - "the Head of Christ is God" T123:3, 4; T124:t; T126:3
Mercy Seat (Propitiatory)Divine justice T124:2 - T125:3
Merodacha Babylonian idol Strongs#4781
MessiahHebrew word Messiah corresponds to the Greek word Christ, signifies the annointed B66:1
Michael"He who is like God" - the God-like One D-Fiii:1; "Who as God" E84:2; Messiah, D-Fxv:2; C62:1; C126:1
Midnightfocal point between two periods; means during the night (as in 1874)
Milk (the sincere milk of the word of God - I Pet 2: 2 - R3621:10)the simple truths, the foundation doctrines
Milla place were food is prepared D609:4
Milleniuma thousand; the thousand year reign of Christ A73:2
Mixed Winedoctrine - falso and true mixed B348:2; C158:m; C164:1; D531:1
MolochR2360:1, 2; R3069:1, 2; R3464:11
Moonlight of the Mosaic Law Covenant, and the people under it D590:5; D544:t; F581:2; R5420:5; R6174:6
Morningthe Millenial Age is referred to as the morning, resurrection morning E359 - E360:2
Mortala condition in which death is a possibility A185; E390:1, 4; E391
Mosesthe Great King and Judge (head and body) B134:1; D629:2 - D631; D633:b; E144:2; F-F i:3
typical of the better Mediator R4696:8 Compare B20:1 (Heb 3:1-6; Acts 3:22); a type of Christ
Most Holythe perfect divine condition, gained by the first resurrection, beyond the "vail" T56:m; T120:2; T121:t; R3054:t
Mother of harlotsD28:1 - D30:1
Motion with the hand(Isa 13:1, 2) D41:t
Mount of the congregationthe kingdom of God's people F618:2
Mount of Olivesthe Kingdom of Light, Peace and Divine blessing D651:1; R5437:13
Mount Sinai and the earthly Jerusalemsymbolized and typified natural Israel F363:1
Mount Zion and Heavenly Jerusalemthe spiritual class F363:1
the glorified Church or Kingdom C278
Mountainrepresents a kingdom A258:2; B305:m
an index of the character R1937:9
MulesMixed human and spiritual natures?
Myrrh (Ruth 1: 20)Bitter - Strong's#4753; #4755;
Submission R3703:9
wisdom R4093:3, 4 (gained through bitter experiences??) See R3111:4
Mystery of Godthe Church of Christ F199:1; F217:m; E146:2 A Ch V p 77; R4442:8
Mystery of IniquityBabylon, confusion, Christendom F199:m F201:t; B271-B361

Nakedlost faith in the ransom . . . the only "wedding garment" R2297:2 Unjustified sinner?
Name (in the name of)by the authority F447:m; E267:b; E268:t
Naphtalimeans wrestling
Narrow Waythe way of self sacrifice in the interest of the Lord's plan and work C207:t
Nation scattered and peeled (Isa 18: 2, 7 - see margin - polished)R3405:8
Needle work (Psa 45: 14)the beautiful adornments of the Christian graces C193:m
Needles Eye (camel go through)D304:f.n.; F574:f.n.
Net (Drag-net)C213:3 - C216; D600:b; R2301:7; R5048:6, 10-13; R5555:2-6
New Creaturethe new will, the new mind R4615:1; A213:1; F485:1; F486:2; F673:1; F675:m; F726:2
New Earththe new social order D551:m; D529:1; A334:b; R2832:3-5
New HeavensGospel Church in glory and Kingdom power, spiritual and invisible to man C258:1; A334:b; B168:1; C235:1; D529:1; A334:b; R2832:4 (See New Jerusalem)
New Jerusalemsame as New Heavens C258:1; A295:2; A296:2; F209:m; R2832:5, 6 - Gospel Church in glory
NicolaitanesNicolas - means Lord, Lordship, or Headship of Church
Nightthat period of darkness which set in after Adam fell R5097:5; R5770:8; R6299:2; E359:t
Noah's ArkChris A318:2
Nobleman (the young)Our Lord Jesus C233:2
Noisetumult and confusion R3215:10
controversy R576:16
Nominal Spiritual Israelin its widest sense, is Christendom D48:b; D49:t; D16:1; D20:t; D22:b; D75:3; F197:1
Northpoints to spiritual things G572; D653:2 - See Strongs#6828, Strongs#6845
Noseability to discern spiritual things
NumbersG570; F209:m; R56:6, 7; R91; R108; R136; R197; R210; R314:7-; R2782:2; R3574:10; R5139:15
Number of his name (Rev 13: 17, 18; Rev 15: 2)human influence? v 18? R497:4, 5, 12; R5349:8

Oil (olive)divine grace and the holy spirit R2326:10; R3431:8; R5523:4
the spirit of consecration, and its attendant light C94:t
the Truth and its spirit of consecration and holiness C94:t; R3435:10, 11
the promises R5521:3-6
the spirit of the Truth C92:1
Oil in his vesselthe Word of God in heart and mind, and the spirit of the Truth in himself, (the spirit of consecration, and its attendent light) B23:1; C94:t; C92:1, b; C93:b; C191:t
Oil (give us of your oil - Matt 25: 8, 9)C94:t; R88:6; R3868:5; R5523:5, 6, 12
Oil (Holy Annointing oil)the Holy Spirit of adoption T28:3; T29:t, 2; T37:1-3; T64:m, 2; F131:1; R134:10; R2225:1, 2; R4092 - R4093; R4280:9; R5549:1-3, 10, 11
Oil mixed with bloodF131:1
Old Man (the)the old (natural, human) will F599:1; QB44:m
Olivelight, peace and blessing D651:1; D650:3; R5437:13
Olive Branchsymbol of peace
Olive Oildivine grace and the Holy Spirit R2326:10; R3431:8; R5437:13
Spirit of God
Olive Leafsymbol of peace
Olive Tree (the true)the Church of Christ C187:b, 2, 3 - Fleshly Israel??
Olive Trees (two)Old and New Testament
On the Thronehe rules A92:b
Oneunity, self sufficiency
One taken, the other left (Matt 24: 40, 41, 28)out of the domain of darkness into the light, Luke 17:34-37; Strongs#4430; D600:1-4; R513:12
Open dooropportunity of entrance to certain conditions and privileges C206:1
Ordain"to elect by stretching out the hand," F276-F280
to authorize R5809:8
Ordained of GodPermitted
Order in the EcclesiaF274:b (Study VI)
Outer Darknessthe darkness that envelops the worldly wise, the darkness of human reasoning undirected by God's Word, and unsquared by his revealed plan of ransom and restitution C203:1, 2; C205; R4577:1
God's disfavor R4576:13; C201:1; T63:t; R190:1
the world
Outside the campthe dis-esteem in which the offering will be viewed by those outside the camp - not in covenant relationship with God - the unfaithful T57:3; T62:1, 2
Oxknows his master and always returnt to truth or God

Papacy(from papa, father, pope)
B277:1, 2; B348:2(last); B350:1; B361:2; B267 - B361
ParousiaR2974 - R2975
Paradisea garden F668:3; F669:1
Parallels"between the Jewish and Gospel Ages all belong to the nominal systems then and now . . . " QB150:m; QB156:2; C150:1; R5950:9, 18-20; R5951:t; B-F xi:1
Pastorsignifies shepherd R2431:6
an overseer of the flock F251:t
Patienceendurance of evil in a cheerful, willing, patient manner - constancy R2791:1; R1721:2; R2204:2; R5650:1-14; R5651:1, 2 (3-9); C230:2; Strong's#5281
Patmosmeans mortal
Pennythe Kingdom honors C223:m
privilege of discipleship R5473:12; R4666:9, 11-13
Pergamosearthly elevation - gradual period when Papcy had it's rise
Pharaohrepresented Satan, the prince of evil and darkness F458:1; Ezek 32:2; I Pe ter 5:8
Phases-twoA251:1; A288:1; A292:2 (A288 - A301:4); A313:1; A215:1; R286:15-20, R287:9
Phi - Besesethvery exalted
Philidelphiafrom the reformation till recent times - Luther began reformation/ Miller movement continied it, Bro. Russell carried it to fruition
Phoeniciathe country of Tyre and Sidon was called Phoenicia R3786:9
PitDeath, symbol of oblivion
Plaguestroubles; religious, social and political disturbances, controversies, upheavals, reactions, revolutions, etc, on Babylon C165:1 - C166:1; A336:1; R183:10; R377:10, 20; R497(esp 2) - R499; R509-R511; R1573:9; R5697:11; Note R5626:13-15
Avoid too literal an interpretation C165:1
Egypt - F174:1 - F176; R2911:4, 5; R3994:3-6 - R3996; R5271:8-10, 19, 20; R5272
Babylon - A238:2; A313:1; B240:1; C165:1, 2; C195:2; C196:t; D37:2 - D39:t; R5697:13-15
Seventh plague - A336:1; R377:9, 20; R512 -
PleiadesGod and the center of the universe C321:b; C327:b; D653:2; F618:2; R1814:19
Plowmanthe great time of trouble (Amos 9:13) R5761:4
PolityA state or other organized communtiy - New Century Dictionary R2237:2
Posts(In the Court) = (Tentatively) justified believers T113:2; T114:3
(In the Holy) = sanctified believers, consecrated saints, consecrated to sacrifice unto death, spirit begotten New Creatures in Christ T114:3
(In the Most Holy) = those who pass beyond the flesh (veil) entirely, into the perfection of the spiritual condition, really and truly New Creatures T115:1
Poundjustification (tentative) R3869:5; R3948:5, 6, 10; R3949:1, 2
Powers of heaventhe great ones of present (1897) ecclesiastical control D267:m; D547:2; D597:1
Powers of the Airspiritual control of the world R153:3, 4
PrayerF679 - F680; E224:3 - E225:2; Compare F310:1; R3061:4; R3217:6, 7; R3338:10; R3665:1, 2; R3733: references; R3805 - R3808
Prayer in publicR4162:1; R5475:9, 10; R5833:15
Praying in an unknown tongueR5833:15
Priesthood (Aaronic)chiefly the humiliation and sufferings of Christ and the Gospel Church (his body) the "Royal Priesthood", less any future Glory B177:3 - B178:m; T26:2; T122:2
Princemeans leader
Princes (Psa 82: 7)Adam and our Lord Jesus are the two heads or princes referred to C239:1
Princes in all the earth (Psa 45: 16)Ancient Worthies - the earthly and visible representatives of the Christ, the spiritual, invisible ruler C265:m; D626:1-D629:1; R4555:4
Prisonersearths dead
Prisoners of hopeit is because of God's plan for their release that those in the tomb are called A99:m; A140:2; F353:t
Proper conduct between the sexesR4190:3 - R4192; F489 - F490
Prophecyrecords things just as they will actually occur B193:m; B225:t
Prophesypublicly expound E180:1
Propheta public speaker, orator, teacher, explainer, expounder, spokesman, mouthpiece A55:t; D567:t; D637:m; F246:1; F249:b; F276:1
Prophetic standpointthe prophets vary their standpoints of utterance..., B227:1
Propitiatory (Mercy Seat)place where satisfaction of divine justice is made T61:2;T124:2, 3
Prove all things (doctrines, teachings)B276:1; F232:1, 2; F233:1; F244:b; F245:t; F262:2; F274:1; F278:m
Pulse (Dan 1: 12, 16)seems to signify leguminous foods, beans,peas, or vegetables R5796:6
Pure of heartpurity of intention, purity of motive R3604:1, 2; R5148:7, 16; R5746:11
Purpleroyalty R6111:15-17
Pyramid figurerepresents perfection and completeness A228:1; A242:2; C330:1

Qebar, Qeburahtomb, grave, burying place, to which the body is consigned after the life or sentient being (soul) has departed (to sheol) E347: F.N.; E356:m; E361:m; Strong's#6913, Strong's#6900
Queen's Chamberperfect human nature C370:t; C271:m; C376:t; GPP para 121, 136-138, 141-143, 175

Rachaela type of Zion, spiritual Israel, or the Gospel Church R184:5
Rags (filthy)all attempts to justify ourselves aside from the Merit of Christ E445:1
Raiment of needleworkin the simple white robe of her Lord's own furnishing, the robe of his righteousness, upon which she will have wrought with much carefulness, the beautiful adornments of the Christian graces C193:m; R2782:10; R4842:13
Rainbowthe "token" of a covenant R529:9; in Revelation theme, like an emerald, green probably symbolizing freshness, and reign
Rainmentjustification, symbol of future perfection of saints
Rainment (new)________ of like understanding
Ramin sacrifice, seed of Abraham
Ransomcorresponding price, the substitute, the equivalent price for the life of Adam (and all who lost life through him) A128:3; C118:t; E-F; E221:2; E442:b; E427:1- E428:1; E440:m; E444:2; E447:b
Ransom - coextensive with the penalty of sinA134:1; A106:1; A129:2; A149:1, 2; A150:t; A156:1; A157:2; A158:2; E422:2; E427:b; E428:1; E440:m; E444:2; E447:b
Ransom and the sin offeringR5050:9, 13-15; R4426 - R4429; R5195-R5197
Reaper (Amos 9: 13)the Lord R5761:4
Rebeccatype of Church, the bride, the Lamb's wife F170:b; Christ's justified believers
Red DragonPagan Rome, civil powers
Red Heifertype of ancient worthies (see also heifer)
Red (scarlet)sin T111:t; love?????
blood of, or sacrifice of Christ T109:b; R6111:10, 16
Red Seasecond death F459:t; anarchy
Redeembought E429:2; E447:t
Reedabout 11 feet - pocket Bible Handbook, Henry H. Halley F684:1; word of God
RefinerChrist Jesus
Reign, our Lord'sactually began exercising his great power in 1878 R2982:6,7
Reins (Rev 2: 23)Strongs Greek#3510 a kidney, (fig) the inmost mind; Strong's Hebrew#3629 same plust (as an essential organ); fig the mind (as interior self)
Rending of outer garmentindication of great distress R5780:11
Resurrection (first)Resurrection of the Church only; chief, best, superior, F720:2; R1179:9
Resurrection of lifecome forth fully alive - the Church, Great Company, Ancient Worthies F709:2
Resurrection betterResurecction of Ancien Worthies to human perfection instantly R1179:9; R1180:1
Reuben"behold a son"
Rich Apparalimmitation righteousness
Rich Man? (Luke 16)
Rich Mennew financiers
Rightside of favor
Right handchief place, podsition of excellence or favor A92:b; R445:11; R654:15
Riversrepresent purifying truths which come from the heavens R1813:23
River of bloodloathsomeness and deat R499:3
River Euphratesworld of mankind
Rivers of waterrunning waters symbolize truth R499:2
God's Word C229:2; R3751:4
Roaring sea and wavesrestless masses of (non-religious) humanity, curbed, but not fully restrained D596:2; D149:4; R511:13; R2327:17
Roberighteousness of Jesus (justification) by imputation A195:1; A231:4 - A234:t; C198:3 - C199:b; C202:b; C203:t; C204:1; E444:2 - E446:3; F40:3; F86:3; F84:t; F98; F102:1 - F104; F-F iii:3; T35:4; T114:1, 2; R2159:9, 5, 12 - R2160:t, 1; R2161:7; R2782:8-11; R3843:3; R3869:5; R3948:5, 6, 10; R3949:1, 2; R4435:6; R4470:1; R4516:8; R51976:15; R5669:2-4
Robe recieved free, just for beliveing (tentative justification) Isa 52:3; A156:1; A231:4 - A234:t; C202:b; E434:3; E439:3; E460:3 - E461 (E460-E464); F89:b; F122:t; F131:b; T82:b; R274:6-8; R723:6-9; R2161:7; R2782:11; R2941:3, 4; R3869:5; R3948:6; R4435:6; R4759:6; R5264:12
Robe costs us our all - hope of restitution (vitalized justification) Prov 23:26; Luke 9:23; A232:1 - A234:t; D42:t; T114:3; R274:8; R3310:3; R3949:1
Rock (of Ages)Christ R5957:7, 11
Rocks (of mountains)fortresses of societies, civil, and ecclesiastical
Rocks (of society)its social organizations R5577:5; elements of society
Rodauthority R5419:11, 12
chastisement R1721:4
divine authority, or central truth
Rod of His mouthauthority, force and spirit of His Truth D19:t; R5419:11, 12
Roll together as a scrollR1474; D551:3; D552:1
Rootthe origin, source of life, and development of E136:t; B94:b; R809:4, 9; Christ
Running Waterstruth R499:2

Sabbaththe word "Sabbath" signifies rest B175:3, F.N.
Sabbath daythe great antitypical Sabbath - the Millenium D579:1; R230:3
Saintthe word saint stands for one who is holy, the sanctified in Christ Jesus R5856:7, 8; R2987:3-5; A81:m, 3; A317:1; C138:t; C147:2; T22:3
Salttype of true Christians in the midst of sin and vice R84:13
fidelity, friendship, incorruption, barronness, perpetual desolation, preservation, etc R508:3, 19
SaltChurch body, loyalty, preservation
Salt (covenant of Salt)R3879:4; R5426:13
SanctificationE241:2; R374:13, 14; R1531:2; R5876:23; R5877:t, 4, 5
Sanctuary (class)the consecrated class C109:1; C95:2; Church
Sandals of Peaceconsecration, patience and fortitude R1659:11; R2453:6; F657:4
Sarahtype of the Abrahamic Covenant A85:t; F170:b; F361:1; R3916:2
Sardine (ruby, a red stone)God's love R529:8
Sardisthose who remain, just before the reformation
Satanadversary of God F614:t; F609-F619 esp F611:8, 9; F643:b; F644:t
Scalesprotective doctrines
Scape goatclass leaves sin, other than Adamic; pictures of Christendom
Scarletthe ransom
Scarlet Stringthe blood of Christ T109:b; T34:2; R6111:10, 16
Scepterthe promise right or authority of earth's dominion; the right or title to rul; the title to "all power in heaven and in earth" B83:2; B85:1, 2; B86:t, 2; B87:t; B81:t
Scourge of small cordsthe various truths used in the present harvest among the temple class, to correct and prove, and to separate the unclean C189:3
Scrolldivine plan symbolized by
Seanon professing world A318:t; R498:7, 12; R686:4; R920:8; R2832:4; R4822:14
anarchistic masses C-Fv:m; D111:t; D638:3; R716:2; R920:8; R2327:17; R2832:4; R4880:12; C229:m; Isa 57:20
unrestrained, and uncontrolled masses of mankind
Sea became bloodR497:2-6; R529:16
Sea (no more sea)people not religiousley restrained R511:13; R2832:4
Sea and waves roaringD497:2-6; R529:16
Sealto seal signifies to mark or designate E264:2; E246:3, 4; R4880:10
Sealed in the foreheadintelligently informed . . . with a knowledge of harvest truths sufficient to separate them from Babylon, and to enable them to enter in with the Bridegroom to the feast (present harvest truth) prepared C166:1; C195:1; C225:m; R1279:2, 3; R4880:9, 10; R5715:5; R2982:8
"intellectualy with the truth" B264:1; B169:t
Second AdamE137-E140; E221:2, 3; E453:1 - E458; A106:1; A128:3; A129:1; R5967:5, 6
Second Deatheverlasting destruction E273:1; E330:1; E333:t; E361:6; E373:b; E380; E387:b; E388:t; B152:1; E153:1; R1180:1
Secret place of the Most Highthe place or condition of entire consecration, typified by the Most Holy (Holy??) of the Tabernacle and Temple D43:b; D66:m
SectR537:b - R538
Seed of AbrahamChrist Jesus our Lord (and his bride) F177:b; F361:t; F362:2; F363:m; T33:3 - T34:1
Seir (Mount Seir, the land of Seir)Christendom - Faith's Foundations 7:m, 2
Separating (Harvest) workR267:10-12; R1279:7; R2237:7; R2564:8; R2634:6; R2751:6; R4167:8; R4637:1; A229:2; A237:m-A239:1; B16:b; B28:1- B29:t; B105:t; B166:1; B171:1/3rd; B205:1; A229:2; A236:2/3rd; C118:b; C135: C136:b; C137:b; C139:t, b; C140:t; C141:t; C155:m; C156:t, b; C157:t; C162:2; C164:2; C165:2; C166:t, 1, b; C180:1; C181:2; C183:1, 3; C189:t, b; C190:1, 2; C192:2; C194:1; C195:t, 2; C197:2; C214:1, 2; C216:1; C220:b; D600:1 - D602
Serpentevil - of sin and all its consequences, evil in general R4058:5 Compare 5238:9, 13, 16
Satan R1649:12; R3925:3; R5238:16; R5239:t, 1
civil powers, sinful agencies and powers that had their rise in Satan
Sevenperfection R5139:15
completness or fullness C349:1; C371:2
perfection F46:2; R91; R108; R136; R314:7-11; R3463:1; R4870:3, 4
the same as three and four, religious or divine completeness or perfection, the covenant number, the half of seven (3 1/2 the broken number apperars in connection with suffering)
Seven Angelsout of the temple with seven plagues coming out of non system
Seven Churches of Asia Minorthe seven epocks of one Church's experience F401:b; R177:3; R1599:3-5; R4870:3-5
Seven stars in his right hand (Rev 1: 20)the angels or messengers of the seven Churches R3570:3, 7; R1599:15
Seventh TrumpetB148-B150:t; B179:2 - B200; D601:2; R2982:6; R5343:10; R5563:8; R5830:10
Shaking dust off feetR2261:9-R2262:2
Sharp SicklePresent Truth R1362:3; A238:2/3rd; B190:2/3rd; B236:2/3rd; C129:1; C140:3
Sheepwilling to be led, Church, meek, docile
Shekinah Gloryrepresents Jehovah himself, as the light of the universe T123:b; T124:t
Sheoloblivion of death, cessation of life, non-entity of soul or sentient being E354:2; E356:1; E361:4; E363:6; E367:3; E373:3; E374:1-4; (E353-E374); E381:1
Shield of faithtruth, trust in God which will protect from all the fiery darts and trials of the enemy R1659:12; Jehovah himself, and his truth - his representative R1906:4; R2853:7, 8; R3332:t, 1-6; 10-15; F657:5
Shinarseems to have been the ancient name (Gen 10:10, 11:2, 14:1, 9) of the great alluvial tract through which the Tigris and Euphrates pass before reaching the sea - the tract known in later times as Chaldea, or Babylonia McClintock and Stong V IX 685: V 1 595
Shoe loosedrenouncement of liability to marry the wife of his dead brother, or any liability imposed upon him by the law (Ruth 4:7); Deut 25:7-10; Psa 108:9; Faith's Foundations 9:1
Short Bed, narrow coveruncomfortable and unsatisfactory creeds R513:11, 12
Shouta shout of encouragement . . . implies a public message designed for the ears, not of a few, but of a mixed multitude B146:1; B149:1; R2025:7
Shut doortermination of a privilege or opportunity C206:1; C208:b; C210:2
SickleTruth, Present Harvest Truth attracting the faith - inclined A238:2; B166:1; B190:2/3rd; B233:b; R1362:3-; R1493:9; R2975:1 - repelling others C141:t; C183:1; C192:2; C215:1; E268:1; R1362 (whole article excellent) B28:1-B29:t; C139:1; C140:3; C149:3; Compare E268:1
Sign of the Son of Man in Heaven (Matt 24: 30)evidence or proof of the second advent of the Son of Man D597:2 - D600:t; R236:9, 10
Silvergeneral symbol of truth T114:2
reality, truth, verity T115:1
Simeonmeans hearing
Sinany violation of divine law is sin; whether committed, willfully, 1 John 3:4; James 2:10; R1983:4, 19
Sin (to sin)is to do something wrong intentionally, willfully, ignorance is not sin. Weakness of our consecrated flesh is not sin on the part of the New Creature QB141:5
Sin of the worldwas Adam's sin, disobedience R5356:8, 9
Sin unto deatha complete recjection of God's favors, against full light and understanding R725:9, 8
Sin unto death, Mortal, and Vineal R1249:1, 2: R1250:1, 2, 7 (R1249-R1250); R1983:4-10, 19; (R1983-R1986); R725:11, 12; (R723-R725); E273:1, 2
Sin (the sin which doth so easily beset us, Heb 12: 1)close - girding, inherited, weaknesses, sins A152:2; R3834:8; R5319:12, 13; R5859:14
Sin-Offeringrelates to the presentation of something sacrificially, as an offering or sacrifice, on account of sin and on behalf of the sinnere R5051:4
the modus operandi by which the ransom price will be used for the recovery of mankind R5050:14; R5051:4; R4493:12; R4747; R4854-R4855; R5196; R5197:1-7; R5872:4 - R5873:15; R5879-R5882; T42:1; T50:1; T51:1; T60:2; T62:1; T81:2; R4426-R4427; R4464:1, 2; R4617:1, 2, 7
Sistersrepresent the Church or Royal Priesthood (without Jesus, the Head) F271:1
Sixsecular completeness or completeness according to man, imperfection, also full measure of world, also Satan's number
Skirt (wing, Strongs#3671) Spread over (Ruth 3: 9; Ezek 16: 8)proposal of marriage and protection, as the Law prescribed, to redeem Chilion's mortgaged land and raise up descendants to him to inherit the land Deut 25:5, 6; R3854:1
Sleep in JesusA140:2; E328:m, 2; E329:t; E333:1; E346:1-5; E347:t; E360:2, 4; F696:t
Smokeconfusion and darkness R498:1; the remembrance ("smoke") of the destruction of these systems of deception and error will be lasting, the lessons will never be forgotten - as smoke, which continues to ascent after a destructive fire, is testimony that the fire has done its work ISa 34:8-10; B.S. Manual 23 "Smoke"
Smoke of tormentremembrance - the lessons of the reign of sin will never be forgotten Isa 34:8-10; R304:8-10; R304:6; R475:1; Hell Booklet 18:3
Smoking flaxsmouldeing faith F684:1
Smyrnabitter time of Pagan persecution
SoberChristendom is "that great city (Babylon)which is spiritually called Sodom" D608:t
Soles of feetutter last members
Solomonthe whole body (Church) in glory B255:1; the wealth of SOlomon and his peaceful reign prefigured the glory and peace of Christ's Millennial reign R2053:3, 5; R3284:7
Song (Rev 15: 3)a beautiful and harmonious expression R497:7; testemonies
Sonone who has recieved life from another E60:1
Son in lawE152:2
Son of ManTHE Son of THE Man E153:1, 2 (E149-E153); E150:8
Sons of the prophets (2 Kings 2: 3, 5, 7)the theologians B266:t, m; R5772; R4757; theologians, earthly class, unconsecrated Bible Students
Soulsentient being, intelligence, the man himself, the being, resuslt of animation, E308:1; E322:3; E323:1; E334:2-E344:1; E388:b; E389:t; R5166:2-4
Southpoints to earthly things G572; restitution D653:2
Spanabout 9 inches, Halley Bible handbook 35;
the full measure of a perfect man's ability T35:2
Spiritused to represent any invisible power or influence, good or bad E173:1, 2; E174:t, 16; E308:b; E310:2-E319; E278:4-E283:t; E311: -E312:9; E314:1
Spirit of Godany power or influence which God may be pleased to exercise E228:2; E182:1
Spirit of his mouth(2 Thess 2:8) - His Word, the Truth; R307:13
Spirit of Lifethe animating, vitalizing power, energy, spark of activating life E399:2; E400:1
Spiritreturns to God who gave it E315:5; E317:5, 7; E344:1
Spirita doctrine Dxi:4;
Spirit (an unclean one)a false doctrine Dxii:t, 1
Spiritual Israelthe Church of the firstborn, the New Creation F462:b Spiritually minded
E195:2; R371:5; (R370:16-); R5838:1
Staffprovidential care R1721:4; promises, and hope Stand up
to assume authority, to give commands B147:2
Starsthe inspired teachers of the Church - the Apostles D591:t; D593:b; D594; D544:t
also used to symbolize false teachers D593:1, b; D594:t, 2 - D596:1
Steward (singular)servant used of the Lord to dispense the Harvest Truths due in the Lord's parousia Matt 24:45-47; Luke 12:42-44; D613 (Where did you get the Truth?)
Still small voicethe voice of truth, love, wisdom R3414:6; R2334:8; R4741:10
Stonesymbol of the True Church, the True Kingdom of God A254:t; A255:2, 3; A256:2; the Lord's jewels, the Saints
a fitting figure of human hearts petrified by sin R1322:3
Stone cut from the mountain without handsthe True Church, the Kingdom of God, A255:2, 3; D623:3, 4; R5575:3
Stormthe trouble of this Day of the Lord, a terribly hot fire, a fearful storm, a dark night of trouble, the sweeping away of all falsities and errors A322-A325:t; B260:m D-Fiv:1
Strong delusionsthe arts and devices of the adversary to overthrow the faith of the saints in the very fundamental doctrines; they each unite with their erros certain elements of present truth R1356:2, 3; R4379:5 Strong drink
a forceful symbol of the spirit of the world, the love of the world and the world's approval and emoluments with which spirit all the systems of Christendom are intoxicated, expecially the "priest and prophets" - the leaders and teachers in Babylon, R1357:14; R1358:t
Stufftheir valuables in human estimation - titles, dignities, respect, commendations of good and regular standing, honor, respect, family ties, friendships D575:1; R228:7
Suckteachers (suck givers) of the first principles (milk) of the oracles of God D576:2, 3; R229:7
Summerianfrom Sumer, ancient name of Babylonia, or part of Babylonia New Century Dictionary
Summary, Simple Truths; Foundation DoctrinesF97:2; F98:t; R429:4; R1567:15; R1576:10-13; R3034:10; R3621:10; R4435:6; R4995:5, 8; R5284:4-13, 16-22; R5285:1, 10
Summera favorable time for growing; the Millenium B93:t; D578:2, 3; D602: f.n.; R230:6; R236:9; R5503:5
SunGospel Light, the Truth, and thus Christ Jesus D590:5; D544:t; D653:3; F481:2; R5420:5
Sweet incense beaten small (crushed, Strong's #1851)the perfection of the man Jesus T56:2;
faith, love, and obedience to God T120:1
Sword (two edged)the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, QB88:m; B100:b; F658:2; S.N. 2-2; R1659:12
Sword out of his mouththe truth on every subject in all its varied aspects B147:2
Symbolcarried beyond its intended lesson R1388:3-8[R1388:4]

Tabernacle temporary, not permanent, not eternal R5504: 11; R4746:8; R530: 1
Tabernacle (the first) spiritual minded condition, God's dwelling, the glorified Church, plane of communion with God
Table The law, Word of life, the Truth
Table of the Lord's people their spiritual supply of food, nourishment R3455:7
Tables full of vomit rejected dogmas swallowed in the past R1358: 1; R3455: 8; R3963: 1
Tables of the Law 1rst, broken Law Covenant D631: 1; 2nd, New Covenant D631: 1; T123: 2
Tail following prophet? Isa. 9: 15-16
Taken where? (Matt 24: 40, 41, 28; Luke 17: 34-37) D600: 1; D610: 1-3; R4379: 5-8
Tares offspring of errors, claiming to be Christian, while still one in sentiment with the world; claiming to be part of Christ's (reigning) Church - Christendom C146: t (compare C147: 2 - C149: t --135: -- 187 esp 136: 3; C138: t; C141: t; C144: m; C146: 2; C148: m-C149: t (compare E64: t) C150: 1; C153: 3; C154: 2; F197: 1; F200: 2; F446: t; D576:1; R3769-R3771; note R3770: 5; R4635: 3, 10; R4636: 1; R2543: 9; R4653: 6, 7
Tares claim or think (albeit vaguely) that they are reigning with Christ, hence the term "Christendom" C148: 1; B80: 1
Tares, binding C139: 2 - C143: t; F200: 2; R920: 8; R4636: 1
Tares, burning they will cease to claim for their worldly systems the name "Christendom" (Christ's Kingdom reigning) Cut off from all Kingdom favors in which previously they trusted and boasted. Cease from all pretension to divine favor as the triumphing (reigning) Kingdom of God; Cease to deceive themselves or others, they will cease to apply to themselves the exceeding great and precious promises which belong lnly to the overcoming saints. It signifies a destruction of the false pretensions of this class C139: 2-C140: t; C145: 2-C146: 1; C148: 1-C149: 2; F445: m; R920: 8; R3771: 3; R4636: 6; R4654: t; R5736: 13-R5737: t
Tarshis hard
Tartaroo a dark abyss or prison R2603: 11-14
Tartarus our atmosphere R111: 7; R2603: 14; R254: 5-9
Teachers E285: 1; (E283: 1-E285: 1); F262: 1, 2; F274: t; F283: m
Teachers (how to judge) R386: 4, 12; R768: 9, 10; R1025:col2: t; R1777: 2; R5370: 6; F275: 1; F247: 1
Tearing, or rending one's garment symbol of grief, sorrow, or mourning R3429: 2
Tehabhuetes lover Egypt lover classes?
Temple represented the Church in its glorified condition R4746: 8; R5831: 12, 13; R1981
Temple of God the true temple is the Church of the living God R3851: 7; A318: m; B275: t; B280: m; C26: 1; F127: 2; F195: 1; S.N.5-10; R1981
Temple (Solomon's) R292: 3,6-9, 14; R1901: 8
Ten the natural symbol of perfection, completness, complete development, a com plete and perfect whole
Thorns cares of this life and the deceitfulness of riches R3764: 10
Thorn in the flesh (Paul's) imperfect eyesight F448: 2
Three that in itself complete, invisible, infinite
Throne of God His supreme authority and rulership On the throne he rules A92: m; C257: 1
Throne of David the dignity, power and authority of office which he exercised C257: m, 1; symbol of the kingdom
Thunder loud controversies R576:20[R576:20]; John 12:24; Rev 4:5; Rev 8:5; Rev 11:19; Rev 19:6; Rev 10:3-4; Rev 16:18
Thunderings tumults accompanying the increase of enlightenment R511: 5[R511:6]
Thyatira sweet perfume of sacrifice, period of Papal persecution
Time a year of 360 days (literal), or 360 years (symbolic) B89: 1; B91; C64: 6; R4785: 11
Time (there shall be time no longer, Rev 10: 6) - R194: 8-10; see various translations
Tongue principle organ, in man, of speech, or talk; - the speech or language of a particular people, race, country, or locality; a dialect - New Century Dictionary
the language, the expressions, the message that is sent out; professions
Tongue of the Egyptian Sea (Isa 11: 15) the Lord will change the messages that are going out now, that are more or less a misunderstanding and misinterpretation of God and his character and plan, and he'll give the people the Truth, and with his mighty wind shall he shake his hand over the river that is over all the channels of propagation and propaganda that go throughout the world, and will destroy their sources, he will smite it with seven streams destroying the present things completely and will make all things new. -- source unknown
Tongues (biting their) Rev 16: 10 R509: 10, 17, 18
Tongues (cloven) E213: t
Tongues (speaking in) ability to converse in languages not previously learned E207: b; F238: 1; R2821: 6, 9; R2821: 1; R2827: 6; R4877: 6-8; R5224: 11, 13; R5831: 9-11, 14
Tophet a detestation, an abomination, second death, utter destruction R111: 19
Tophet name given to the Valley of Hinnom a detestation, an abomination, second death, utter destruction R111: 19; R5041: 18
Tophet (king for whom it it prepared) the devil R5041: 17, 18; R5042: t (Isa. 30: 33)
Tormented for ever and ever (Rev. 20: 10) the just sentence of condemnation to extinction, oblivion, second death will continue forever R522: 1-3, 13, 14; R1039-R1040; R2607- R2609; Esp R2609: 9-14; R3723: 15, 16; Rev 13 - 15; Rev 21: 8; Rev 16: 5, 7; Rev 19: 2; Matt 25: 46-Diaglott (see footnote)
Tower representing prophets
Transfiguration scene a vision of the coming Kingdom B20: 1; B255: 2; R1761: R2659; R3345: 3-5; R4890: 10-14; R5121; R5593: 11, 12
Transgression (the great) Psa 19: 13 wilful, deliberate, intentional sin - the wages of which is death, second death R2249: t; R1296: 5, 8; R1391: 12; R1392: 9
Travail travail is deathly anguish R183: 3, 10; R184: 2, 3, 8, 9; R230: 9
Treading the winepress D17: 1 - D20: 3 (C Study VI; D Study II)
Tree (Fig) Jewish Nation R384: 2; R4788: 4, 11; R5503: 4 (Olive)
R5023: 6-10; R5383: 4; R5837: 3, 8
Tree (Fir) an evergreen - representative of a man possessing everlasting life R1364: 15
Tree (If they do thise things in a green tree - Luke 23: 31 - ) R2473: 1
Trees (Rev 7: 1-3) household of faith R4823: t
Gentile governments R2373
Trees of life the saints R334: 13
Tribe of Levi (Deut 18: 1-2) justified belivers, the household of faith T26: 2; T27: 2; F459: 2 (Num 4: 45-47, Num 3: 12 -13, Num 18: 20)
Trimmed lamp spirit of the Truth in heart, as well as a knowledge of the Bible C92: 1, b
Trimming of lamps searching of Scriptures C92: 1
trimming off dross T116: 3
Trinity R369: 5-9, 11-13
Trump (trumpet) of God; Seventh (symbolic) Trumpet; Last Trumpet; Antitypical Jubilee the truth on every subject, the increase of knowledge, including the Harvest D600: 1 - D601: 2; R19: 8-11; R579: 13; R580: 1-3; R845: 2-7, 10; R885: 7; R2025: 7 - R2026: 3; R2992: 5, 6; R2993: 5, 6, 9; R2994: t, 1; R2982: 6; R3624: 3; R5830: 10
Truth It is mighty and shall ultimately prevail . . . E65
Try the spirits prove the doctrines, teachings by God's Word R371: 4; R651: 17 (7 to end); R1524: 8; R2180: 6-9); Sept 17 Manna Comment John 4: 1
Turn the battle at the gate Isa 28: 6; R1357: 13
Twelve prominent number in sacred things pertaining the the election F209: m
3 X 4 , 12; the number of the covenant ; people, completeness of the organization, material completeness (See - three, See - four)
Twenty four elders (Rev 4: 4, 10) prophesies of prophets of the Old Testament R529: 10-13
Two __________ couples
Two-edged Sword out of His mouth the Word of the Lord R3570: 8; S.N. 2-2; R5804: 3; Bible, Old and New Testaments
Two phases in the divine plan: 1) Announcement, intorductory, or preparatory phase
2) Implementation of the fulfillment phase A288-A301; A223: 3, 4; A224: 1, 2; A238: 2
Two stages in the divine plane: 1) Initiation or humiliation stage
2) Reward, or exaltation stage Luke 14: 11; Luke 18:14; B81: t
Two Salvations F67: 2; F68
Two (levels of salvation in God's Plan) R741: 9-13; R742: 13, 14; R5597: 1-8
Heavenly (spiritual) Vs earthly (human, fleshly, naturaly, restitution) A301: 2; R286:15-20; R287: 9; R4956: 11; R5687: 4
The Heavenly promises were hidden in the earthly A299: b
Two Cherubim Leaves ???? of power
Two Olive Trees Old and New Testaments
Two Witnesses (Rev 11: 30) The Old and New Testaments C122: b; R529: 11
Type figure, picture R5966: 3-5, 10-12 - R5967: 1-6, 10, 11 (See Topical index of the Reprints R6615)
Type God gives types, an exact pattern of its antitype as printer's type corresponds to the printed matter from it R5966: 3-5, 10; QB722: m on
Tyre (the daughter of) Psa 45: 12 the strong ones of earth C193: near bottom
Tyropoeon the valley through Jerusalem, separating it into two parts A301: 2

Unborn race in his loinsA155:2; A156:1; A129:t, 1
Unchangeable business principle (God's)R3070:5; R5884:t; A155:1
UnctionE281:3 - E282:1 (E280:2-E283:t)
Unholy Spirit familyanger, malice, jealousy, fear, discontent, pride, worldly ambitions, etc..., E198:1
Union (Church)Isa 34:4; Nah 1:9, 10; C140:1, 2; C141:1; C142:1; D258:2; D267:1; D259:1; D551:3-D552:1; R1705:9-12
Union (church-world)B262:t-B264:2; D241:2; D242:b
Universal EmpiresA253:2; (A252:1-A262)
Universal everlasting salvationE467:t - E468:2
Unripe WheatA238:b, A239:t; A240:1; the "great company," wheat, but not fully ripened, C196:m
Urim and ThumminA49:1; T91:2; T92; R5042:9, 10 (Col 2:1, 2)
UsurperE448:1; A250:b

Vaildeath of human body, ignorance, can't see spiritual things
Valleya place of favor and proteciton R286:16; D653:3
Valley of dry bonesan allegory respecting the loss of Israel's hopes in the divine promises, and their future revival by divine power R2908:2; R4788:11-14: R5503:7
Valley of Jehoshaphat (Jehovah judged, Strong)the valley of death D141:2; R2908:2
Veil, first (door to Holy) pass underChrist's consecration to death, and ours (R3054:t, 1), reckoned death of natural fleshly will or mind, begetting of the spirit to the divine nature, reckoned resurrection to newness of life, new mind, or will -- embryo New Creatures T20:1, 2; T21:t; T22:2, 3; A226:2; R153:7, 8; R154:3, 4, 7-9; Col 2:12; Col 3:1-3; Eph 2:6; Rom 6:4
Veil, second (to Most Holy) - pass underChrist's actual death and ours R3054:1
actual death of the flesh of the faithful followers in Christ's steps T22:b; R154:8
Veil, rent veilChrist's (sacrificed) flesh R4746:8; R2788:7
Veil on Moses faceB134:1; R1323: col 2:t
Vegetationpictures scriptual growth
Verily, or indeedthe Greek word "Amen", signifies "so be it", or "your request is granted" F668:1
Vessel (oil in his)the Word of God in heart and mind (D92:1, b; D191:t) and with the spirit of Truth in himself B23:1; Truth, chosen saints bodies
Vessels of bulrushesIsa 18; R3404:8; R3405:2, 7-9
Vessels of goldLittle flock
Vessels of silverGreat Company
Vials, seven, of God's wrath - Rev 16: 1A336:1, the seven last plagues R497-R499; R509-R511
VicarC104:1; D40:t; F398:2; see A304:t
VicegerantA304:t; A307:2; D40:t; D643:t, 1; D644:t, 3; E46:1; E74:2
ViewpointB227:1; F317:13rd; Note QB505:2 and R5049:13
Vine (the True) John 15: 1-5Jesus the Vine, the True Church, the branches of the Father's planting, the husbandman D17:t; E140; F169:1, 2; F206:b; F207:t; R2373:1, 2; R2464 - R2466; R3545:1, 2; R5383:2-4; R5505:8
Vine of the earth (Rev 14: 14-20)Christendom A324:2; B234:t; D18:2; F207:t
Vine branchesTrue Church
Vineyardnation of Israel
Virgins (signifies pure, chaste)represents "holy people" C91:m; C255:1; T100:b
Virgins (the wise ones)recognize the Bridegroom's presence and go forth to meet him C190:1 - C192:3
Vitalizationis that which makes justification complete and unchangeable R4901:6, 3-7, 10-12
Visable and invisible phases of the dominion of the earthA251:1
Voicedisscusions, proclomations, call unto God
Voice of the Archangelrepresents Christ's authority and command B147:1
Voicesproclamations and general discussions of subjects by those being enlightened R511:5
Voices of the signstestimones or teachings R4058:6
Vomitnauseating creeds which preachers and laity have rejected R1358:1; R3455:7, 8; R3963:1, 2; D40:t
Vote of the classF275:1; F281:t-F282:1; F296:m; F416:t; R5350:2-6, 12-14
Vote before symbolization of consecrationR5350:3
Voting in politicsF593:1; A266:1 - A268
Vowsuffering, sacrifice?????
Vultures(fowls) Communist militant vultures of society, merely poor and dangerous, also im Matt 24, the Church who goes after the meat of God

Walldefense barrier, McClintock and Strong Vol x:865; Protection, Strong # 2346; civil power, D40; governmental defence, civil authority, M.L. Herr, '19 Conv. Report p. 29.
supporting civil powers or supporting powers
Wandering starsthose who depart from the Truth, and become "heady," false teachers, "vainly puffed up," aspiring to be considered authorities in the same sense as the Apostles, "false prophets," D 593:2 - D596:1.
Watertruth (generally), C 65:1; 4059:5; 4060:6;
the Word, knowledge -- truth, R 73:14; 334:8;
peoples, nations, Rev. 17:15; B209:m; 5824:8; 5846:2.
Water of lifeRestition, natural human life, R3485:5,8.
Water turned to bloodR4059:5,6; R4060:6.
Water turned to winejustification, R3485:10.
Wavesthe restless and lawless elements of the "sea" class, D596:2.
Waves (sea and waves) roaringthe restless and lawless elements, masses, of humanity, curbed, by not fully restrained, by the laws and regulations of society, D596:2,3; philosophies
Wedding feastC199:t-2; A195:1; R2301:9-11.
Wedding garmentthe spotless robe of Christ's imputed righteousness first loaned, imputed, to us to cover our nakedness (tentative justification) R2160:t,1; C198:3-C203:1; E145:1,2; must be beautified by "embroidering" it with character development in the pattern, set before us in our Master, to become the "Wedding Garment," E364:1; R2161:6-8; R2159:12; R2297:2 (last half); R2782:5-12; R4547:16-17; R4591:b, R4592:1; R5197:15-16; T29:4; R5669:8.
Well in the Pyramidthe Ransom, C337:b; C349:1; C370:2; C371:t.
Wheatthe spiritual class, the saints of the Gospel Age, R5737:8, the truly consecrated, the true children of the Kingdom, C136:b, C137:t, C138:t; F426:b, F427:t.
true children of God, True Church
Wheat (unripe)the foolish virgins measurably intoxicated and overcome by the wine of Babylon, C196:m. Wheat Field
the nominal church, Christendom, E295:m, F431:t.
Wheels with wheelsages, epochs, perspectives, the changes, cycles of times, plan of operation
Whirlwindfigure used in the Bible to represent the great time of trouble approaching, R4822:6,13,14;
intense and complicated trouble and commotion, D13; B260:1; R2341:11; great confusion and strife -- a cyclone, R4757:11, trouble which will agitate the heavens or ecclesiastical powers, R3417:4; R4880:11, 12; (a literal whirlwind agitates the atmosphere (heavens) first).
error, Q/B400:1/4th way down.
Whitepeace, purity, R332:5; R1599:15; R3569:6.
White (fields white to harvest)light, Strong's#3022; Barley (its harvest was first R4127:2)
White linenjustification, the robe of Christ's imputed righteousness, T36:4; T74:2; D42:t; R2159:12-2160:3; 5669:2,3;
purity and righteousness of Jesus, T 29:4,5; 36:4; 74:2; 5669:2,3; T 30:2;
restoration of man to his original purity, T 34:2.
White raimentthat faith which justifies (i.e. justification), R1371:b-R1372:t; R2159:12- R2160:3; R5669:2,3.
White as snowpurity
Wildernessbeing ignored, ostracised; separation from the world and worldly ideas and mere dependence upon God alone, D27:t; T70:1-3; R5628:7 (4-7).
dark ages, dry without truth
Willful sinnersthose who know right and do wrong are willful sinners, E408:t; F719:1; R5238:8. Will, the
Winda force, an unseen force.
North W.
sorrow, trouble, disagreeableness;
South Wind
pleasantness, joy, peace, R4249:10.
Windsfalse doctrines, Eph 4:14, R4822:13; Q/B737:m.
Winds, blowing W.wars, R2334:6; R5715:7, R5716:t.
Winds - the four from the four corners of the earthstrife, anarchy, the great time of trouble, R4822:13; R4880:9-13; R5058:10, R5059:1; R5469:21, R5470:1.
Winespirit, influence, C164:1;
joy, life, and gladness, R94:10; R1695:7.
unalloyed pleasure, heavenly joys, R3164:1.
Wine-Babylon'sfalse doctrines, D531:1; spirit of the world, D267:m; R1896:7; R2968:5-7;
worldly affiliation, C164:t; the love of the world and of the world's approval and emoluments, by which spirit all the systems of Christendom are intoxicated, R1357:14, R1358:t, R5632:13, R5633:1-3.
Wine-mixeddoctrine, false and true mixed, B348:m; C158:m; C164:1; R1356:2.
Winepresslast feature of the time of trouble
Wine-newthe divine nature and life and joys in the Kingdom, R1504:8; R1695:7; R2436:4; R3485:10; R5539:4. Wings (Psa. 91:4)
Our Heavenly Father's love and care and protection are his wings and his feathers, shielding us (New Creatures) from all harm, keeping us warm and safe, R5438:10.
Wingsworks of God
Wings (two)old and new testaments
Wings (four)2 different aspects of the old and new testament, literal and symbolic meaning
Winterend of favorable time, -- evil, trouble, tribulation, blight-time, spiritually speaking, B93:t; D578, D579:t,2; D602:f.n.; R230:6-10; R590:11,12, R591:16; R5503:5.
WisdomR1776:7 -- R1782:10; R2061:2,8,9; R2263:1-7; R4825:1,2. Comp R4129:2; R769:3-5.
Wise VirginsTrue Church
With childD575:2,3, D576:1,2.
Witnesses (two of Revelation)Old and New Testaments of the Bible, C 122:b; D258:1; R529:11.
Wives(nominal) churches, C157:m.
Womanthe Church separate from her head, B255:1; B277:2/3 down; D25:2; F265:t; F270:2.
Woman clothed with the sunthe Gospel Church covered with the precious promises of God and the glorious light of Truth, R306:6.
Womennominal churches, C42:3, f.n.;
Wood, hay, stubblehuman traditions, man's wisdom, errors, A321:t; R36:5; R428:7-9; R 564:4-6. R4583:5.
Wooddepraved human nature, T113:2. the human plane of existance
Worm (and fire that die not)NOT second death (Why???)
Wormwoodbitterness, dissapointment
Word (of God)R2532:3; R3570:9; R3777:6; R4480:9; R5512:4,9; S.N.2-20.
Word of God (Logos)E85:2, E83-96.
Work (consecrated to a work)E193:2-E196:t.
Works of darknessthose which will not bear the fullest light of the new dispensation -- any and all things that are out of harmony with truth and righteousness, R6175:2,3.
WorldE235:3 - E237:t.
WorldKosmos (Strong 2889) orderly arrangement, the social system, society as at present organized, R4990:t
Epoch, R5161:3,4; R5138-39; R4765:16,17, R4766:t,1.
Worldly spiritselfishness, R5138-39; R4765-66; R1955-56; R1489-90; E186-E187; B278:1,2; D51:2; D258:m; D591:2; F234:m; F654:1-F656:b; Comp E234:2-238.
Worship the Son (honor)E38:t; E53:1; E55:m; E72:1-4.
Worship in spirit and Truthvoluntarily, from love and appreciation of his principles of righteousness, and of himself, which these represent. -- John 4:23, E468:t.
Worst of the heathenD550:1,2.
Worst form of idolatryC176:1.

(No entries).

Year (Jewish)Two designations or years:
(1) Ecclesiastical, Spring to Spring, beginning with Nisan (old name Abib) around April 1st;
(2) Civil, Autumn to Autumn, beginning with Tisri around October 1st. R3508:7, 14; R3574:12, 13, R3575:1; R4127:2,3,6.
Years (49th and 50th Jubilee) rest of land18 months not 24 months long? R3574:12,13.

Zebulon means dealing????
Zerubabel type of Christ
Zidon fortress
Zion R1648:4-5; A297:T; C278:T,m; C293:b; D157-D158; D620:1; D628:3; D632:2; T33:3,4.
Zion (nominal) Nominal Gospel Church, D19:1; D23:T; D30:1; R183:2,3; R213:1-3,8; R562:4.
Zipporah type of Church

This Year Through the "Studies in the Scriptures" -- Twelve Pages a Day
Natural Israelites have an adage or motto they often repeat: "Next Year in Jerusalem!"
Spiritual Israelites should have a rallying adage or motto: "This Year Through The Studies in the Scriptures -- Twelve Pages a Day!" F 316:t; 657, 658
Is the reading of S. S. Bible Study? R4684-86 esp, R4685:4,12,14, R4686:1; R3766:2,3; R3992:7,8; R4385:8 (11, 4386:1 - good on faith); R4469:6; R4736:1; R4930:3-5,10; R5122:15; R5143:14
One statement of God is as true and as firm a foundation for faith as a hundred. (B144: t) As seekers after truth, it will not do for us to say, in view of these passages, that the majority of them seem to favor whatever view we incline to prefer, and then to ignore the others. (B143: b; B144: t; A11: 2; E167: 1; R1697: 7)
Much of the language of the Bible is figurative, and in our common conversation we also use many figures. (R5383: 2) The symbolism of Scripture, rightly understood, is very forceful, and there is always a close resemblance between the symbol itself with the thing symbolized. (D-F xii: 1) A parable is never an exact statement, but merely an illustration of a truth by something which is in many respects like it. (A138: m; R2604: 1) The symbolic must always bend in interpretation to the plainer, more literal statements, as soon as their symbolic character is recognized. (B144: b)
The words of our Lord . . . must be interpreted in harmony with other declarations of the inspired Word. They must not be interpreted so as to conflict with other statements. (R2488: 3; R3133: 11; R3134: 1-7) Very crude conceptions . . . entirely out of harmony with the inspired Word . . . often drawn from too literal interpretations of our Lord's parables . . . illustrating the absurdity of attempting to force literal interpretations upon figurative language. (A138: 2; A317: b; B167: m; B273: 2; C165: 1; C256: 4)
Carrying a figure further than God intended - Adam and Eve - R1388: 3, 5, 6 - Compare C197: b
When studying or applying a known type we should be sure not to mix type with anti-type. (R1387: 1; R1386-R1389 good on symbols and types). A type must not be used to teach a doctrine, but merely to illustrate one that is already taught in plain terms. (R1386: 7) An anti-type never follows its type but takes its place upon the same date. (B181: m; R5966: 11)
In many of the prophecies of the Old Testament in which Egypt, Babylon, and Israel figure so largely, not only was there a literal fulfillment intended, but also a secondary and larger one. Thus, for instance, the predictions regarding the fall of Babylon, etc., must be considered extravagant beyond measure, did we not recognize a symbolic and anti-typical as well as a literal Babylon. (A313: 1; A315: m; A318: 2)
Typical vs. Anti-typical (the reality)B174:1; C294:t; C165:1; R678:b
Literal signs vs. symbolic fulfillmentsD585:1; D590:4; F618:m
Metaphorical vs. literalD589:m
Shadow vs. substanceT12:t (Following a shadow long enough will finally lead to the substance, or thing that cast the shadow), source unknown
The Truth is mighty and shall ultimately prevail . . . E65