There never was such a wonderful period! We never before knew so much or could do so much. We never experienced an age of equal comfort. No part of yesterday was as glorious as this hour.

The hundred years behind us are jammed and crammed with achievements that outbalance the sum total of progress since the signing of the Magna Charta.

The average mechanic enjoys luxuries that Midas, with all his wealth, could not command. The college freshman has more real information in his little finger than the erudition of the foremost scholar of the Renaissance. We have done more to put existence on a sane, logical and definite basis than did all of our ancestors.

A mere hundred years ago even the scientist thought that the atmosphere was simply space-gas was only a smell.

The first microbe hadn't disclosed his identity.

Metchnikoff's announcement of battling hosts in every drop of human blood would have earned him a padded cell.

The best illumination George Washington could secure came from tallow dips, lighted by a spark from flint and steel.

Every piece of fabric was woven by hand.

The only horse-power was four-legged, and wore a tail.

The steamboat was still building on the ways of Fulton's brain, and the wheels of the steam engine had only moved in Stephenson's head.

It took Benjamin Franklin two weeks to send a letter from Boston and get a reply from Baltimore.

Abraham Lincoln's angular frame never reposed in a Pullman berth.

Garfield called a 20-day "liner" an "ocean greyhound."

It is hardly a year since the father of antiseptic surgery was gathered to his fathers.

Electric light, trolley cars, bicycles, automobiles, department stores, skyscrapers, 10-cent collars, tinned salmon, airships, penny newspapers, appendicitis and power cranes are still infant ideas.

Thirty years ago electricity had never been hitched to a wheel; gunpowder was the most powerful explosive; subways weren't considered within possibility.

"Impossibility" is now an old-fashioned word with a definition, but not a meaning. Almost every dream of the past is a reality today.

The magic cities and the fairy kingdoms of your grandmother aren't half so wonderful as the world in which you live.- The Cincinnati Post


The above is surely not exaggeration! What thanks should be rising from all our hearts to God, the Giver of every good and perfect gift! How energetic we all should be to rightly use present blessings and opportunities for our own good, for the good of our families and neighbors-all men!

Thinking people cannot help wondering why so many blessings have been crowded into our day. There is but one answer, and remarkably few seem to realize it. Some are disposed to say that all of these blessings come as a result of another onward step of Evolution! Is this reasonable? Do we see signs of excessive wisdom in ourselves or others? How many people do any of us know personally who have ever invented any great, wonderful or useful article of the many which go to make up our wonderful day?

Examining carefully the personality and history of individuals through whom present-day blessings come, we may well be astonished. We find that very few of them have been men of great education, and many of them are by no means great men in any sense of the word, except in the one particular of their invention. It is by no means sure that the prodigies of today are any more numerous than those of previous periods, but our facilities for knowing about them have increased a thousand-fold.

Through the printed page the knowledge of an invention, carried before the civilized world, becomes a stimulant to others, furnishing, perhaps, a connecting link for another invention. Many of our great inventors tell us that they merely stumbled on their invention. Our successful air-brake patent, for instance, is merely the development of the cruder thought that water, hydraulic power, could be used to operate brakes. A still brighter mind caught the thought, and realized that air would serve the purpose better.

As an illustration of the fact that mental [HG566] illumination may be along some one particular line, we remind our readers of "Blind Tom." He was noted for his wonderful skill in playing any tune that he might hear. He had no education; in fact, he was almost idiotic, incapable of receiving an education. But he had an ear for music which made him famous. Can we claim that we or others of our day stand so high intellectually as to be able to look down upon some of the bright minds of the past? Have we many Shakespeares, many Byrons, many St. Pauls, many Ciceros? Have we many Solomons? or are there many who could compare with Moses?


We must look in another direction if we would rightly understand and properly appreciate the meaning of the wonderful inventions of our day. They are coming to us because we are living in the dawning of a New Dispensation! They are the foregleams of an epoch so wonderful as to be beyond our most vivid imagination.

Evidently God has been gradually lifting the veil of ignorance from the eyes of human understanding. Gradually He has allowed us to see the power of steam-gradually to learn how to apply it. Later He lifted the veil in respect to electricity.

Now its marvels are enlightening the world.

Shortly chemistry will be accomplishing wonders for us-no doubt making unnecessary the mining of coal. From the air that we breathe and the water that we drink we shall doubtless shortly know how to separate the elements necessary to furnish us the light and the heat indispensable to the world's progress.

Everything is getting ready for the Millennium! Not only is it coming, but it is here! We are not, indeed, enjoying its full blessings yet; but what we are enjoying is a foretaste of them.

All of our hearts should be attracted more and more to the Lord in thankfulness for His wonderful mercies. More and more we should be studying His Divine Word, the Bible. From it we should be coming daily to a clearer understanding of the Divine Character and Plan. This alone will chase away our ignorance and superstition, and bring us love, joy and peace.

The blessings of God now coming to the world will center in Christ's sacrifice at Calvary. During the past eighteen centuries His redemptive work has been the gathering of the Church, and now it is to mean the blessing of all the families of the earth, as the Scriptures have promised. Yea, the Scriptures clearly show that these blessings are intended for those who are in their graves, as well as for the living.


Home religion is as important as personal religion, and is essential to it. The relationship between parents and children grows pure and dear when they all kneel together and ask the peace of God to rest on their home. Many of us remember the dear old days when at the family altar morning and evening prayers were offered together, and the Sunday evening hour, when we sang hymns, each choosing his favorite.

Through the whole community the influence of a Christian home spreads. The town seems purer, the birds sing more sweetly, the flowers bloom more radiantly.

Joy sings its anthems in such a home as it sings in no other place. And if this blessedness is to continue, we must shut out all unkindness, bitterness and injustice.-Floyd W. Tompkins, D. D.


The ancient capital of the Jebusites, whose known history runs back to 1400 B.C., is to resound with the gongs of the trolley car and the fire engine.

The narrow, tortuous and dirty streets which the naked feet of the crusaders trod, are to be asphalted and drained and kept clean, and will be washed down by an up-to-date water supply.

The city, which was the seat of David's kingdom, will be lighted by electricity.

Doubtless the Jericho and Jerusalem, and the Zion and Dead Sea electric railways will be operated. -N. Y. American

"Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." Luke 12:32.

"Nor will any other creatures either in heaven or in earth receive such marks of special favor as are and ever twill be the portion of the beloved Bride of Christ. Although the whole family in heaven and in earth will be blessed through Him, His Wife, co-operating with Him in His work, will alone be His companion, His confidant, His treasure." R5862, c. 2, p. 4.


Clergy and Laity Unscriptural Terms

This article can be found in its entirety in the Newspaper Ser1nons, entitled, "Ministerial Ordination and Tales."


This article can be found in its entirety in the Newspaper Sermons, entitled, "Some Foreign Mission Facts."


This article was republished in Reprints 4757, February 1, 1911, entitled, "Lifted By Whirlwind Out Of Sight."


This Association sprang up spontaneously and gradually during the past thirty years, but particularly during the past ten years. It is composed of thinking Christian people of various ages who are studying the Bible reverently and profitably. There are no limitations as to membership, except such as could be properly applied to any true Christian:

(1) Faith in God as the great Creator and Heavenly Father;

(2) Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as the world's Redeemer;

(3) Faith in the Bible-that is the inspired Message of God, respecting His will and purpose in connection with mankind; (for) a clean and honorable life.

Our Association finds this platform broad enough for all true Christians, regardless of all denominational lines, quirks and frills. We have no bondage, and any one is as free to leave the classes as to enter them. Indeed, following the example of the early Church in this, as well as in other matters, we avoid any special manner of joining these classes, or any special enrollment, or any special commitment as to faith and practice other than the broad principles already mentioned.

The International Bible Students Association has classes in nearly every city in many countries, and you may also desire to know about these and their relationship to each other and to the Association.

Each class of the International Bible Students Association is independent, manages its own affairs, conducts it own meetings, and provides for its own expenses. The Association provides public instructors and ministers to lecture on the Bible, and to give suggestions as to the methods of the primitive Church, and as to the best means of conducting Berean Bible Classes. No Class is obliged to have these lectures, nor to have the literature which the Association publishes for their assistance. They all do, however, find it very convenient to avail themselves of these helps to Bible study; and when requested, the Association provides the assistance to the extent of their ability-subject to [HG568] the limitations and the accessibility of the Classes, and the condition of its treasury funds.

As for the personnel of the classes, they are from all walks of life-laborers and physicians, pupils and teachers, housewives and society people. They are mostly thoughtful, but have been dissatisfied for years, and have been feeling after God, and seeking to satisfy their hungry souls. They are from all denominations-Baptists, Presbyterians, Catholics, Episcopalians, Jews; and a large percentage were once agnostics. These include all nationalities, also: English, Scotch, Irish, French, Italians, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Indeed, we find that all over the world there is an intelligent class who hunger after God, righteousness and Truth, and who have nothing satisfactory in any of the creeds, but are now finding a soul-satisfying portion in the Bible itself.

Here, as elsewhere, we are asked if these classes are confined to America. We say, "No, indeed!"

Throughout Great Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, India, China, Japan, Australia, South Africa, these classes are to be found, as well as in Canada and the United States. Indeed, the original charter of the Association was a British one, the office being in London. The International character of the work is the reason for that feature of the Association's name.

It is well understood that many of these Bible students were unsatisfied when they studied the Bible from various denominational standpoints, and that they are now satisfied, and we are asked how we account for this. Do we use the same Bible? or how comes it that Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, etc., can gain a clearer light in the International Bible Students Association Studies than in their own denominational lines and classes?

There is a difference. Each denomination seeks to uphold its own traditions of the past, some of which are true and some false. But in our methods all denominational predilections are ignored. We pause not to inquire what Brother Calvin or Brother Wesley taught, nor what others taught before them or since. We go back to the teachings of Christ and the Apostles and Prophets, and ignore every other teaching. True, all denominations claim more or less to do this, but they are more or less handicapped by their traditions and creeds. They look through colored spectacles. We ignore all these, and strive to view the Words of Inspiration in the light of the context only, or in the reflected light from other passages of Scripture.

There is another reason why our position is blessed of God-the time mentioned in the Scriptures when the wise ones of God's people are to understand is here. The Scriptures show what all people are beginning to realize clearly-that we are in the dawn of the New Dispensation. All the wonderful inventions of the last eighty years corroborate the testimony that these are the foregleams of a New Dispensation; and that now, when these earthly blessings are increasing, is the time when God promised that He would give special enlightenment respecting His Word and Plan, which He designed, He purposely kept under a veil, a partial mystery. The Mystery of God is to be finished, completed, and the full Plan of God is to be revealed in this New Dispensation already dawning.

We are also asked, "Is the International Bible Students Association affiliated with any of the regular organizations or creeds?"

It is not. We purposely avoid all such trammels of thought. Nevertheless, we are sympathetic with all Christian people of every creed. We are realizing that the various denominations were organized, not for the purpose of dividing and distracting the Lord's Flock, but each with an endeavor to find the light and Truth.

We urge Christians to ignore all sectarian fetters and fancies, and point out that there is but one Church, and that there is but one Head of the Church.

Our public meetings are preferably held in large auditoriums, opera houses, etc., for these prove to be common meeting places for people of all faiths, and those without any denominational bias-all who are Truth seekers, not satisfied with the husks upon which they have been endeavoring for some time to feed.

We are often told that considerable interest and comment attaches to the fact that our Association uniformly advertises its meetings with "Seats free and no collections." This has become quite a trademark with our Association, because it is so different from the usual practice; and an explanation was requested as to the object of this, and as to how to get along without money, or how money is raised to meet the expenses, which are often quite large.

As thinking people, we have for years noticed that the money question has been the burning question in nearly all religious meetings. The Church members are usually assessed up to the extent of their willingness, or more, and the public collections are specially taken to "milk the goats"-to get money from the worldly.

We do not find this method to have Scriptural sanction, and we are seeking to follow the teachings and example of Jesus and the Apostles.

The work started along the lines of these examples thirty years ago seems to commend itself to all Bible students. They received help freely; they are glad to extend assistance to others without money, without price, without collections. Nor are collections found to be necessary. The Association receives whatever contributions are sent in to it for the carrying on of the [HG569] work. Such moneys are not put up as Foundation Funds, nor consumed in expensive buildings, but are used promptly, freely, in the dissemination of free literature and in providing free public meetings. The Association is content to spend what the Lord thus sends to it, and does not go into debt, nor make appeals for more money.

Each local class, in arranging for public meetings, follows the same course.

Nevertheless, in the case of the new classes, or those financially weak, the general Association helps with the expenses. All meetings conducted by the Association's representative speakers, and under its auspices, are strictly free.

"Since you are not gathering people into different denominations, and since your International Bible Students Association has no creed but the Bible, what would you say that your Association aims to gather the people into, and what reply would you make if one should charge you with trying to build up a new denomination at the expense of others?"

Our Association endeavors to bring all Christian people into relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, as His members. We recognize that the different denominations contain true people of God, and we are in full sympathy with such, and are glad to co-operate with them in any manner, for the furtherance of the Lord's work in harmony with the Scriptures. Our only opposition to sectarianism is that it attempts to divide God's people, insists upon the theories of the Dark Ages, and refuses to recognize the Bible as paramount in authority. We urge Christian people to stand for the Divine Character, Plan and Word, even though this should mean opposition and persecution from those of the sectarian spirit.

The International Bible Students Association labors specially for Christian unity, on the Bible basis, in harmony with the words of the Apostle, that "By one Spirit we are all baptized into one Body."


This is an affiliated association organized to conduct the interest and affairs of the Household of Faith in New York State, and from that center, according to the requirement of the laws of that State. It guides the interests of the Bible students as respects the holding of public meetings, supplying speakers and literature freely.


Is the Parent organization, through which the moneys for all parts of the work are supplied. To it all voluntary donations for the work should be made. Brother Charles Taze Russell is President of all three of these organizations. Newspapers and the public frequently refer to him by the titles "Reverend," "Mr." and "Doctor"; but he prefers to be known as "Brother" or "Pastor," because those are Bible terms.


"I exhort, therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; for kings and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all Godliness and honesty." 1 Tim. 2:1, 2

The Scriptures tell us clearly that the kingdoms of this world are not the kingdoms of our Lord. (Luke 19:11, 12) They inform us in an indirect way that the world would not appreciate that the affairs of the present order of things are all under the supervision and care of Satan (Matt. 4:8,9; John 14:30); that the Lord will not set up His Kingdom of righteousness until His appointed time. When that time shall come, all kings and priests and peoples shall serve and obey Him. (Dan. 7:27) His reign will be the one that will be the "'desire of all nations."

But in the meantime, the Bible gives us to understand, these present kingdoms are given the opportunity of seeing what they can do under these conditions. (Dan. 2:37-44) When the typical kingdom of Israel was destroyed and the kingdom was given to Nebuchadnezzar, it was for the opportunity of seeing what his kingdom could do. It might be righteous or unrighteous.

And so it has been from the kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar down. They are all Gentile kingdoms, and not representatives of God. All these various kingdoms are demonstrating various principles of government. Mankind under these kingdoms are learning lessons of experience which will be valuable to them in the future.

Under these kingdoms we have seen man battling for rights. Sometimes they have been defeated, and sometimes they have been victorious-as the case may have been. In the various battlings we have seen righteousness and unrighteousness striving together; but with all, policy rules. [HG570] Under all the kingdoms mankind has demonstrated that no government by imperfect man can rectify the difficulties which confront humanity. We cannot abolish sin and sorrow, crying and dying. Had only one king or one nation been permitted to experiment with the race, we would not have known whether or not other nations might have been successful, had they had the opportunity. Each nation in turn seeks to be the universal power, and each claims to be the better government; as, for instance, the American Government wants to give better government to the Filipinos, and Great Britain wants to give better government to the people of India and South Africa. What do civilized nations and tongues do in less civilized lands? What can they do for the betterment of conditions? In all these countries they show that selfishness dominates.


We see the fact demonstrated that if one nation had really the power to bless others, it would not bless them without taking advantage of them. Our civilized nations in heathen lands use their power in a selfish way-taking money away from their fellow-creatures. Instead of leading them to higher and better conditions, things have generally been conducted on a commercial basis. And these very peoples who have more or less taken advantage of others in their extremity and need, and those peoples who have been taken advantage of by fear, will all no doubt learn a good lesson from this experience.

God is permitting the nations to learn these various lessons, before setting up His Kingdom in great power and glory. When His Kingdom shall be established, the contrast between its government and all these other governments will be so marked that all will have a great deal to learn. No doubt many who suffered through injustice will be all the better prepared to appreciate the better government when it shall come in.

In the meantime, God's people who are being called out to be members in the Body of The Messiah, are not told to say, "These kingdoms are not doing well, and our Kingdom will show this." On the contrary, we should speak encouraging words: "Your nation is seeming to do about the best it knows how to do. As it gets more intelligent, it strives for a better government."


We who belong to the new Kingdom are as citizens in a foreign country. We see that we are more or less influenced by the condition of the things of this world.

We have sympathy with mankind. We are glad that a New Dispensation is coming in. We see that these who are striving to make things better have a Herculean task.

If they were to give it up to us it would take all of our time; and under present evil conditions we could do no better than they are doing. We have great sympathy for kings and princes. They do well to accomplish so much, with sin in every direction.

Our sympathy would lead us to consider them kindly in our minds. And we may pray for them such wisdom as God sees best. It would not be for us to request of God that one of them should be healed, if he were sick. If we had some means of helping, we should use that means; but as for the results, we should remember that these lie in the hands of God. We should help in any way we can. We are not to specify, but merely to pray God's blessings upon these kingdoms.

We are interested in these kingdoms because we are interested in mankind in general. We wish to live a peaceful and godly life, that we may have that much more opportunity for reading and studying. (1 Tim. 2:1,2) We are glad if there is peace in the earth now; and we do not intend to quarrel. We intend to pray for these rulers; for we do not believe that they are at heart black or evil-intentioned.

Perhaps they are trying to do to the best of their knowledge what would be the best for all. Most of the monarchs of Europe are not wishing to pull the people into war.


As to the people who are keeping such a wonderful government in our own land, we see how they are having persons to watch every building that is being erected; how they give special attention to the fire department and the water department that there maybe a proper supply and purity of water; and how they care for the general health of the city, providing for quarantine, etc. etc. Those who have charge of the school systems for the education of the young, and of the hospital systems, are doing a great work.

We should reflect that ours is a happy day in comparison with what it would be if we were living as people did in the time of the barbarians. When we see the wonderful things which are being done today-the great buildings, bridges and other wonderful improvements-we say, "What is manl Surely a wonderful piece of Divine mechanism! What things he can do, even in his imperfect condition!

And what will he not be able to accomplish when Messiah's Kingdom is here, which will put stripes on the disobedient, and utterly destroy those who will not come into harmony [HG571] with its rule of righteousness!"

We are glad that things are moving as well as they are. Instead of berating the people who are the leaders, we prefer to think that they are well intentioned people. We can well pray for such without any difficulty in mind. And we can feel glad and thank God that these people take care of us as well as they do.

Volume 5, Number 2

Rev. Charles E. Newlin addressed the regular monthly meeting of Methodist preachers in Atlanta some time ago, and in the course of his address Mr. Newlin used the words: "I can prove by 99 per cent of the business men of Atlanta that they lack confidence in the real, true manhood of the preachers of the city."

The Rev. B. Frank White, in leaving the pastorale of the First Presbyterian Church, of Connellsville, Pa., is quoted as saying: "A man can't be honest in the ministry and hold his job." As Mr. White expects to remain in the ministry, although seeking another field, the inference is that he prefers a station where he can preach the Word in a style more in keeping with his conscientious scruples.

The writer is inclined to believe that both of the assertions above quoted are rather broad, if not more or less exaggerated. We believe that the great majority of ministers are honest, and are doing all in their power to advance the cause of religion here on earth; we also believe that there are some in the pulpit who have no right to be there. The vision they saw in the clouds, "G. P. C.," meant not to "Go Preach Christ," as they imagined, but to "Go Pick Cotton." South Georgia Press WHY MINISTERS DESERVE SYMPATHY Christian ministers deserve considerable sympathy. They are at the present time in a very trying position. It is the conscientious ones who are in trouble. Behind them are the creeds and theories of the Dark Ages, to which they are chained:

(1) By the vows which they took at their ordination.

(2) By the honor of their position in the sight of their friends and neighbors.

(3) By their financial necessities and those of their families.

Ministers possessed of an education know not only that the creeds of the past are in conflict with each other and with reason, but also that those creeds are in conflict with the Bible. Better translations and older MSS have shown us the fallacy of deductions made by our forefathers. Every educated minister now knows that the Hebrew word translated "hell" in the Old Testament Scriptures, means the tomb-the state of death-the only hell that was known for four thousand years. They know that in our Common Version of the Bible this word Sheol is translated grave and pit more times than it is translated hell. They know that it never means and never did mean, anywhere, a place of fire and torture.

Baptist ministers have gotten out a new Bible, in which they go to the trouble of translating this word Sheol by three English words, "the under-world." This hides the truth from the average mind about as much as the mistranslation hell does. But it helps our Baptist friends a little in dealing with Sheol, for of course, in the grave, in the tomb, is in "the underworld." Of course nobody thinks there is another world of living people in the center of the earth. It is only the dead that are in the under-world-in the tomb.

All educated ministers know further that the word Hades, in the New Testament translated hell, is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word Sheol, and likewise means the under-world, the tomb, the state of death or condition of death. The trouble with these ministers is that they know that their congregations are not generally aware of the truth on the subject, and they fear to tell those truths lest they should be accused of having practiced deception in the past, when, as a matter of fact, they had simply taken from theologians of the Dark Ages what they in turn gave to the people, without examining the Scripture proof.


Another difficulty confronting these ministers is this: For the past twenty years the colleges of the [HG572] United States, Great Britain, Germany, etc., have taught the Evolution Theory-that man was not created in God's image, that he was not in God's sight "very good," and that he did not fall down from Divine favor. It teaches, on the contrary, that he was an evolution from the ape, and instead of falling has been rising in the scale of intelligence and getting nearer to God's image every year, all the time.

Following the Evolutionists came the Higher Critics, declaring that the Bible is really old wives' fables and not at all inspired. Nearly all graduates of colleges and seminaries for the past twenty years have gone into pulpits, consecrated to the preaching of God's Truth from the Bible standpoint, in violation of whatever conscience they have.

These generally are the great and popular preachers of all denominations. They consider not the vows of their ordination, but practically say, "We do not hide our unbelief to any great extent. We answer questions of the people with a measure of candor, dodging occasionally; and if they know anything about the Bible themselves, they know that we do not believe in its inspiration. If they wish to continue us as their preachers, and to honor us and to pay our salaries, we will continue to serve them. By and by we will get their faith in the Bible thoroughly undermined; and then we will come out into the open. Then we will tell them that we falsified a little for their good, as a mother would tell her babe a fairy story for its entertainment."

The preachers who are in trouble are the conscientious ones who believe the Bible to be true, and who have not yet gotten their bearings. They cannot long believe in an eternity of torture, yet are afraid to follow the course of the International Bible Students Association in a thorough Bible Study which ignores the creeds. These poor men know not what to believe, and are in great trepidation when a question is asked them by the people who pay them for religious advice. They cannot dig.

To beg they are ashamed. And to tell the whole truth about what they know and what they don't know respecting the Bible they are afraid. They have our sympathy.

Our advice to all such is, "Tell the truth and shame the devil!" Take your stand for what truth you see, and seek for more light upon God's Word in this glorious dawning of the New Era, in which God declares that He is pleased to give an increase of light on things Divine. "The wise shall understand, but none of the wicked [or hypocrites] shall understand." Dan. 12:10 It would appear as if we are living in the time of special testing so clearly foretold by the Lord. Everything hidden would be uncovered, He said. He will bring to light the hidden things of darkness. (1 Cor. 4:5) If we would not be put to shame before Him, we must be honest. Who can doubt that honesty, especially in respect to God and religion, is most estimable from the Divine standpoint? None of us have anything whereof to boast. But if we are honest with our God we can look up to Him, by faith realizing that we are acceptable through Jesus Christ our Lord.


The twelve years ending with the discovery of the South Pole are as full of dramatic achievement as the days of Drake and Raleigh, for not even in those times was there a more extraordinary series of discoveries and conquests.

In 1900 only one man had been the length of Africa by land, and the Cape to Cairo Railroad was but a dream. There was not a railroad across South America.

A great part of Siberia was without rail or road except the old caravan trails.

China was practically without railroads. Lhassa was unknown, forbidden to the white man. During a century and a half men had tried to reach the South Pole, and failed; and the North Pole had baffled the efforts of 400 years.

Within a dozen years white men have traveled over the great desert, visited Lake Chad, made a protectorate over Timbuctoo. The days of the Mahdi at Khartoum are ended, and any tourist may travel there comfortably by rail. The Cape to Cairo Railroad is an assured fact. The heart of Africa is now no more remote from the popular imagination than Oklahoma City was in 1900.

In South America, the Trans-Andean Railroad is in full operation across the continent, as the TransSiberian is across Asia. Even China has her railroads.

Lhassa has been visited by a British army, and both poles are the common property of every fireside that boasts of books, magazines or newspapers.

Such a record may justify a feeling of pride that the spirit of conquest and adventure is as alive as ever, and accompanied with all the courage and hardihood that blessed any earlier generation.- Exchange



This article was republished in Reprints R5043-R5044, June 15, 1912, entitled, "How Jesus Preached To The Spirits In Prison."


This article can be found in its entirety in the Newspaper Sermons, entitled, "Like Unto Moses."


This article was republished in Reprints R4996-R4997, March 15, 1912, entitled, "Why Men Fear The Second Coming of Christ."


This article was republished in Reprints R5033-R5035, June 1, 1912, entitled, "Saul of Tarsus and What He Saw."

Volume 5, Number 3

"The wonders performed by surgery constantly increase, and perhaps in no direction has the beneficence of the science been so much demonstrated as in the direction of making mental and moral cures through surgical operations. From time to time a number of cases have been reported whereby-with an operation on the head, removing some depression from the brain, or perhaps opening the skull to allow greater brain expansion-backward and vicious boys have been given normal mental and moral conditions and a fair chance in life.

"Edward E. Grimmell, when 14 years of age, received a blow on the head from a picket, which fractured the skull and left a discernable depression. His parents paid little or no attention to the incident, but the boy grew up and from time to time showed criminal tendencies. He made little progress at school and was vicious, and was frequently the subject of police attention. After serving three terms in State's prison he was finally arrested and tried for forgery. He did not deny any of the facts, and his counsel contended that his criminal impulses were the result of injuries to the head.


"The Judge did not place credence in the claim made in his behalf, considered him a clever professional crook, dangerous to the community, and [HG574] sentenced him to the Dannemora prison. The man begged the prison surgeon to perform an operation, saying he desired to lead a decent life, but could not resist the opportunity to commit crime whenever he had a chance. He preferred death to a continued career of crime, such as he felt he was doomed to have. He finally attracted the attention of an eminent surgeon of Boston, who performed the operation, relieved the pressure on the brain and changed the whole tendency of the man's thought and action, and from having the most perverse and criminal nature prior to the operation, he has since become, to all appearances, a moral man of the highest impulses.

"It has been found that surgical operations, removing adenoids and others growths of nose and throat, allowing proper breathing has changed many cases of stupid children into bright and active ones. Crime comes ordinarily through an abnormal physical condition; viciousness is considerably the result of ignorance through the presence of abnormal conditions."-Plattsburg Sentinel

If accidents to the skull can produce degradation of morals, who will deny that the shape of the brain of the child is largely influenced by heredity-particularly by the mother? This agrees with the Scriptural declaration, "I was shapen in iniquity; in sin did my mother conceive me."-Psalm 51:5 Who will deny, further, that the father has much to do with the child's physical vitality and vigor of constitution? But additionally, he is largely responsible for the mother's surroundings and mental condition during the period of gestation.

Injustice, harshness, cruel words at such a time from anybody, but particularly from the husband, would arouse in the mind of the mother grievous thoughts, sure more or less to leave their impress upon the child she is carrying.

While enforcing law and order let us remember that a reign of sin and death is in progress. Let us sympathetically do all in our power to promote righteousness and to be helpful to those who are still in greater difficulty than ourselves along these lines.

Not only do such thoughts give us great charity toward all, but they cause us the more reverently to look up to God as the only One competent to fully release the groaning creation. Looking into His Word we perceive that the entire Plan of Salvation for the race is along the lines of uplift from mental and physical weaknesses to full perfection in God's likeness. And while praising the Almighty for this generous Plan soon to be put into operation for the world at the Second Coming of Messiah and the establishment of His Kingdom let us also note with joy our own privileges-our "High Calling of God in Christ Jesus."


Our Friends, Our Neighbors; The Holy, the Unholy; The Civilized, the Vile'

The proper answer to this question stands related to our own destiny, colors and influences our theology and the entire trend of our lives! The correct answer gives strength, confidence, courage, and assists towards the spirit of a sound mind!

This article was republished in Reprints R4549-R4553, January 15, 1910, entitled, "Where Are The Dead."


Judge Connine says: "The mark of this age is irreverence. Reverence and respect for age, for office, for intellectual attainments, for uprightness, ability and honor are on the wane. Some of the causes can be named; among them are encroachments by the executive branch of our States and Nation upon the [HG575] legislative and judicial, and the belittling, impugning and assailing of the acts and motives of those in authority, particularly by the press. No motive is now clean, upright and honorable, no act found grand or commendable. Traveling with this is a growing irreverence for the law, and the end of all this is detriment and danger."

Back of disrespect for human laws and customs lies disrespect for the Divine Law. And for this disrespect of the Bible, the Christian ministry, colleges, and seminaries are chiefly responsible. The colleges have led the way in teaching Higher Criticism, Infidelity and Evolution theories. They have within the last fifty years gradually molded the opinion of the ministry and generally educated classes to these anti-Biblical teachings. They were led on in this wrong course by the opinion that they were taking their stand for Truth as against ignorance and superstition. So far as their own minds were concerned they repudiated the creeds of the "Dark Ages," which they still laughingly profess to adhere to. And as the creeds were repudiated the Bible went with them, under the assumption that it was to blame for the absurdities of the creeds. All the same they have gradually, systematically, undermined the Word of God as a Divine authority, in the judgment of millions.

A comparatively few minister have known better than this. These have stuck to the Bible as the sheet-anchor of their faith. More or less clearly they have seen the conflict between the Bible and their creeds. Yet they have feared to mention it lest they should be identified with the Higher Critics and be considered faith-breakers.

And some of them, alas, have "shunned to declare the whole counsel of God," because of fear of losing their bread and butter and honorable name and standing.

Their refraining from telling their people the Truth respecting the teachings of the Bible left their flocks in ignorance and just ready to fall into Higher Criticism or some of the bad religions which wrest the Scriptures, instead of interpreting them.

All the same, the general shaking of the public faith, and especially that of the literary "upper-crust," is being reflected everywhere in the growingly prevalent spirit of irreverence above commented upon. Soon this will lead, as the Scriptures point out, toward atheism and toward anarchy-the great time of trouble Scripturally foretold as near.

Those of us who realize the true situation should be doubly earnest in our outward manifestation of religion and upholding of the Bible, as well as in our heart appreciation of the Almighty and our worship of Him and service of His cause.


Pastor Russell on Misconceptions of Bible's Teaching Truth and Beauty Hidden

The Dangers of Ignorance and Superstition The Worship of Hypocrisy and Fear great spurs God seeks worship only from the reverential and True-Hearted Popular Misconceptions of Hell The Injury it has done and is doing True Christians should awake to True Bible Study

This article was republished in Overland Monthly, Pages 263-267, entitled, "Pains of Hell Explained To Us."

"He shall call upon Me and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him." Psa. 91:5

"Praise the Lord for such assurances of His loving care! 'Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name!'" R3332, c. 2, p. 6.