Convention Report Sermons



A collection of sermons, testimony meetings, special services by Pastor Charles T. Russell as found in the "Convention Reports" from 1906-1916. Plus press coverage of the various conventions, interviews with Pastor Russell, and an exhaustive account of his...

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Table of Contents

If Ye Be Risen With Christ 2
Closing Remarks – Asbury Park Convention 7
The Secret of the Lord 9

Praise and Testimony Meeting 12
Blessed Are Your Ears 13
The Laborer and His Hire 15
Sunrise Prayer and Praise Meeting 18
The Hopeless and the Hopeful 19
To Colporteurs and Harvest Workers 22
Practical Advice for Colporteurs 30
Sunrise Prayer and Praise Meeting 32

Come Ye Apart 34
Funeral Sermon for General Stewart 36
The General Assembly 37

Wisdom 40
The Times of the Gentiles 41
The Mystery 45
Baptism 47
Mercy Through Your Mercy 48
The Heathen For An Inheritance 50
The Lord's Secret Society 52
Obedience The Test 53
Keep Thy Heart With All Diligence 54
You Hath He Quickened 56
God's Abounding Grace 57
Address of Welcome 60
Address to Harvest Workers 61
The Value of Toil 65

Church Federation – Part I
The Cost of Church Federation to Presbyterians,Congregationalists and Methodists 68
On The Volunteer Work 70
Church Federation – Part II
The Cost of Church Federation to Baptists,Adventists and Disciples 73
Church Federation – Part III
The Cost of Church Federation to Episcopalians, Lutherans and Catholics 76
Church Federation – Part IV
The Church Militant's Surrender to the Church Triumphant 78
Hereafter 82
Gather Together My Saints Unto Me 83
Who Hath Known the Mind of the Lord? 87
The Secret of the Lord 90
The Secret of the Lord 92
The Ransom-Price 94
The Church and Her Covenant Relationship With God 98
Walk Ye In Him 99
The Mystery 101
Comfort Ye My People 103
Interview With Prominent Jews 106
Souvenir Book Mark 107
Chautauqua Greeting 110
The Desire of All Nations 112
Mayville Reception, Peacock Inn Monday Evening of Chautauqua Convention 115
Mayville Reception, Peacock Inn Wednesday Evening of Chautauqua Convention 116
Pastor Russell Interviewed by the Journal 117
Pastor Russell's Interview 118
Special Meeting for Pilgrims, Elders and Deacons 122
Mayville Reception, Peacock Inn Friday Evening of Chautauqua Convention 125
Colporteur Meeting 126
Mayville Reception, Peacock Inn Saturday Night of Chautauqua Convention 129
Preaching to the Dead 130
The Mass Jewish Meeting at Hippodrome 134
Zionism in Prophecy 135
Zionism – by Eli Daiches 142

Obedience 145
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled 147
Preciousness of the Lord 149
Conquerors 152
Children's Consecration Service 154
Zionism, the Hope of the World 156
Unless Thou Go With Us, Send us Not Up 158
The Secret of the Lord 159
Growing in Grace and Knowledge 160
The Suffering of Christ 161
Babylon: Typical and Anti-typical 164
Loving the Brethren 166
Baptism 171
If Ye Be Risen With Christ 172
Address to the Harvesters 174

Oriental Experiences 184
The Wrath of God Revealed Against All Unrighteousness 185
Across the Pacific 187
The Great Hereafter 200
The Kingdom of Messiah 229
Meeting With Workers 232
Signs of the Times 241
Who Is Jesus? 245
Parables of the Kingdom: 250
The Parable of the Kingdom
The Parable of the Treasure Hid in the Field
The Pearl of Great Price
Wise and Foolish Virgins
Parable of the Young Nobleman
Parable of the Unjust Steward 255
The Great Pyramid 258
Public Service, Athens, Greece 267
Athens' Second Public Service 276
Spirit-Begetting Day (Sunrise Meeting) 286
Pastor Russell Answers Ministerial Alliance 286
Pastor Russell's Reply to Professor Moorehead 288
Professor Moorehead's Summary of the So-Called False Doctrines of Millennial Dawn 289
Concluding Remarks 293
The Harvest: Its Privileges Great and Small 296
Love Feast Discourse 300
Are We Better Than Others 303
Harvest Workers' Meeting 308
Farewell Address 313
Fellowship 316
Jesus Our Savior 321
Farewell Address 326

God's Object in Calling the Church 332
Kansas City Weekly Post Interview 336
Pertle Springs Star-Journal Interview 337
Responses to Local Preacher's Attack 338
The Harvest: Its Privileges Great and Small 339
Children's Consecration Service 345
Jesus, the Head; the Church, His Body 346
Press Comment – Death the Only Hell 349
A Clerical Conspiracy to Injure Pastor Russell 351
The Temple of God 359
If Ye Be Christ's, Then Are Ye Abraham's Seed 366
Opposition by Preachers 371
Pastor Russell in Reply to Critics 372
Activity in the Harvest 374
Press Comment – Pastor Russell Raps the Sects 377
Refuse Not Him That Speaketh 378
Response to Address of Welcome 384
We Have Advocate with the Father 385
Perfection 391
Press Report – Pastor Russell Comes to Edmonton 395
Press Comment – Beyond the Grave 396
God's Message of Grace 396
Press Report – Old Earth Will Go On Rolling 403
Press Report – Stirring Sermon by Pastor Russell 404
Consecration and Baptism 406
The Ten Lepers 413
Concluding Remarks – 1913 Transcontinental Tour 415
Full Assurance of Faith 416
Praise Day 419
Words of Greeting 422
The Kingdom of God 425
Christian Liberty 427
The Ministry of the Truth 434
Harvest Workers' Meeting 438
Harvest Work Report 443
Love Feast Discourse 443
Farewell Discourse 446

Holiness 451
Close of Clinton Convention 455
The Great Anointed One 458
Concluding Remarks, Asbury Park 463

Grace Sufficient 467
Freedom in Christ 470
Love of the Father and the Son Our Pattern 473
Foregleams of Glory 477
The Drawing Power of God's Love 479

Momentous Types of Glories to Come 485
Loving Kindness of our Great God 487
The Purchase of Church and World 490
Church's Humiliation Precedes Great Glory 492
Nations Before God's Judgment Bar 494
Jehovah's Way Alone Giveth Life 496
Fatherhood of God as Shown in Scripture 498
God's Way vs. Man's Way 500
Pastor Russell Passes Through the Gates of Glory 504
Synopsis Remarks of Bro. MacMillan 504
Pastor Russell Honored at Bier by Followers 505
Memorial Services by Dr. L. W. Jones 507
The Divine Plan as Seen by Pastor Russell 509