Atlanta Bible Students
Current Class Schedule
This schedule is subject to change. Except for those weeks where otherwise indicated on this schedule, the current Sunday study for the Atlanta Bible Students is:

The Book of Matthew.

Background Color Coding is as follows:

This background indicates a face to face Meeting
This background indicates a Conference Call
This background indicates a Visiting Speaker
This background indicates The Memorial
This background indicates Meeting Canceled
This background indicates phone Meeting with another Class

October 2017
1Book of Matthew
Business Meeting (nominations)
8Book of Matthew (Conference Call)
15Br. Earnie Kuenzli
22Book of Matthew (Conference Call)
29Book of Matthew
Business Meeting (elections)

November 2017
5Br. Jerry Wesol
12Book of Matthew (Conference Call)
19Book of Matthew
26Book of Matthew (Conference Call)

December 2017
3Book of Matthew
10Book of Matthew (Conference Call)
17Book of Matthew
24Book of Matthew (Conference Call)
31Book of Matthew

January 2018
7Book of Matthew (Conference Call)
14Book of Matthew
21Book of Matthew (Conference Call)

Past Schedule