This is where you may ask your questions for the class Question Meeting
(date to be determined later)
In formulating your questions please keep the following in mind:

1. You are among friends.

2. As long as your question is sincere, there are no "dumb" questions.
– Exception: "What is the color of the sky on Mars?" – That would qualify as a "dumb" question.

3. Try to be as specific as seems reasonable.
– "What's up with chronology?" would NOT be very specific.

Once you enter a question it will appear as the next item in the list below. [If there is no list below it means that no questions have been asked yet.]

1 Do the Scriptures talk about the Chart of the Ages?
2 What are the shaded areas on the Chart (Jewish & Gospel Age Harvests?)
3 Has it always been true that those throughout the Gospel Age have understood their are 2 salvations, that they were giving up possibility of perfect human life?
4 What are the views of Bible Students as to where we are on the stream of time?