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Please review the notes below before entering the site.
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The featues that most brethren use on a regular basis are all functioning. Visitors to the site will notice little or no change to these.
Former site no longer available so this site has been "rushed" in before being fully ready. – This means that there are features which will not be available in the short term.

The following should all work as well or better than before.
Devotions (Manna), Scripture Studies (Volumes), Reprints, Bible (with Comments), Bible Student Webs, Convention Studies, Discourse Sites.
    Exceptions – Volumes and Reprints Search will not be available for now.
For the other items Visitors may receive the HTTP 500 (file not found) error. – Not pleasant but rest assured these will be corrected as soon as possible. As always, we appreciate your patience and trust that the Lord will continue to bless you in your study and application of His Word.